Inquisitor Quovandius

Time for another 54mm project, as it really is the scale i prefer. found out by accident mostly the Quovandius miniature produced by GW for the Inquisitor game. not easy to judge the coolness in those crappy pictures though - hellooooo GW, dont you want anyone to buy the inquisitor miniatures?? the product images are horrible horrible HORRIBLE, or what do you say about the so called kroot mecenary? or is it cannonball head?? an imgage for the horror cabinet for sure, shruggs... update now, pleeease.
Back to Quovandius :) ;

Quovandius was brought up in a slave mill on Thagra IV, raised from birth in dank holding pens beneath the machine rooms. When Traitor Marines of the Alpha Legion attacked Thagra, the slave mill was half destroyed by their orbital bombardment and it was Quovandius who seized the opportunity to lead several hundred of his mutated comrades to freedom. Unfortunately, freedom was not quite what it used to be, as the Alpha Legion conquered more and more of the planet. Some mutants sided with the Chaos followers, while Quovandius and his closest friends and kin began making guerrilla raids on the traitor warriors. When Space Marines of he White Panthers chapter arrived to liberate the planet, Quovandius and his followers were rounded up for execution, the commander of the White Panthers believing them to be guilty of treason. The intervention of Inquisitor Eisenhorn gave them a stay of execution and in return Quovandius swore an oath of loyalty to protect him from harm.

Starting out with building the base for the base first before anything, feel like sewers is a perfect fit for this mini. bricks are bought at ebay, here: and glued together with wooden glue to a round shape.

added some more bits, the rest, like roots "inside" the pipe will be added later, after its painted.

to the mini... designers note:
The idea for the mutant Quovandius is based on the premise that he is a mutant who has been degenerated and debased by his genes, rather than mutated by the warping effect of chaos. One of the first elements I did to emphasise this was to sculpt hm as a hunchback. This would suggest that he was born malformed as opposed to being tainted by the touch of Chaos. To show that his deterioration isn't over yet, I decided to remove his lower jaw and sculpt some kind of tubular construction in its place, but he keeps his jaw as a trophy which he carries around with him - perhaps in the vain hope that one day it can be put back! Similarly, I sculpted his legs so that they appear mis-matched and deformed, the thinner leg needs bracing to keep it from breaking as he walks. The doll is a reminder of his human origin, a lucky talisman that symbolises his longing to cling to his humanity even though he is a mutant. As little more than a gutterscum himself, it was appropriate that Quovandius had a suitably verminous companion.
I want to give him a sort of horror threatment (as always, hmm :) ) started out with a Freddy shirt... some slime althought most of it has been removed, so easy to overdo the slime effects :) anyway, here is current status. almost.

The back is blended a little bit too strong just because ive changed the back banner to a lamp instead, so it will be soften with some blue osl later...

Stay tuned...

Cabinet of horror - Chapter III

Whenever I am sad...
or a mini is not as it should be...
or I just want to laugh again...

Remember this? Yes, it`s out of the first Cabinet of horror post I`ve showen on the old blog (The Popes Egghat).

As this is the first time I am posting such a thing in our new dimension I want to give you some words for your further way. After this little teachinglesson you`ll see some great pictures of talented painters!

It`s not my intention to cause heartaches (in case of seeing your miniatures below - please drop me some lines then!) or to make those pieces of art ridiculous.

Every single one reading this, yes I mean you, and YOU, and you too!, has started with this hobby. Some of you earlier and some maybe just a few weeks ago. Could you remember how your first miniature was looking like? I doubt that the quality of your paintjob was far better then that, what you`ll see. So, please keep in mind that those pictrues are funny but a truth that lies deep inside of us! You`re allowed to laugh when seeing them, you`re allowed to share those pictures, you`re also allowed to do some jokes about it BUT you`re not allowed to intentionally hurt the painter of those (and every other (bad?) painted miniatures). It`s a long way to the top. This counts for sportive activities, your carreer and also for painting miniatures!

Here`s the best example. While searching for miniatures I would like to show you today I`ve found the first painted miniature of one of the most famoust painters in germany:

Do you know who painted this? You could start a discussion about it in the comments. Maybe the painter itself will resolve this quest.

Let`s go on with another innovative paintjob and an even more beautiful chaos brute... or whatever:

For those of you thinking about visiting the next Games Day... be sure to not be the one with the worst painted miniature showen there:

Bada BANG!

Woo Woo WOO Painteholics,

After days of no motivation I finally got my MoJo Back xD Wow where to start....SO many things in my head so I just start with some projects I finally photographed.

First of all my Tyranid Hierophant Bio Titan. As you might know I am a huge Tyranid Fanboy and  run a way to big over 15.000 Point army of my beloved critters. ( And thats my second Hive Fleet....)
Almost a year ago I painted this big bug and it was a damn big task, pun intented.

