The Inquisition and there Secrets

Tomorrow is helloween and the inquisition is one the way.

The witch hunting begins ;).

Tthe inquisition have discovered many other secrets with the name "Funprojects".

Cauldron of Blood
Tzeentch Demon
Chaos Dwarfs
Vampire vs Werewolf, Incubi, Bloodletters of Khorne
Chaos Warroir, Isabella, Self Sculpting Mini, Plastic Knight ;)
finished projects are still in my possession :)

But they can't discover all secrets ;).

So I can only say Dsching Dsching Tonk :)!

Best Regards

Lonesome Wolve


the "Lonesome Space Wolve" - won the battle but still alive

[time to complete]
in the next three weeks. after that i´m leaving for a while

[disered goals]
focus on the fenced battle



Warcry on Funghi!

Hi out there!

In one of my last posts, i wrote about the start of a "Brushwar" in the Bemalforum. My part of the war is over now. Yesterday i finished the Wildorc on his boar. There was a lot fun by painting this mini, and still now i found a good spirit to do more than this one!
You can follow the way of creating here on´s in german, sorry ;) )

A last minute workshop participation

Hey guys out there,

I´m doing a basingworkshop in Göppingen in 3 weeks. There are still 4 places to fill. If you are interested in coming there, and learning nearly everything about basing, feel free to contact me via E-Mail, PN or a post in

here you´ll get all informations you need (german) Join, and you will get 10% on the price :)

Hope to see you there

Greets The Artfist


Hey out there!

Yesterday i visited a crazy razzle dazzel awesome colorfull and speedy event. It´s named: Roller Derby! At first it looks like a bunch of tattooed, maybe drunken crazy girl, with rollerskates (Yes, rollerskates! The old one with two axes and four wheels), which one drive senseless in a circle, and smash each other down. But after a couple of rounds you understand the rules, and it beginns an exciting sport-event with beer and rock´n roll!^^


I´m sorry to tell you that the Berlin "Bombshell" Girls lost yesterday against their opponent the London "Rollergirls".The video shows ab best of from this year.

And now a very important question: Do you know Minis with Rollerskates ? ;)

Before i went to the Derby i built a new base. Why? Just for the fun of it :) Some day i find the optimal mini for this one.

Here it is:

Enjoy your day!

Grey Knights - Scriptor Sevrin Loth

It was only a standard painted mini, but i had much fun with it. And it was my second Space Marine :).
I hope you like it :)

Best Regards

Julio Cabos: “The Old Fiddler” – step by step video

Painting with the master himself: Julio Cabos. Very cool video by Andrea Miniatures, enjoy!

Farbfanatiker vs. Barfrau

The Brushwar

Inspired by the last Workshop, Martin aka Farbfanatiker (also a participant) and me, we decided to do a brushwar on The idea behind this, is to keep the flow by of the weekend, and to finish a project in short time. In this case, we have been declared two weeks for this.
Brushwar sounds like a battle or a competition, but it is more a friendly work together and a positve motivation to finish the project actually! I think you know the problem ;)

Our topic are the WILDORCS. On the pictures you can see the current status of both project. The first one is from Martin. He´s going a very different path , and we have an old mini versus a new one. I choose an old Mini on a boar. I like the theme, because all time before I were fixed on since fiction Modells.The whole model is painted in color schemes that i never used before. It will not be my last Orc :)

You can find the complete thread HERE on Feel free to post there (german or english) and help us to get the best results in two weeks!

Jarhead Workshop in Berlin

Hi Guys!

Last weekend I had the pleasure to be a participant on the Paint-Workshop leaded by Roman aka Jarhead from the massive voodoo team. We had fantastic three days in the north of Berlin. I met a lot new nice paintingnerds like me we had an amazing and exciting weekend. It sounds a little bit overrated, but now I a have an other view to our lovley hobby. Before the workshop, there was some frustrated moments. Sometimes I had no inspartion, or I were so fixed on the best blending, or the other best paint technique , that I lost the fun of painting.
Now I know how to paint just for the fun it. Roman showed us a lot of easy and funny ways to paint with good looking results, and "teached" us to keep your eyes open for the next inspartion.

