Tutorial: dynamic (theory)

Today i like to told you basic considerations and ideas about dynamik of your miniature.
This criterion get more and more attetion on, not only by contests. Its also the criterion let a beholder unconsciously think, what a interesting miniature.

basic principle:

The definition of  dynamic isn't only the attitude of a miniature like most painter thinking, it's more the realistic attitude of the whole thing.
The dynamic of a miniature affected the beholder , is it true or not what the  minature/diorama intercede me to think about.
I think there are two different kinds of dynamic, active and passive.

The first example is a miniature painted our Malekith, dynamic in perfection!
active dynamic:

Here the active dynamik isn't the attitude of the minitaure, it is the wave of his cloke,hair and band.
Active dynamike because the attitude is by the miniature itself.
Most of you would think now: this is knowingly not unknowingly awareness! Here I have to add on that our unknowingly awareness dosn't registrade harmoniously things, it only regestrade unharmoniously things.
Try to imagine the elve standing on this stone in mittle of the braking waves. Wind blowing his cloke, his hair lie curled on his sholders.
First moment you can't understand why the miniature looks like something is wrong. Your unknowingly awareness had still registrate the mistake, your knowingly awareness taking some time to registrate the detail clearly, the hair.

passiv dynamic: 

The passiv dynamik by this example are the waves. You can see the small waves on the surface on the water blowing by the wind, they flowing in the same direction as the hair and the cloke
It's importent to regard that activ and passiv dynamic good fall into place. I often saw on a miniature wind blowing things in different directions. You don't registrade it directly, but you unknowing awareness will do ;-)

Second example is a miniature painted by the Painting mum Ana.
  There are no wind blowing in the underground, what to do? It was tricky to use lava, mace with momentum. The dwarf wouldn't be very interesting by its own, she aware set the lava
 The activ dynamik on this Pic is the lava, not the miniature. A very good alternative to let an "uninteresting" Miniature looking interesting.
Closing words:

Don't forgett, there is never standstill in the nature, anything is still moving at every time!
Regard that activ and passiv dynamic every time depend on each other, they almost affact the best together!

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  1. Really interesting toughts in that post. Thanks a lot for that.