Mr Lee

Name: Kyle aka Mr Lee

Year of birth: 1980
Painting since: 2012
Native country: Canada
Where I live: Basingstoke, England
Languages: English, Turkish
Painting service: yes
Workshops: yes
Contact: mrlee at

About me:

I bring the Canadian crazy to this group of painters! Though I did live in Turkey for 8 yrs.. so that might be adding to the insanity at some points!

My painting style is like how I live... nomadic at best! Always changing, and adapting to new scenarios. Something that I attribute to the fact that  over the past 2 yrs I have been roaming from workshop to workshop to pick up techniques from all the best painters in Europe!

Originally I painted mostly armies to a very basic table top level, but due to the classes and training I am beginning to branch out to more showcase level of painting.

The journey has just begun though, and the road is very long. So there is much that I must learn. And even more importantly, must practice!

Though I have to say that my goal is not to win more awards, or to be known as the best painter. My goal though is to find a style of my own for painting, and to be able to continue to paint for many many years to come. With pure contentment within that painting.

Or at the very least to keep the paint fumes around so never to be truly boring when at painting events!


Duke of Bavaria 2014: Gold - Fantasy Painting Standard

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