Create a Socket

Hello everybody,

the post about the oger-workshop by Pascal have to wait a few day till I get the makro pics shooted by Raffa. I want to use the time to show you my way to produce a simple socket pretty socket.

Step 1: Which kind of wood, I choose a rare tropical wood because of it`s red color and beautiful grain.
Step 2: Cutting the wood in rough peaces.

Step 3: Step by step milling the parts. (as smaller your steps so much better would be your result)

Step 4: Checking the right measure, as the case may be you have to rework the parts.
Step 5: Beveling the parts straight and clean, this is very important!
Step 6: Choosing the perfekt varnish for your socket.

For this typ of wood the perfekt choise is "Hartöl". Hartöl is an oil for a workingstep called "anflammen" or scarfing in english. This oil to raise the contrast of the grain and to shade the hole socket.
Step 7: repeating "step 6" three times. Let the socket dry one day. Finished!

This is the most used way to build wooden sockets, hope it was useful.


  1. Great walk through here. Now to find some wood working tools.. and some wood.. Ohh look the staircase railings.. *whistles away*...

  2. Thanks for sharing this :) Which tools do you use?

  3. @ M R Lee

    The staircase railing post isn`t ready yet ;-)
    It`s the only post like this, only to show a socket originates.


    For sockets like this I use a standsaw and standmill, for round sockets I only use a lathe. The final work I use sandpaper with 80, 100 and 140 grain.

  4. how do you bevel the base of the socket/plinth?