Painting year 2012

So here are my results of the year 2012 :).

Also I painted a hole Necron army ...

... and an Eldar Titan ...

... and my current conversion ...

... and in the begin of the year I painted this 2 miniatures ...
... more pics follow in the next days ;). I hope you like what you see :).
And I hope I become a better painter :).

Best Regards

My last WIPs ....

in 2012!

I hope had wonderful days, and a beautifully christmas time. In two days I´m one the way to Austria to ride some Boards in the snow, and so this is my last thread 2012 :) For me it was an awesome painting year and I´m looking forward to do it again in the next year. Thank to my 5-th-dimension Bodies and all our followers!

I wish you all a happy new year, and go out with a lot of wordless pictures of my WIPs in the last weeks .....

Best wishes 


Tutorial checkout #2 colour decanting

Hey there,

this time I tryed a tutorial by a great painter you all know, Malekith from the dimension.
As a point of my "to-do-list" colour decanting was my next step.

Here you can find the Tutorial by Malekith english/deutsch.

I used the bottles of Vallejo and I'm very positive surprised of them.
First I trying exactly like the tutorial to do but without the gloves ( I have to feel what I do :-) ).
My first experience was that the new GW colours are to vicous to decanting with a chute, so I try second time without.

Malekith told me also to put a drop of "Sidolin streifenfrei" (window-cleaner of alcohol-basis) or "Tamiya Thinner" (X-20A) into the new GW colour because of the new desiccanting retarder.
And don't forget the agilatorballs.

Because I wouldn't create me new labels for all my colours I tryed another way. I carefuly stripping of the original label from GW and put them at the new bottle. A little drop of glue at the end of the label,perfect :-) (red circle).

My result:

Closing words:
Colour decanting is very useful if you like to have a clean organised workspace and if you warking with a wetpalett. For fast basepainting it is a must have!
Another positive thing is, you only have one typ of bottle so you only need one typ of bottleholder/-rack. With the agilatorballs you also have a better mixed colour and dosn't waste so much of them.

And don't forget:
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Merry Christmas!

to all painters out there!

Enjoy the contemplative and snugly time together with your familie, your frinds and all people you like!
Santa will show you how to do.

 Merry Christmas from the dimention:
Malekith, SkelettetS, Katan, Barfrau and Dellolyn

And don't forget:
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The Revelution has began ... Yes, it`s true now ;)

Hey folks!

Belive it or not, but after weeks of Multimegamaxiteasering, the real Revelution on has began! They call themself - or better the new company - (I realy love the logo of the company :) ) and opened it with an awesome offer of two figures plus (!) two DVDs of painting by the minis. But the painters are not anybody. They are everything else than unknown! 

Convince yourself and visit There you find a cool video, that clears up all your questions, and the link to the online shop.

We from the 5-th-dimension wish you guys all the best to your company, and looking forward for more some crazy cool figures and stuff from the buddha! (but please without any more weird teasering :p) 

The working painter #1 To-do-list

Hey there,

last week I talked a long time with Malekith about painting techniks, groundwork, workspace, etc...
After thinking about all the information crowd into my head I start writing the first "the working painter"- post, my "to-do-list"
The idea of "the working painter" is to establish a basis for using small periods of time for painting without wasting time for preparation your workspace every time. I working mostly 50 hours a week so there isn't many time to paint. And mostly I thinking that the small period of time isn't profitable to preparate my workspace,sit down and paint, so I do other thinks.
"The working painter" would be a collection of post what to do if you would like to use this small periods of time clever to finish your Miniatures which waiting so long for this ;-)

The list isn't ready yet, so the list will be updatet every later "the working painter post"
I began with the first step:

1. workspace
  • cleaning up your workspace
  • organizing your workspace/working tools
  • colour decanting
  • choose a place for work in progress 
  •  something in reach to play inspiring music, IMPORTEND!!! ;-) be continued.

And here even more a video I've seen long time ago but every time a got motivation.
 Have a great time trying this :-)

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Webs and Flys

Hey Dudes!

