In Progress - Salamander Terminator

Here is update from my Salamander Terminator. He was to boring, I think the 40k world need more action. I hope its a little bit better :). The Termi is currently not perfect but I make the finishing in the next days.

Games Workshop's "Whats new Today" on June 21

hey there painteholics,

long time no read since studies and heavily fast painting projects are keeping me busy. As some of you might know I am not only a painter but a pretty passionate player as well. Since the 6th edition Warhammer 40.000 is just around the corner I am painting tyranids like crazy atm.

Todays blog entry from GWs   "Whats new Today" features not only my massive tyranid army but my other 40K armies as well. Chaos Renegades and Eldar Slaaneshi Cult are both shown in detail. Alongside all the pretty pictures are some comments by myself explaining my painting sheme, techniques and thoughts on these armies. Make shure to check it out HERE.



Just another toad update...

Project is taking shape and 4 of 5 parts is practically done, just have some water effect finishing left, need to make some noise and distortion at the water surface and fix some slime, not much though as I don’t want to overdo and drench the piece with slimy stuff.

Time to paint the little green bugger too that’s been flying too carelessly near a waterhole filled with toads. waaaaagh!

Tragically poor photo taken in a hurry, but you get the picture. I really need to take some photo lessons. Damnit.

Stay tuned..

Ultramarine Veteran

Hi there!

Today i finished a paintjob for the 40k roleplaying game 'Deathwatch'. I enjoyed this job so much, because it was my wish to paint a Space Marine in the standard Ultramarine colors. And also i like the Veteran models.  Two good reasons to do the job :) I decided to paint the colors a little bit darker without so much details and extras. And it was my first try to handle with blood. I think the experiment was successfully :)

Whats new in the Dimension?

Hey there painteholics,

Maybe you have heard about the rumors of the 6th edition of Warhammer 40.000. And since GW has pulled all the rulebooks from the stores and the website, rumors are running wild. It seems that we will see the so anticipated release of the next edition on June 23. GW released a teaser video which teases a big 40K release on this day. Ceck it out yourself:

I can't wait to see the next edition since I think 40K has become pretty dull and boring over the last years. We will see which changes will come. Feel free to hit the comment Button and tell us what you think about the release of the 6th edition and which changes you think need to come along with it.


Since you missed it: The first official 5th Dimension Workshop will take place from September 8th - 9th.
There are just a few places left so make shure to be part of history when the 5th Dimension invades Trier for a whole weekend of miniatures, brushes and fun! 

You can join via email at or by checking out one of our threads on:


Yesterday I got a new showcase since my first one hasn't enough space to hold all the projects. My first showcase is now the "Work in Progress Storage" while the new showcase only shows finished models.

Here you see my old showcase with a ton of unfinished projects. You can spot some GD entries there but thats all I will say for now :D 


Simon aka Katan 

Toad got some colour... part 1

Toad got a little colour! and he is glued to the other part of the base and finally got his tounge permanently attached. As said I earlier post im pretty frustrated by the total lack of time for hobby activities right now. Ah well, hopefully things will turn around for the better soon. Really kind of interesting to realize how stuck I am with this hobby .Paintaholic, here I come..

Also some images of the water base, sanded to death to get rid of all surface distortion (air bubbles). Pretty happy with the result!

Updates are coming soon hopefully, in the meantime you can learn some Swedish by listening to great swedish band "Kent". eng sub hardcoded (ive thought of everything yaya. :) ) enjoy.

Necron Doom Scythe Up on ebay!

hey there fellow painteholics,

I just finished a model which is up o ebay now. Its a Necron Doom Scythe. I am planning to do a big necron Army when the 6th edition comes up and I wanted to test my color sheme before I apply it to the whole army. So I love the new Necron Flyer model but sadly not one of those is in my army. So i just picked up one to test my sheme and now you can get a fully painted, heavily weathered Necron Doom Scythe for your Necron army.

If you wanna vote : CoolMiniOrNot
And here is the ebay Link: Ebay 

see you all in the future.


First Toady wip

First WIP of the Toad, the tongue and the absence of the fly. Mmm salt, tasty… 

Okay, so ive started to work again, after almost a year at home parenting, dodging food and changing diapers. One of the things that’s great with the Swedish country is that you get the opportunity to stay home with your kid for so long time, even though if the salary isn’t that 'woaw' I think is an awesome thing. But now its back to the desk, which probably means lesser time for hobby (didn’t know I could have less time than before, but yeah. I could) and more time to make updates on this blog without having junior pulling my leg. Yay!

And of course now when I work I get more cash to spend on more minis I don’t have time to paint. Simple.

Anyway, picture of the base. more pictures comming soon, i just need to sand the sides of that bloody thing some more. Although the water was a success in total - airbubbles at the surface do not rock people!

Stay tuned!

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