The 5-th-dimension Gathering in Munich #2

Hey painters out there,

just like Barfrau wrote, it was a very cool weekend.

The weekend starts for me at 3 o`clock in the morning. Quick packing all the needed thinks into my car and starting the trip to Munich. Three stops and a few hours later I arrived at Malekiths home in Munich, the clock displays 9 o`clock. There I met Malektih and Barfrau to drive together to the house where the paintingparty would be.

Over the weekend I had the joy to met nice, great and outgoing painters from bavaria. It was also the first time I met our other dimension members Barfrau, theArtfist and Skate.

Some pics shot over the days:

                                                              Nice base sir!

 I realy like those dwarfs...

 ...please, please bring them to the end, they will be great.

 Also a mini I like to see finished, the colourchoise is very cool.

Sorry gays, but this ratoger is my absolut favorite. 
Very nice skintone.

Barfrau and his new favorite brush ;-)

 Here I want to say: "Thank you all gays for the great painting days!"

...there was one thing I feel so happy about...

It is so a big motivation if you see that the tutorials and tips you post on the blog
will be transacted by other painters or inspirate them.

At last I will show you a nice brushbag I saw by one of our painting friends from the weegend... my one.

 It was very nice to meet you all. Unfortunately two painters from the dimention couldn`t  be with us.
Hope there will be a gamesday this your, I realy like to meet SkelletedS and Katan there.

So long, good night and enjoy happy painting :-)

The 5-th-dimension Gathering in Munich #1

Hey dear Paintaholics! 

We met each other the last weekend in Munich. We posted a lot of threads in the last days about the preparations and more (check HERE#1, HERE#2, HERE#3, HERE#4 or HERE#5). The whole time we were round about 8 to 9 painters, and every day we get visits from friends in Munich or around. So we had a lot of painting, spraying, sculpting, building, and nerdy talk the whole time. Everybody has different knowledges and all together we could help each other everywhere. From time to time Markus gave a theory and praxis hour in changing themes of painting. The weekend was a pleasant mix of a big painting session with workshop atmossphere.

Our personal coach Markus, on the right: Dellolyn

Markus and me at his own workbench

Julius the Artfist

Our 'inactive' member SK4TE

The Fox

The King!

The 'workshop' was the first part of following painting sessions. The goal is to finish a small playable group of miniatures. It could be a Mortheim gang, or in my case a Blood Bowl team. I don´t know, if the team ever will be play a game, but i played it 12 years ago and i like the theme of fantasy Blood Bowl. So i will take more time for the team to finish it, so it becomes a nice part in my showcase :) In the next days, i will post a own thread about the team.
My personal highlight was the use of airbrush systems. It´s very effectivly for a group of minis, but i have the feeling, that it could be a second brush for me. There are a lot of possibilities and it made me more fun than a traditional brush at the weekend. Now i have to save money for my own :) 

My Nurgle Blood Bowl Team got a showbase in a fast overnight action!

My demand on working with brickstones is full now :)

Stay on, we have more posting in the next days about the weekend.

Thanks a lot to all participants for that awesome weekend! I hope we meet each other soon again.

And special thanks to Markus for hosting, cooking (he´s an excellent chef!) and teaching us! 

Muldo and Rose

Hey folks!

It was a long ride to finishing the lovley Rose and her big angry pet Muldo. The Bananaliciuos contest motivated me to complete it. Here is the finally result:

Hope you like it!

Home sweet home!

What a nice weekend! The 5-th-dimension Gathering Munich was awesome. We met each other, we met a lot of old friends, had much of Nerdtalk and painted and sprayed all days and nights. Unfortunately the mobile network at our house was very bad, so we couldn't made any promised live-tickers on the weekend.
After six hours cardrive and a lot of missing sleep it's time for bed now. But i promise you, you'll get a big (or maybe more) preview. ;) Nevertheless
here are some impressions of the weekend made with my mobile.

Thanks Munich and have a good night!


Hey there painteholics,

Q quick newsflash from my side. GW featured some of my work in a new "Whats new today article"


The Gathering has began ...

Two o'clock in the night. Few hours ago i arrived Markus home to began our big Painting weekend (the_gathering). Tomorrow morning - more in a few hours- Micha aka Dellolyn will join us. Than we go to a bigger place in Munich to meet more 'Nerds'.
Markus and me had a lot of funny chats until now and prepared our last miniatures for tomorrow. I'm looking forward for the next funny days and now we are waiting die Micha. Or should we better go to bed? ;)

Stay tunend folks for the next Liveticker from the 5-th-dimension Gathering!

WIP: Witchhunter part2

Hey painters out there,

here is a small update of the "witchhunters".

Now it`s time to pack all colours and brushes into the car and go to bed.
Early tomorrow morning I began my trip to munich to Malekith and Co.

Enjoy happy painting and stay tuned, we will take a lot of pictures to show our proceedings soon :-) 

Painting Sky/Earth

Part 1: Sky!

Little step by step how I paint blue chrome, sky/earth. The model is legs of a contemptor dreadnought by forgeworld.  
To begin with, I try to find out what areas that are to be sky and whick to be earth, something like this:

I can tell the hard way, you’ll save a lot of time if you get this correct the first time, so take your time. some thoughts about SENMM can be found in this article by Chrispy.

For colors I chose the following:  (All colors are gw’s oop paints.)
Basecoat: Ultramarine blue
Highlight: Ice blue
Shading : Regal blue.
+Black and white, in this case, P3 paints.

After basecoat, first highlight with ice blue. Unfortunately, The knee , that was supposed to be the main point seems to be out of focus in all the pictures (DO’H!!)  but at least you can look at the pretty end result on the other leg ;)

Adding white to the highlight, much smoothening using glazes…

First Shading with regal blue, blurry blurry..
End shading using black in the mix.

White highlight on the edges, making it ‘pop’

Additional white spots at random places add the effect, be sure not to overdo it though! You don’t want the metal to look like it got some kind of decease! 

little bit more closeup. shown here are also some 'neutral' chrome on the bearings, using blue and brown (scorched brown) while the other mechanical parts are regular NMM. The white highlight on the boot are not painted yet as i do it in one go with the "earth" later.

When painting sky, what you have to keep in mind is to reverse what’s bright and what’s dark and think the opposite of “normal” painting. The top of an object is what is the most subjected to the blue sky and therefore becomes darker than the horizon which is, if the object stands straight, in the middle of it. and when the true shading begin, its “Earth” :)
Coming soon, Earth!