On my way around New Zealand (as a part of the worldtour) we found this small nice swamp :) I can't remember where is was. The only thing that I can remember is the fact that we left as possible this place, because there where very annoying insects. They are annyoing, because they are very small but can bite very hard.  After a bite the stitch burns very painful for a few days. The name of the fly calls Sandfly and looks like this small friend here: 

So cute, ins´t he? ;) 

If you need more informations about these small painbringer klick on the link: 


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5-th-dimension on Twitter!

Hey Tweetaholics!

You wouldn´t miss any news from the dimension? There is a small birdy, who wants to help you ...

The 5-th-dimension is on Twitter now! Follow us under The 5-th-dimension on

The birdy is so cute, isn´t he? ;)

And by the way, since last year we are on facebook too. You can find us under 5th Dimension - The Painting blog or klick on the link:

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Happy socializing!

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Space Hulk - The Video Game?

Hey Alienhunter!

The most of you should know the amazing boardgame Space Hulk by GW. The danish Game developer  Full Control and GW announced a release of the PC-Game. Here are some facts from the official site: 

  • Blood Angel terminator squad
  • Thematic 3d environment
  • Single player campaign based on the "Sin of Damnation" hulk
  • Cross platform multiplayer between PC, Mac and iOS
  • ........

For more informations check the official sites:



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Circle of Fire - Part III

So here only a very small update. I started with the wings and with the third try I am satisfied :) but its very very much work ^^.


Time to paint? (german&english)

Hi there paintaholics!

die deutsche Übersetzung steht weiter unten!

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all  ......" Okay, enough christmas feelings for today. You are not here to 'hear' us singing, I´m very sure of it ;)

These days are very busy. Not many time to paint. Usally I have 2 days weekly, or more two evenings for painting. Mostly I start after 8 pm, and do it than for 3 until 4 hours. It´s not enough, but it´s just a hobby :) 
How long do you take for that? How many days do you have weekly? How many hours? There are a lot of different views on it. Are you a student, an employee, or maybe in parent leave?

To find out how you handle your time managment, we created a small survey. There are only 6 quick questions. We would like to know how the whole painting scene handle this. The survey is online for 4 weeks from now. After it is closed, we are going to publish the results in a small funny trailer, presentation or something like that. Please help us, to create a representative view on the time managment of all of us. Please participate only ones at the survey, and feel free to share the link to other hobbynerds. You can choose between german and english. After the survey let us now how you like surveys like this, and comment something above. 

To the english survey:

To the german survey:

It woud be a great pleasure for us, if you and your friends participate on it!* The whole survey takes only up to 5 minutes, but please promise me, that you will going to your workbench after it, and paint some miniatures! Time is valuable for us! ;)

*At all the Bloggers out there: Please help us, and share the link to the survey on your blog. It´s not important to link our site. At first we need only the opinion of ALL painters out there! Thank you bro´s ;)

Thanks a lot for your time! Enjoy your coming christmas time, and if you would here us singing after all, klich HERE and enjoy the show!

best wishes 

your 5-th-dimension crew!

Deutsche Version---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all  ......" Okay, genug Weihnachten für heute, Ich bin mir sicher ihr seid nicht hier um uns singen zu 'hören'. ;)

Man ist sehr beschäftigt in diesen Tagen. Nicht viel Zeit um zu malen. Gewöhnlich habe ich 2 Tage in der Woche, an denen ich zum Malen komme. Dies ist dann meisten abends nach 20 Uhr, und geht ca. 3-4 Stunden. Es ist nicht genug, aber es ist halt ein Hobby :)

Wie viel Zeit nimmst du dir dafür? Wie viele Tage wöchentlich? Wie viele Stunden? Es gibt verschieden Betrachtungsweisen für diese Aspekte. Bist du ein Student, ein Angestellter, oder vielleicht in Elternzeit?

