I knew it :D

As I told you, I got a soccket without an idea. And as I told you too, there will be an idea. Wabuff....there was it:)
First I looked after some miniatures. Just looking araund and let them talk to me. Then I saw the Infinity sniper and fell in Love:) So I want to build a diorama with one of the Infinity snipers...finding an enemy wasn´t difficult, so the scene was born. Next I bought a Hummer H2. A massive, strong, powerful mancar that can´t be destroyed by anything.
Than I took a hammer....and destroyed it :D And now look what kind of diorama grows in my head...muhahahaha

It isn´t glued already, and will change a bit ( there will be a small tower in the corner and some more stuff lying around) but the main Idea is already on the socket :D
This will be fun haha :D I love it

Greets The Artfist

The Tutorial Advent Calender


For the pre-christmas time we have something special for you.

An advent calendar!

Every single day until christmas we will post a new tutorial for you. We are trying to give you the german and english versions of those. So keep on visiting us each day to explore the new tutorial.

Click on the flags to go directly to the tutorial in your language.

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I hope you like the idea

Best Regards

An artists night and day

just a few pics from my workbench with some paintingmusic :)

I love BW Pics :)
Some fun via skype with the one and only sgt absalon :D hahaha

And a problem which is totaly new for me. Never had this before...having a socket, but no Idea what to build on it....

But ZooBrazil makes a good music, so I think there will be an idea very soon.

The song is also used in ZombieBoys impressive video. Look and see what´s possible with make up :)

The Artfist


Was wird benötigt?

Schritt für Schritt








Review Busch Small Animals Set

Hey brushlickers out there,

today I got my new set from Busch, including very small little animals for 32mm or 54mm Miniatures. Now I wanna show you the inside of the set.

What do you need?
You can buy the set at Amazon for only 6,98€ what is really not expensive if you see what you get for your money.


If you buy it, a little box will arrive your workbench soon

Step by step
After some packing out you´ll have many many stuff in your hands.

A small piece of lawn, can be used for some...lawn :)

Next in the box is a manual describiing how to put animals out and paint them

And of course the main thing, the animals

And there we got what we wanted. These animals are very cool, and can help you building nice storys and giving some life to your bases and miniatures. The next pictures show you what is inside the bag

So you get 76 small animals. This is a great set for everybody who paints miniatures. So don´t miss it. In the End I´ll gonna show you three examples of my used animals:

I hope I could show you something new or interesting, and would be happy to see some small animals on your projects.
At last I show you a Lady playing the violin like noone else. Thaks to Reiner aka xshaperx for showing this on facebook. This Lady has got so muich Power and Energie, just amazing :D


The Artfist

Massive Voodoo Plastic Knight Challenge!!!!

hey there Painteholics,

I am pretty rarely seen here atm. Real life issues keep me away from my beloved hobby. My brushes look sadly at me while working at my desk and my tyranid army hasn't seen biomass since months. Hopefully the stars are moving into a future with ore time for the hobby.

But enough explanation. lets get to tha real shit! MV did a pretty cool contest. The heroic plastic knight challenge. Several members of the 5th dimension used the thin barriers between the 5th and our to slip into reality and show some cool peaces of work including myself.

It was pretty close but 3 days before deadline, some glasses of vodka coke and I decided to enter the challenge. ( my part was very little xD) Said and done I started. But before i grant you the pics and some
explaining words here is some music.

Ok and last but not least the pictures of Sir Strangealot. I always wanted to do such a big chainsaw lance xD So in just 3 days of afterwork painting I but everything together, primed it and started to paint like a madman. I used every bit of time I could afford. In my daily hour for lunch I painted like crazy to get it done. And finally I made it. Hope you like the strange critter. It was fun to paint it :P

And here you can vote and/or leave a comment: CMON

see you all in the future,


A childs dream!

Today I want to share a very special project with you that hits my heart and makes me sad and sentimental somehow.

It`s one of the entries for the Massive Voodoo Plastic Knight Challenge.

You can find more pictures and a german description (and comments) HERE

As someone commented there are a bunch of things which reminds me of my childhood, like the pens, the little dragon, a small boat and all those lego`s!

A very emotional piece of Art! Enjoy it.

Painted Miniature-Review No. I: Necron Lord

Welcome to the 5th Dimension!

There are a lot of amazingly painted, converted or sculpted miniatures out there. Sometimes we just don`t see them. Maybe it`s because they are not published at CMON or not showen in any of the big forums. Maybe you are just looking for other criterias while taking a look through different galleries. That`s why I am going to pick one of those each week to present those to you.

This article is the first out of a (hopefully) weekly line about painted miniatures. I`ll pick a painted miniature each week out of the web which is interesting in any point for me and will write a little review with my point of view about it added with some informations about the artist.

You are always invited to send me pictures and a description of a miniature you would like to see here. Send this by eMail to arne.wilkens@gmail.com

    Painted Miniature Review No. I 
- GW Warhammer 40k: Necron Lord -

The first in line is one of the new Warhammer 40k Necron Lords, painted by dargo000:

    About the Artist 

Dargo000 aka Slawomir is a talented painter from poland. On his website http://www.minimonsters.eu/ you`ll find a gallery, a small shop for accessories for your bases and his painting-service. Feel free to take a closer look, there are several nice works inside his own dimension!

    Why do I`ve picked THIS miniature? 

It`s not the paintjob itself which makes me thinking about this miniature. As I`ve seen this Necron at cmon my eyes were caught by the big energyball. For me something new I`ve never seen before. Just the right thing for the first review, isn`t it?

    Concept & Thoughts 

At first there`s the big (5th) dimension-ball which catches your eyes for a while. It`s modular, so the Lord itself could be unmounted for gaming purposes.

This sphere is made of a simple ping pong ball, filled with stuff and prepared to be ready for the gaming base on top of it. The yellowish / green lightning on it representing the power inside.

The used color scheme of classic metal, rare gold parts and green is nice and must be a good choice for a gaming army. I can really imagine how a bunch of Necronwarriors are looking in this scheme. Sadly there`s no real focus. My eyes are wandering up and down, from left to right without finding a place to calm down.
The miniature itself is painted in an average / higher tabletop-quality supposed to be sold at the big bay.


I hope that I am able to show you some inetresting works which will inspire you for any further project. Please let me know what you are thinking about this kind of review - I am thankful for every hint I could get to improve this line (or to bury it ;)

Watch out for the big "Motivate yourself"-article and first colored pictures of my King Maulg conversion.

And now let us flow in the 5th Dimension and discover new lands!


The Necrons are awake

One of my current projects is a Highlord

I hope you like my idea for the base. I would like to make something different. My target was to make a portal and for this I used mirrors and Tamiya Clear Red :). A portal to the 5th dimension ;)!