The Priest #3

Happy Easter folks!

Some snowy quite days gives me a lot of time to paint. But i take it slow with my priest. Today i nearly finished the skin, and started with the tunic. I abolished my plans to paint it black, and go back to the traditional red color. Red is a ingrate color, but is great color to place the golden border below. And this was so much fun to paint :) 
In my eyes the next step on the miniature is the most challenging. There are a lot metal parts of the armour, and i'd like to paint all the parts with NMM. 

Late late...

It's in the middle of the night, and I can't fall asleep. So what is better than blogging, and sharing some more or less random stuff with you?

First the less random stuff. There are some news for you, about a new member in dimensions family. A member that will be a very big enrichment for our blog and the quality of the shown Miniature works. Startin with an interview in the next days :) cant wait 8-)

Now some pics of paintin, community and my trip to stockholm :)

The Priest #2

Happy christmas ....

that´s how it looks outside the window. What a weird start to the spring! 
But the good of it: It gives me time to paint. So i used it for the first try of skin color on my Sigmapriest. If you missed the first part klick HERE to check it. I still like it to use unusally colors for my projects. I don´t like it when red is red, a green area has to be green, and water is blue. I think you know what i would like to say. So i choosed a skin color with yellow parts in it, because i would like to shadow it with parts of blue in the next steps. Stay tuned to watch my experiment :) 

The working painter #2 workbench

 Hello painters out there,

today I finished my work on my workbench (temporarily ;-) ). So much have been changed but I´m realy happy now to show you my new workbench.

All a hobby room have to exhibit. A place for me and for a freind for painting party, space for materials and MUSIK! ;-) (if you look closely... epic monkey drums,fuck yeah!)


  1. space for WIP and finished minis
  2. space for materials
  3. space for tools
  4. a board with raised borders (easy to clean for modeling etc.)
  5. toolbox
  6. drawers for colors (these are from ikea)
  7. daylight lamp
  8. underlayment for painting
  9. airbrush squeezer and dustbin
  10. modern jukebox ;-)

  1. bord with raised borders 
  2. underlayment for painting
  3. brushes
  4. drawers for colors
  5. cleaning pot for the airbrush (a must have)
  6. toolbox including knifes, pipettes, etc...
  7. blow-dryer
  8. wetpalett
  9. mixed palett
  10. thiner and water
  11. airbrush cleaner, jar-cleaner (Sidolin streifenrei for blendings), stillwater, etc
  12. chromatic circle ( small help for the color choice)
  13. daylight lamp
  14. webcam for painting party via skype
  15. marble floortile as sculpting underlayer
  16. water pot
  17. handkerchiefs

Now I´m ready for paintig, the witchhunters crying because they want to be finished yesterday.

*update* To-do-list:
1. workbench
  • cleaning up your workbench
  • organizing your workbench/working tools
  • colour decanting
  • choose a place for work in progress 
  •  something in reach to play inspiring music, IMPORTEND!!! ;-)
  • place for WIPs
  • place for materials
2. decimate the hall of shame
  • sort the projects by there finishing deadlines
  • chose a continuous time for painting
  •  preparing tools/minis for paintig to save time
  • finishing a project
  • trying to paint faster/ more projects in less time
  • get feedback/ tips to get better
  • start the next projects not befor finished a peace out of the hall of shame
3. new projects 
  • Idea of a never seen project
  •  make a plan/ picture how it should be look like
  • searching for a mini/minis
  • try something new/ new technic

To be continued...

Groundwork is done, now I will do the next step, "finishing a project".

We wish you all happy holidays, nice Easter and a great, relaxing painting time!

IMPORTANT:Initiative for using the internet SAFE!

Initiative for using the internet SAFE!

A german forum I reading regulary starts the Initiative for using the internet SAFE!
I would like to translate you the information for better understanding into english:

Dear internet user,
 this is a advice for our initiative for using the internet safe. In the last years the internet crime grows fast, like stealing identity, credit card fraud and nuisance claims because of filesharing. Every third german internet user even was a victim of an attack, and the frequency grows fast.
 A great antivir or firewall isn´t enough any more. With some background knowledge everybody could hack your wlan ore homenetwork to steal credit card data, Paypal ore online banking data to do bad things. Also filesharing dissuasions are a famous phenomenon yet and a popular source of income for dubios lawyer´s offices. To link your IP with a download of a new cinemy movie is enough for an advocate to send you an expencive bill, mostly several thousends of euro per downloaded movie.
A VPN is a great avenue to conteract this. A VPN (virtual privat network) shrouded your IP and cryptographically secured your internet connection already on your PC. Your Internet provider, state or privat agent and/or  hacker can´t intercept your connection and steal data. A new IP of another country also protect you for filesharing dissuasions. This is a legal way and leading safty experts advice to use VPNs. Mostly german companys use this metode to  protect there staff and it is also a growing part in the most household. We tested some free provider of VPN and advice you this one: HIDE.IO.
HIDE.IO dosn´t saving any data of there VPN user. More then 100.000 internet user trust in them and the number of them daily grow.

