Bloggernews #3: Judging, Winner, Bases and freaky Riders

Hey painting bloggerfriends!

It´s time for the next Bloggernews. I hope you like this part of our blog. Feel free to told us your minds about it with comments or mail to barfrau_at_5-th-dimension_com! ;)

Judge your minis!:
Since a few weeks, there is a new platform like CMON where you can find a lot of amazing and good looking miniatures of all areas. SiFi, Fantasy, Historic, Steampunk, and many more. If you are a member of the site, you can judge with three kinds of medals. If you are a member and would like to share your own projects, you have to judge other projects before. It´s a very effective and fair voting system, and that guarantees a high level of project from everywhere. At the moment the site is in beta status. You can only be a member with an invation code from an other registered member. But to see all the awesome projects, you don´t need a membership. I´m really recommend you a look on it! 
The site has a own blog for news and other interessting things such as a interview with the italian painter Aleksander Michelotti.

Golden Demon Winner:
Do you know Karol Rudyk? I´m sure, because he is fantastic artist from poland, which won the Slayer Sword in UK this year. And he is the guy, which one sold the sword after it on ebay for 600$!

A very long and deep interview with Karol on
Or a small and fine one on

Easy Basing:
There are hundred ways to create very cool fantastic and creative bases for our small friends. A lot of them has an awesome 'WOW! effect' but are not so easy to build it. On the writer Wookami shows us only with pictures how he create some nice bases for tabletop minis. On every picture is a before and after version, and under this both, there is one with all materials on it. 

Mutant rider:
On Blight Wheel Miniatures I found this funny mini. I know he is very special,but maybe you like him? ;)

If you need a new inspiration for a next steampunk project, take a look on the gallery of Richard Symon on If you take your time, you can find the one or other knowing things in the different objectives ;)

Ice-Base and Airbrush:
Some guys of you could know Dirk under his nickname 'Barakwolf'. On his Blog, he did two nice tutoials about the painting -or more airbrushing- of a lava and an ice base. I like the way of doing, and the results looks very good. Thanks for the work! :)

I think that are enough news for today. If you have some interesting news for us let me know it under barfrau_at_5-th-dimension_dot_com. If you missed the last bloggernews, ou can find them in the list:

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