First of all I had to solve the leg issue. Since the hierophant has a pretty massive body its legs are way to tiny to hold the whole beast in shape. To solve this problem I used a metal rod to pin the body to the Base.
So the main weight lies on the Metal rod and the Legs are just attached to the main body.

Second task - the Base. I wanted to have a Base for the Beast just because it makes the whole thing way more stable. And what a fun it was to structure such a big Base. I wanted to do some heavy basing since I just saw way to many lovely painted Hierophant with nearly no Base Love.

So I grabbed some seashells, a huge load of water effect, wood etc. And ere we GO! After all I used ziterdes "Death Earth Paste" to structure the whole Base. After all it turned out quit good:

Here you can vote for the big boy: CMON
And if you should be interested in more of my tyranid stuff feel free to check out my Warpshadow Gallery: Tyranids!

To chill out before the next project check out this very nice music. It is from the Naruto Shippuuden Soundtrack which I hear round the clock nowadays because Its just a piece of art:

Next one in line would be the Space Marine Librarian from the Space Hulk Set. I sold the whole painted Set on ebay in the last days and I shot some last Pics of the Mini for Cmon. Here you Go:

Here you can Vote again: CMON

Finally I have a bunch of new projects going and wanted to show you some WIP pictures. So without any explanations I will just confront you with the pics ;D Hope you enjoy ;P

There are some things I plan for the near future. A Tutorial is in the making, a big article about a local art festival called "lichtergartenfest" and so much more. But for now writing time has come to an end. Feel free to comment and leave your opinion.

And remember to smile at least once a day :P

See you all in the future,

Simon aka Katan

The Emperor's Champion & Cauldron of Blood

Here is one more finished miniature an it was my first Space Marine.

For the black metal i used ...
basic color:  chaos black + boltgun metal
shadows: chaos black, chaos black + diluted gloss varnish
highlights: mithril silver, plata met (model air), alu pigments + gloss varnish (for fixing)
accents: metal medium (model color) + plata met (model air), skull white + gloss varnish
glazes: scorsched brown, ice blue, hawk turquise
If you have too much gloss you can use matt medium from vallejo

I hope you like this way of metal painting. In real its look very dark and evil :).

Another project I started is the Cauldron of Blood but its in a very early step.

Hello everybody

Hey everybody out there,

I´m very happy to be invited to work together with those fantastic artsists on this blog. I´m gonna show you some of my works very soon. At the moment I´m very hard working on finishing some comissions and some competition-pieces for next weekend in Wesel. So there isn´t much time for me to write something more at the moment. I´m sorry for that. But be sure, there will be something about me in a few days :)

Here you get some Music, Matt Cexwish showed me some days ago, and since that time I fell in love with this amazing violin. Just an impressive sound, giving me manymany inspiration while working at my workbench :)

keep your brush licked
Greets The Artfist

Musica Everyone!

hey there painteholics,

for now just a song I cant get out of my head ;D

see you,

Simon aka Katan

Forgeworld Ork Skwadron Commander

Similar to Malekith I`ve realised taht I didn`t posted my finished GD 2011 - Entry.

Even if I didn`t won anything with him it was a great experience for me. Not only the event, also the way of painting a miniatrue for a competition was really inetresting and worth the hard work invested here.

You can find some work in progress pictures in my other posts. There are informations about my thoughts behind this too, like how I ve build the base with the parachute and what I was aiming for with it.

Sadly the time (and maybe the motivation too) was way too short to finish the ork in the quality and style I wanted to. Anyway... ehre are the pictures.

Feel free to leave a comment and a VOTE in the big gallery!

Morathi - without snow on the wings ;)

I saw that I haven't posted Morathi on the blog after the Games Day :). And here is a special version without the snow on the wings! I hope you like it.

Best Regards

Space Hulk Set Up for grabs!

Hey there painteholics,

I just finished the last few details on a work which was on my workbench for a long time now. Maybe you remember the big Games Workshop Space Hulk Release some years ago. Finally this big project is done and I finished the last Terminator details a few hours ago. The Genestealers are painted pretty fast as I wanted to focus on the heroic Space Marine squad. Each Terminator is a little character on its own and I really loved that fact about them.

I painted the whole set for sale and so I learned some things about time management and where I need to stop adding details even if I want to ;P In a whole this was a cool project and we will see what the audience is willing to invest for it.

Without more words - here are the pictures:

And if you want to have the Set please take a look here:

see you in the future,

Simon aka Katan 

Chosen Destiny - A small WIP

Currently I am painting a miniature by Figone (again). It`s the young Arthur. Presumable dedicated to the King Arthur tale. I bought this miniature a while back. Didn`t wanted to just order a King Maulg without anything else just to pay as much for shipping as for a miniature.