Lieber Internetnutzer,
dies ist ein Hinweis zu unserer Initiative für einen sicheren Umgang mit dem Internet. In den letzten Jahren häufen sich die Fälle von Internetkriminalität, wie z.B. Identitätsdiebstahl, Kreditkartenbetrug und ungerechtfertigte Filesharing-Abmahnungen. Jeder dritte deutsche Internetnutzer war schon einmal Opfer einer Attacke, und die Häufigkeit steigt stark an.
Ein gutes Anti-Viren-Programm und eine Firewall reichen längst nicht mehr aus um solche Angriffe zu verhindern.
Mit ein wenig Hintergrundwissen kann sich jeder Zugang zu deinem privaten W-LAN oder Heimnetzwerk beschaffen, und dort Kreditkartendaten, Paypal und Online-Banking-Daten abfangen und damit Unfug treiben.
Auch Filesharing Abmahnungen sind mittlerweile ein bekanntes Phänomen und eine beliebte Einnahmequelle unseriöser Anwaltskanzleien. Es reicht wenn diese Anwälte deine IP-Adresse mit einem Download eines neuen Kinofilms in Verbindungen bringen können, und schon flattert eine teure Rechnung in deinen Briefkasten. Oft handelt es sich dabei um viele tausend Euro pro heruntergeladenem Film.
Es gibt eine einfache Möglichkeit diesen Gefahren entgegenzuwirken, diese nennt sich VPN. Ein VPN, also ein Virtual Private Network, verschleiert deine echte IP-Adresse und verschlüsselt deine Internet-Verbindung schon auf deinem Computer. Dein Internetanbieter, private oder staatliche Ermittler und Hacker können deine Verbindung nicht mehr abhören und Daten abfangen. Eine neue, anonyme IP-Adresse aus einem anderen Land schützt dich wirkungsvoll vor Abmahnungen. Dazu ist das ganze auch noch völlig legal und wird von führenden Sicherheitsexperten empfohlen. Viele Unternehmen in Deutschland schützen damit die Computer ihrer Mitarbeiter und auch im privaten Bereich werden VPNs immer beliebter.
Wir haben einige VPN-Anbieter getestet und können nur den kostenlosen Anbieter HIDE.IO empfehlen. HIDE.IO speichert keinerlei Daten die deine VPN Nutzung mit deiner Person in Verbindung bringen könnten. HIDE.IO wird bereits von mehr als 100.000 Internetnutzern verwendet um ihre Privatsphäre im Internet zu schützen, und es werden täglich mehr.

The free VPN by HIDE.IO is fast enough to browse the internet and visit my daily websites. I use the VPN by HIDE.IO for my onlinebanking and even when I buy something online. Safty first!


The Priest - for Sigma!

Hey folks!

Exam time is over, and now it´s time to paint again. I have two projects in these days: My Blood Bowl Team the Rusty Rotting Renegades* (here we have the last post of it) and today i started with a present for somebody that i stand very close. It's me! No, i'm not to much loved in my self but Siggi is the nickname for Siegmar and so it was time to star with a War Priest, or more the Priest of Sigma :)
The miniature is from Avatars of War (check this link) I realy like the minis of AoW, but the unfortunately the cast wasn´t very good. There were hard mold lines in the face and on the weapon arms. It was hard work to clean it. I think only after priming i can be sure, that i did a good job. My first idea was to keep the base very clean. Only paving tiles with a marble look. But than i saw the book at the priest hip. And this was the insparation to let him walk through a wild libary. I know that the papers are not flying physical correct, but i hope after painting it looks good enough :) Now i have to think about the colors of the priest. I wouldn´t use the usally colors like red at the rope and silver metalic parts. At the moment i think about gold NMM parts and a black rope, but it could change in the next days. Sometimes i have an unexpected impression^^
Okay, lets stop talking, here are some pics:

I wish you a nice week and feel free to let some coments here!

