Bloggernews #1: Competitions, Reveloutions and Art-book

Hello Paintaholics and Bloggerfriends!

It was very, very quite in the last weeks in the 5-th-dimension. All of us were very busy in effects of family, business and study. But i had a lot time to think about some essential things. Since we founded our blog, we lost one focus on that, what was the main reason of the doing. All of us decided to join the 5-th-dimension, because we would built a community, an union in our lovley hobby. As we did this, we are where and what we are now, and it´s nice to be a part of the group. But there are more people outside in this community, and i think it´s time that we must support each other. To do a step in that direction, i had the idea to write some Bloggernews (and other things as blogs) about the painting scene in the future in irregular intervals. and it is a good start to this now because in these days, there are so much interesting activities in our small miniature world.

I will start with an awesome project by our friends from the banana-jungle. I´m sure the most of you noticed  the indiegogo-action by Roman and Raffa from the Massive Voodoo Crew, but for all how missed it, watch the video and take look on the page. There are no doubts, that they cross the boarder about 12.000 € in the next hours - and this in just a few days! Support the boys and make sure that you get one of the wonderfully books, stickers and more!

The next announcement is a further more great project from the Massive Voodoo team. I think it could be one of the biggest online painiting competitions for all of us :) The rules and conditions of participations are easy to handle and the medals and prizes are BANANALICIOUSLY! Thank you MV for the probably coming flood on minis and photos of it from the particpants. Your competion is an added value for all of us :)

And another thanks to our follower Mr. Lee! He spotted a nice competition in the web and posted it on  were i read it. We speak about the Kingdom of death contest on WAMP. I know that the minis are not made for everybody and they can be very obscure (watch out the 'Penismonster'), but i like them ver well :) A big feature of the contest, is that you win a price just when you entering the KoD store. Then you get 25$ credit for the store. And of course, the other prize are awesome too, because you can win all releases of KoD in 2013! Here are some mins from the company:

Check out under:

Last but not least, there is a small and creative contest here in Germany from our withblogger Tuffskull. The paintmaster has three categories: Photos, 28mm and open modelling. I like the idea of the open categories, because there is a lot space to do whatever you wan´t :) But paint fast, the competition ends at the 1st November!

What does the 'President' Mr. Zaphod himself planing? There are some mysterious announcement on his blog :)

Last week the the crew from 'dieVincis' did a review week. Almost every day, there was one mini or other hobbystuff, which got an small but adequate review about it like THAT ONE. But i recommend you a look to the whole blog, because 'dieVincis' do always a good job!

At first a talked about an union, a painting community. YOU can be a part of it! If you find a nice blogpost, or maybe you have an own blog and would like to support it more than nowt, than send me an email to
and i publish it at the next Bloggernews in the 5-th-dimension!

Let´s work together and enjoy your day!



  1. Hey, nette Zusammenfassung, Danke fürs teilen der Review Week, freut uns wenn sie gefallen hat. Wir wollen in Zukunft in unregelmäßigen Abstäden immer wieder mal so eine Themenwoche angehen.

  2. Thanks for the shout out there! Check my blog for some updates on Dervish's workshop I am attending at the moment in Aachen! Quite some great stuff going on over here! Lots of great models on display at the moment as well..