When our son was born I told my wife to paint something for him someday. Maybe he`s way too young to know what I am doing right now, but in a few years he`ll be old enough to understand everything around our hobby. Hopefully he`ll be a dedicated Miniaturepainter too. But he may deceide that on his own.

I think Arthur is a miniature that suits well to my purposes. It`s a little boy holding a sword in his hand. Just think back to the time when you was around 6-10 years old. Nothing was cooler then the imagination of being a superhero with a two-handed sword and an epic armor fighting your enemies, right?

There can be several different stories told about it. Maybe he`s just trying out how to handle the sword, like playing around with fathers weapon you know? Maybe he had to take the sword to defend himself against something. And maybe there`s a totally different story to the ones mentioned above.

As I am not a fan of painting miniatures in a historically correct colorscheme I thought it`s the best way to not name the finished piece "King Arthur" or "Young Arthur". So I have enough freedom to spread out my imaginations on this miniature while painting.

That`s the reason why it will get the name "Chosen Destiny". In everybodys life there will be a point where you have to deceide to take the left or the right way down the road. This decission has to be done more then once. Every decission you made will change your entire way of life. I thought this would suit perfectly to our beloved Son Anton Elias. Here`s a little poem I have found some weeks ago:

When the life blossoms
Destiny engraved in our lives
When virtue and vice sway to and fro
Energized and driven by supernatural forces

When we are grown up
Our lives started to face challenges
When we encounter distress
Our lives impregnated with tears and worries
That is the destiny of our lives.......

Sometimes our lives tinged and
Embroilled with joys and sorrows
Destiny inflicting poison and evil into our lives
Destiny can make or mar our lives
Destiny inspires our lives to prosperity
It can perish our prospects
Fortune and fate tossing each other
End of lives salunated with blessings

by Dulakshi Wakista

Let me start to show you my current progress on this miniature. Before I am painting a mini I am working on the base. This time I`ve used several parts out of Hirst Arts moulds. I`ve got those moulds from SkelettetS when he was visiting me back in August. I was able to cast those several times before sending them back to sweden (together with his GD-awarded miniatures - a package with a high value I think).

It was similar to LEGO-Toys. Grabbing this and that piece and testing how they fit together. In the end I found a nice compilation which made me happy. So I mixed some milliput together and placed this as a foundation on my simple selfmade wooden socket. This ensures to get a plane area after pressing pieces of Hirst Arts inside of it. It`s a good way to work with bases. You could stick in mostly everything and rearrange it several times before the milliput dries.

 (click on the pictures to get a larger view)

After the base was finished I`ve primed everything with pure white. I prefer the white primer (from GW) because it gives primed things a rough surface. Compared to the black primer where you will get a very smooth surface your colors will stick much better.

 And here we go on with first colours applied on Arthur:

 (click on images to get a larger view)

Stay tuned and follow us in the 5th Dimension...!

Painting Freehands

Translated by Sleipnir
As I had a lot of respect when it comes to paint freehands on a miniature I want to share with you my way of doing this in a little step-by-step tutorial. Mainly those are really simple to paint, it just takes ages to finish them.

What do you need?
1. Fundamental knowledge
I take it for granted that you know how to work with colors and that you are able to paint smooth blendings.
2. Templates
Copy and paste is the key to success! It`s much easier to copy a template you ve got from somewhere then just painting a picture out of your head. You are able to find a million pictures by simply using google ;)

Step by step
3. Basecoat
First of all I am starting to paint the area where the freehand should take place. Paint this as there wouldn`t be a freehand, so add shadows and highlights as always.

After this you could add a cross to the surface (it`s not necessary to cover the absecoat with it, it`s okay to just see it when you`re using your glasses ;). This ensures to copy the freehand where you want to get it in the right angle.

4. Sketching
Now it`s time to copy and paste. Start by simply adding the shape of your freehand. I suggest to use a contrasting color to your basecoat. Then you could fill this out with the color it is supposed to be. If you have some symmetrical symbols in it it`s easier to paint those on side afetr the other. You`ll have a betetr feeling then.
Adding more details to your freehand
5. Element
After you`ve painted the shape of your freehand it`s time to add some color to it. Genrally you paint with the colors without adding too much water. Keep in mind to drop redundant color on a towel or your hands back to not flood the area!
After you`re done so far you could repaint the shape of your sketch again to make them more clear and defining.
6. Background
It`s time to add more details to your freehand. I prefer to start with the hardest work (in this case the pheonix) and then painting the background to let fit the colors together perfectly.
To add more depth to the freehand I`ve added some flames below the pheonix.

7. Close

8. Matt Varnish

Conclusion and Alternatives
I hope this was helpful. Just give it a try, it`s not as hard as it seems.