Blood Bowl #1: The Teamname

Hello my freinds!

Last week i asked you to help me to find a name for my under construction nurgle blood bowl team. (HERE)

There were some very funny ideas e.g. 'Hell Caretakers', 'The Rotten Raiders' or 'Rotting Rüppels'. Thanks for that! But my first intuition gone to the recommendation of Tuffskull. So i decided to name them:

The Rotting Rusty Renegates

Thanks for that Tuffskull! Please send me your adress to :)
(btw: Check out his nearly daily updated cool blog under

What comes next? As i told you, i will do a small series about the growing of the team. There we have the football, the Big One, the players and the bases. I´m sure in the whole proccess could be more arise.
Before i asked you again something, here we have a small 'teaser' of the acctually status of the team, done at the 5-th-dimension gathering in Munich (klick Here):

Now it´s time to create a small an concisily story around them. My idea is that the half team are full grown demons or heralds of nurgle, and the other guys want´s to be it and are on the best way to mutate. Do you have some cool words or phrases to describe them? 

".... They would be famous, they are dirty and ready to kill some infidel creatures."
".... On their way to go to the great uncle, nobody should stop them!"
".... We adore the ugly big daddy, we love the game, we are ready to kill for it!"

If you have some cool ideas, let me know it in the comments! 

All the best


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  1. Hey,

    thank you. It is a honour, you choose my name!

    Regards Florian