Champion of Iron Snakes finished!

Hi paintaholics!

It was a long ride, but I finished a paintjob for a while. It was a long ride, because started to paint the mini 2 weeks before the german Games Day. But other paintjobs and the GD himself keeps me away to complete it. But I'm sure you guys know problems like that ;) Hope you like it!

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Thanks a lot :)


As kickstarters seems to be the shit nowdays here's a little list on some interesting running at the moment. If you feel sad not finding anything to spend your precious money on now when christmans is comming up...

  • Kingdom death, the game kickstarter. probably need no introdiction, controversial and debated minis and honestly, with a few exceptions, not my cup of tea. and kickstarter seems to do very well so they dont really need my cash anyway.
  • Blackwater Gulch. Seems to be a pretty cool western themed miniature game. ending soon.
  • Games and gears. Gaming boards. For gamers, by gamers...
  • Damsels of Darkmyre. If you are into "badass girls with big boobs" themed miniatures then this is a kickstarter for you. only computer generated images (and good ones!) of the miniatures so far though, so no real idea how they will look irl.
  • Imbrian Art kickstarter, now this is a kickstarter ill probably invest in. only four miniatures so far but holy moly such miniatures! Just take a look on that orc, freaking awesome! edit; seems like the range has grown, im even more excited!

Make Art!

I think it counts for us too ;) I like the most the last sentence:
"while they are deciding, make even more art."

Enjoy your day!

Bloggernews #3: Judging, Winner, Bases and freaky Riders

Hey painting bloggerfriends!

It´s time for the next Bloggernews. I hope you like this part of our blog. Feel free to told us your minds about it with comments or mail to barfrau_at_5-th-dimension_com! ;)

Judge your minis!:
Since a few weeks, there is a new platform like CMON where you can find a lot of amazing and good looking miniatures of all areas. SiFi, Fantasy, Historic, Steampunk, and many more. If you are a member of the site, you can judge with three kinds of medals. If you are a member and would like to share your own projects, you have to judge other projects before. It´s a very effective and fair voting system, and that guarantees a high level of project from everywhere. At the moment the site is in beta status. You can only be a member with an invation code from an other registered member. But to see all the awesome projects, you don´t need a membership. I´m really recommend you a look on it! 
The site has a own blog for news and other interessting things such as a interview with the italian painter Aleksander Michelotti.

Golden Demon Winner:
Do you know Karol Rudyk? I´m sure, because he is fantastic artist from poland, which won the Slayer Sword in UK this year. And he is the guy, which one sold the sword after it on ebay for 600$!

A very long and deep interview with Karol on
Or a small and fine one on

Easy Basing:
There are hundred ways to create very cool fantastic and creative bases for our small friends. A lot of them has an awesome 'WOW! effect' but are not so easy to build it. On the writer Wookami shows us only with pictures how he create some nice bases for tabletop minis. On every picture is a before and after version, and under this both, there is one with all materials on it. 

Mutant rider:
On Blight Wheel Miniatures I found this funny mini. I know he is very special,but maybe you like him? ;)

If you need a new inspiration for a next steampunk project, take a look on the gallery of Richard Symon on If you take your time, you can find the one or other knowing things in the different objectives ;)

Ice-Base and Airbrush:
Some guys of you could know Dirk under his nickname 'Barakwolf'. On his Blog, he did two nice tutoials about the painting -or more airbrushing- of a lava and an ice base. I like the way of doing, and the results looks very good. Thanks for the work! :)

I think that are enough news for today. If you have some interesting news for us let me know it under barfrau_at_5-th-dimension_dot_com. If you missed the last bloggernews, ou can find them in the list:

Template cuting

Hi folks!

Today I did something other creative stuff. For what? Count it like a teaser for the next days and stay tuned ;)

I wish you all the best for your next week! 

Projekt: 40k Ork Bigmek (GD)

Hey out there,

its time to start my first Golden Demon project. :-)

Some "work in progress" pics to get idea I speak about.

Ready start painting ;-) hope you like it.

A Nice Spread

Hello everbody!

Yesterday I had a nice chat with Markus. Like a lot times before we talked about some painting here, some conversions there, and so on, and so on. After a while he gaves me a kink to the YouTube channel of asajarra. I didn´t know him before, but after this I watched all his videos :). Asajarra do fantastic conversions in Warhammer 40.000. I would like to show you the first link that Markus sent me, but don´t miss to watch the whole channel of him under:

Here we have: Logan Grimnar - The Old Wolf


One of the best animes I've ever seen. Not the newest, not the best sketch quality but a damn cool main character and 42 episodes pure charisma.


Hey painters out there,

I also search for examples if I want to paint something old, morbid things. Especially decadence have no straight line, no equal ratio.
Here is my inspirating webside by a friend, Trevesart. His hobby is urban exploring, or he always sayed: the beauty of decadence!

Some example pics of his page:

wysiwyg image

wysiwyg image

wysiwyg image

wysiwyg image

wysiwyg image

wysiwyg image

wysiwyg image
You can find there pics of closed universitys, castles, mansions, underground places, crypts, car-graveyard, mines, factorys, and many many more...everything is documented with lots of pics an some places even with a virtual tour.
His page is always a great inspiration.

Have fun with the pics :-)

The countdown is running!

Don´t forget: 

There are 39 hours left! Support the jungle monkeys Roman and Raffa, and don´t miss to get one of the cool books plus many more ;)

Read some words of thanks from jarhead HERE!

5-th-dimension to go!

Hi paintaholics and mobile user!

Since now we have a comfortable version for mobile browsers!! 
Try it where ever you are: In the bus, in the metro or at waiting for it, take the time to check out the new 'Alien' stuff from Simon. The lecture from your prof is boring? Look at some awesome new WIPs from Markus with your mobile! Your are in the waitingroom of your dentist and your clacking afraid with your teeths, watch how Dellolyn use his tools to build his next socket or think about the beautiful ugly minis by SkelettetS.
It´s not an app, you can use it with your internet browser on your smartphones.
You can read all our news from the dimension with your mobile phone where ever you are! 

Workshop review #1 Oger workshop with Pascal Urgiero

Hello panters out there,

here finally is the reviewe ot the Oger workshop with Pascal. (CMON)
First Pascal send us a tutorial to prepair the Oger for the workshop.

Here some pics of mypreparatory work.

The workshop began 10:00 in the "morning" ;-)
Let us begin! First, time to prime the minis!

Hier are some of Pascals minis to see how it could look like. Especially the five terminatoren (GD Einheiten 40k Gold 2012)

Show us the magic of paint!

Part 2: theory, learn new technicshand how to use them.

 ...some examples (I realy like the skaven painted by Pascal^^)

Part 3: Pascal show us the first of his technics step by step.

...then try it by yourself. little one :-)

....Time to break and have some lunch ;-)

 Next steps: tow technics, theory, showing step by step, try by yourself.

And here are our results. We all did a great job! 

At this time I want to say a big THANKS! to Pascal for this brilliant workshop.
I realy enjoyed the time and learned a lot of great technics.

All I can say, if you got the chance to paint with Pascal an visit one of his brilliant workshops, don`t miss it!