*Thanks again to Tuffskull for the name. I didn´t forget you ;)

In Progress - Dark Angels - Part IV

Its going on. I hope I can finished it next week.

The miniatures are not fixed on the base, its only for a test for the composition.

some impressions


there is so much to do, there has so much been done. But now I can show you some pics from my workbench, some pics I made those busy days.
At the moment I am workin on some Necrons, in a colorsheme I have never seen before(blue-gold). I am also workin on some Freebooters miniatures including a massive Dioramabase (30x50x30). Building up a Tyrael from DiabloIII in 40mm for a comissioner, and doin some stuff for the Duke of Bavaria competition in early May :)
So enjoy some of my pics, and be sure to hear some more from me until now ;) I am workin on some basing tutorials, form basics to high end basing, so stay tuned :)

read you soon :)


Deamon Prince Undivided

Heeeeeey there painteholics,

sllllooooowwwwly the Unleashed gets up from the Throne (Desk), leaving alone the horrific machine (Mac) that chained him to the ground for so long. Old Tasks are done ( Bachleor: Did it), old enemies defeated ( killed that wicked brush that nearly destroyed my last project). A new era awaits. The waiting is over. Katan, the Unleashed is back in the mix and shows you some footage of his latest project.

Ok `nough heroic blabla. I AM BAAAAAACK :D Also I will still be busy but I think i will find some time to post some projects here and then. And what better way then to kick it of with a decent big, bad Deamon Prince Undivided. My Customer said Tabletop Quality + and thats what he's getting. A ground solid Paintjob that will get some Ohhs and Ahhs on the Battlefield, nothing to fanzy, just a pretty damn cool Tabletop Mini, ready to lead the hordes of Chaos into Battle. Without any further blaaa, here are the pics:

Blood Bowl #1: The Teamname

Hello my freinds!

Last week i asked you to help me to find a name for my under construction nurgle blood bowl team. (HERE)

There were some very funny ideas e.g. 'Hell Caretakers', 'The Rotten Raiders' or 'Rotting Rüppels'. Thanks for that! But my first intuition gone to the recommendation of Tuffskull. So i decided to name them:

The Rotting Rusty Renegates

Thanks for that Tuffskull! Please send me your adress to :)
(btw: Check out his nearly daily updated cool blog under

What comes next? As i told you, i will do a small series about the growing of the team. There we have the football, the Big One, the players and the bases. I´m sure in the whole proccess could be more arise.
Before i asked you again something, here we have a small 'teaser' of the acctually status of the team, done at the 5-th-dimension gathering in Munich (klick Here):

Now it´s time to create a small an concisily story around them. My idea is that the half team are full grown demons or heralds of nurgle, and the other guys want´s to be it and are on the best way to mutate. Do you have some cool words or phrases to describe them? 

".... They would be famous, they are dirty and ready to kill some infidel creatures."
".... On their way to go to the great uncle, nobody should stop them!"
".... We adore the ugly big daddy, we love the game, we are ready to kill for it!"

If you have some cool ideas, let me know it in the comments! 

All the best


New tools for Dellolyn

Hello painters out there,

it starts with a small cleaning up work in my paintingroom...
...the result was a complete rebuild of two rooms, including my paintingroom :-( Till Easter the work should be done.
The remaining time I used to provide much-needed purchaisings. New tools for Dellolyn :-D

The most importend tool at first,my new Digicam! I decide the Fujifilm Finepix HS30EXN (256€ by Amazon), a very nice Bridgecam with a perfect Supermakro-mode.

The following tools I saw by differend painters we met at the painting weekend in Munich.

 The daylight lamp from Battlefield Berlin, you will never miss it.

The aero colorset from schminke including white, black, 
cyan, magenta, etc. (the bordercolors of the chromatic circle) and brasil brown.
I bought also the transparent white for priming.
Empty bottles from vajello for color decanting.
Airbrush fast clutch for fast switching of your airbrushguns.
Cleaning pot for my airbrush including a airbrush mount.
Two brushes by Winsor & Newton. One of them was a gift from Barfrau, "Thanks a lot my friend".

I'm glad to try my new tools, finsih my WIPs and start new projekts.
So hard for me to wait till my paintingroom is finished...

So long,Dellolyn.

In Progress - Dark Angels - Part III

The next pics from the base :). Now it have to dry, then I can finished the base.