Um heraus zu finden wie du dein Zeitmanagement angehst, haben wir eine kleine Umfrage gestaltet. Es sind nur sechs schnelle Fragen. Wie wollen damit herausfinden wie die Szene damit umgeht. Die Umfrage ist für 4 Wochen online. Nachdem diese geschlossen ist, werden wir die Ergebnisse mit einem kleinen lustigen Trailer, einer Präsentation oder ähnlichem veröffentlichen. Bitte hilf uns eine repräsentative Umfrage zu kreieren und nehme nur einmal an dieser teil. Außerdem würden wir uns freuen wenn du den Link an andere Hobbynerds weiter gibst.  Du kannst zwischen deutsch und englisch wählen. Lass uns nach der Umfrage wissen ob du sowas magst, und schreib einen Kommentar.

To the english survey:

To the german survey:

Es wäre uns eine riesen Freude, wenn du und deine Freunde daran teilnehmen würden!* Die ganze Befragung dauert keine fünf Minuten, aber versprich mir, dass du danach wieder an deinen Maltisch gehst und eine Miniatur bemalst, den Zeit ist wertvoll für uns! ;)

*An alle Blogger da draußen: Bitte helft uns, und teilt diesen Link auf eurem Blog. Es ist auch nicht zwingend nötig, auf unsere Seite zu verweisen/zu linken. In erster Linie brauchen wir nur die Stimmen ALLER Painter da draußen! Danke Jungs :)

Danke für eure Zeit! Genießt euere kommenden Weihnachtsfeiertage, und wenn ihr uns nach all dem hier doch noch unbedingt singen hören wollt, klickt auf den LINK und genießt die Show! 

Alles Gute

Eure 5-th-dimension Crew!

Radagast the Brown

Today start the Hobbit in the cinema and here is my one and only Lord of the Rings miniature. I have to say that I don't like the sculpting level of the LotR miniatures... its really very bad and I didn't have so much fun with painting.

Radagast the Brown
If you want to vote here is the cmon-link.

Best Regards

Bloggernews #4: Samurais, Demons, Leather and the chef

Hello my friends!

It´s very busy in the last days. It´s christmas time. I hope you can enjoy it like me ;) All the shopping centers are fully packed. Everybody is stressed an nervous. But usally the christmas time should be a quit, contemplative and familary time in the end of the year. For me it´s not possible to bring you all parts of it, but maybe you have some minutes to dive into an other world - our world! The fantastic place of painting. To compress your valuable time it´s time for new Bloggernews. So enjoy!

Samurai deluxe:
In these days, there are  a lot of nice Predator conversions all around. Last week I found my favourite on CMON. For me the colors are awesome! The whole concept is very convincing and the works of Brian885 are very special in my eyes. I can´t read anthing on his blog (because it´s chinese) but the pictures speaks for themself. For more amazing works take a look on the overview.

It´s back!:
Maybe you heared the sad news about the abandoned webpage about all Golden Demon Winners. Fortunately Volomir himself will take it over, and keeps the webpage alive. Thanks for that Volomir! 
For more information about his doing, go to his blog. Maybe you are the one who have more information about lost names and unkonw winnig contributions of the last GD!

Through a post on from our ex-member Arne (Sleipnir), I came to a nice tutorial how to do crackle-leather. Thank for that bro!

Take a view on it under:

The kitchen:
Do you know the artistic and fantastic works of Raffa Coll? He´s an artist from spain, and one of his doings impressed me very well. You should take your cooking apron and visit Raffa in his kitchen ....

When we talk about famous and great artists, we have to take a look on Julien Casses blog! His famous work like 'War for Macragge' are an exmaple for epic works. But he is able for the small things too, and so he did a small and illustrated tutorial about rocks last month. but I realy recommend you: Check the whole blog!

Sunshine & Metal:
Almost she impressed me with her lovely style and creativity. Every new project from Serafin is very fresh and without any bias. Even more I like her nice conversion with an ordinary bust socket. Check out the two parts of doing, and don´t miss to follow her blog for the future!

Enjoy your day, your week, and a lovely christmas time!