On the last picture you see my demonically Lady. At the beginning of the workshop I didn´t like the Mini, but in the process of doing, I learn to love the the Lady. It´s not so hard to paint her, and she looks very aesthetic.

A would like to say Thanks to the Voodoo Crew for this great Weekend, and I advise everybody to visit Roman´s or one of the other Apes Workshop! It´s worth it! I promise you ....

You can find more pics on our Facebook Profil
or more beautyfull Photos in the Massive Voodoo Crew Jungle !

Sculpting Awesomess

Hey there painteholics,

Just look at this. If you know how easily these leads break you understand how hard this is. Saw this over on . Thanks to Yaleling for posting this. CLICK!!!


Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò – WIP 2

Part TWO of the Step-By-Step. You can find part 1 following this link: Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò – WIP 1.

I recently finished both the shield and the helmet, though the last details are still missing (weathering, maybe satin finish). I'll have check it after assembling these parts to the body.

    The Helmet
The airbrush work is based on a tutorial by airbrush-master and “Andrea Miniatures” painter Julio Cabos. You first spray the shadows from below, then the highlights from above (make sure the shadow-color doesn't contain “grey” colors – makes it much easier). Then use a brush to finish the highlights, shadows and edges. For this warm piece of cloth (Kefiah) i used Skull White and Vallejo Smoke only.

The color codes (“+” is for highlights, “-” for shadows, “/” stands for a mixture):
Kefiah: Skull White/Vallejo Smoke, +Skull White, -Vallejo Smoke
Iron: Boltgun Metal, +Vallejo Air Aluminium, -Chaos Black
Gold: ShiningGold/Vallejo Smoke(tiny), +Air Aluminium, -Chaos Black
Brown: Smoke/ScorchedBrown, +Bleached Bone, -Chaos Black

    The Shield

 Once again i used Tamiya Masking Tape as a stencil to paint the big cross. I added some Catachan Green to the cream-coloured (BleachedBone/CodexGrey(tiny), +Skull White, -Chaos Black) leather to make it more interesting and realistic. The last thing i did was painting some tiny scratches to break up the surface. Just use the middle and highlight colour for that. The crosses are just Snakebite Leather +Skull White -Chaos Black.


Präzises Stiften eurer Miniaturen

Transleted by Dellolyn
Wie ihr alle wisst, ist es wichtig manche Klebestellen zu stabilisiren.

Die meiste Zeit ist die Oberfläche kugelförmig und definitiev nicht gestaltet um unser Leben einfacher zu machen. Nachdem ihr die zu bohrenden Stellen makiert habt ist meist das Problem dsa euer Bohrer abrutscht sobald ihr die Bohrmaschine anstellt. Das folgende Tutorial soll euch zeigen wie ihr mit einem kleinen Trick den Stift genau dort positioniert bekommt wo ihr ihn hin haben möchtet.

Was wird benötigt?
1. eine Nadel oder ein Nagel mit guter Spitzeein Feuerzeug und ein Teelicht oder eine andere Kerze
2. ein Handbohrer
3. ein Drat oder Büroklammer
4. eine Zange
5. ein kleines Stück Wolle / Taschentuch /Kork oder was auch immer

Schritt für Schritt
Um das oben beschriebene Problem zu umgehen nutzen wir einen kleinen Trick den man in der Metallindustrie "punching" nennt.

Fixiert die Nadel in einem Stück Kork oder wickelt es in ein Stück Taschentuch (oder nutzt einen alten Pinsel hierfür; ein sehr gutes sculptingtool!). Nutzt das Stumpfe Ende hierfür das ihr immer noch die Spitze nutzen könnt! Diese Vorkehrung ist dafür das ihr die folgenden Instruktionen ausführen könnt ohne euch die Finger zu verbrennen.

Jetzt haltet die Nadel mit der Zange direkt über die Kerzenflamme. Achtet darauf das ihr die Nadel nicht in die Flamme haltet, die meiste Hitze entsteht direkt über er Flamme.

Ein par Sekunden später könnt ihr die scharfe HEIßE Spitze nutzen um die zu bohrende Stelle zu markieren. Es ist nicht notwendig ein tiefes Loch zu stechen, wir brauchen nur kleines Löchelchen. Das wird verhinern das der Bohrer abrutscht.

Nachdem ihr das erste Loch gebohrt habt steckt ein kleines Stück Draht hinnein das nur 1mm hervorsteht . Um so weniger um so besser. Klebt das Stück draht NICHT fest! Wir nutzen dieses Stück Draht nur um die Gegenseite zu markieren. Dafür tupfen wir einen kleinen Farbkleks auf den Draht und stecken die beiden Teile vorsichtig zusammen. Die Farbe makiert die Stelle für das zweite Loche auf dem Gegenstück. Jetzt wiederholen wir die ersten Schritt noch einmal; erhitzen,vorstechen,bohren.

Alles was jetzt noch zu tun ist die beiden Teile mit einem etwas stabileren Stahlstift zusammen zu kleben. Ich bevorzuge Büroklammern weil sie sehr stabil sind und in fast jedem Haushalt zu finde. Achtet darauf das die Bohrlöcher nicht größer sind als der Draht/Büroklammer.


Precise pinning your miniatures (Tutorial)

As all of you know it`s necessary to pin some parts of your miniatures to stabilize the adhesive points.

Most of the time the surface is globular and defenitely not supposed to make our life easier. After marking the points you want to drill there`s often the problem that the drill will slide away when you turn on the machine. The following tutorial shall show you how you can avoid this with a little trick to get the pins where you want them.

Was wird benötigt?
1. a needle or a nail with a good tip
2. a lighter and maybe a tealight or a any other candle
3. a gimlet / drill
4. some wire or a paperclip
5. a Nipper
6. a small piece of wool / handkerchief / cork or whatever

Schritt für Schritt
To solve the above named problem we`re using a little trick called "punching". You can find it in the metal industry.

Take the needle and fix it either in a piece of cork or wrap a small piece of handkerchief around it (or use an old brush for this; a nice sculptingtool too!). Use the blunt end for this so you are still able to take advantage of the sharp tip! This ensures that you could hold the needle without burning your fingers for further instructions.

Now hold the needle just above the flame of your tealight. Make sure to not touch the flame because the most heat will be generated above.

Some seconds later you could use the sharp HOT tip to mark the position for the final drill. It`s not necessary to get a deep hole in it, we just want to add a tiny spot. This one ensures that the drill won`t slide away.

After you`ve drilled out the first hole you should stick in a short piece of wire that is just looking out about 1mm. The shorter the better. Do not glue this one inside of it! We`re just using this short one to mark the perfect drillhole on the opposite part. To do this simply add some color to the end of the wire and press the 2 parts gently together. The color will mark the hole for the other side. Now you can repeat the process with the needle / flame / drill again.

All you have to do now is to glue all pieces with a stronger wire together. I prefer paperclips here since those are very stable and in mostly every household availabe. Please make sure that the drilled holes are not bigger then the wire.


Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò – WIP 1

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself first: My name is markus (nickname SK4TE), i am 21 years old and  this is my first post here :). Thanks Markus (Malekith) for inviting me to this blog. I think it'll be great fun.

So here's my first project and it is a rather big one. This is why i wanted to post a step by step with all pictures. The Miniature is the Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò (75mm) by Pegaso. It shows the standard bearer of “Karl I. von Anjou” king of sicily and Jerusalem. Weighing about 500grams it is a massive miniature, but an excellent one, too. The Pegaso box-art is by the master himself: Danilo Cartacci, what it makes the goal to reach.

The box and a nice italian socket i picked.

Masterfully sculpted pieces of white metal. true love :).

The assembled Pieces.

2 Components GW base coat.

The shield.

Masking for the airbrush.

Airbrushed and 1st Freehand

Using a cut-out lily (just print it yourself) for some cheating.

All the Lilies (Painted with thinned Skull White)

After painting the lilies with Snakebite Leather and Golden Yellow. I am not quite content with the saturation, though.

Any criticism and comments welcome. Watch out for more! :)