The Priest - for Sigma!

Hey folks!

Exam time is over, and now it´s time to paint again. I have two projects in these days: My Blood Bowl Team the Rusty Rotting Renegades* (here we have the last post of it) and today i started with a present for somebody that i stand very close. It's me! No, i'm not to much loved in my self but Siggi is the nickname for Siegmar and so it was time to star with a War Priest, or more the Priest of Sigma :)
The miniature is from Avatars of War (check this link) I realy like the minis of AoW, but the unfortunately the cast wasn´t very good. There were hard mold lines in the face and on the weapon arms. It was hard work to clean it. I think only after priming i can be sure, that i did a good job. My first idea was to keep the base very clean. Only paving tiles with a marble look. But than i saw the book at the priest hip. And this was the insparation to let him walk through a wild libary. I know that the papers are not flying physical correct, but i hope after painting it looks good enough :) Now i have to think about the colors of the priest. I wouldn´t use the usally colors like red at the rope and silver metalic parts. At the moment i think about gold NMM parts and a black rope, but it could change in the next days. Sometimes i have an unexpected impression^^
Okay, lets stop talking, here are some pics:

I wish you a nice week and feel free to let some coments here!

*Thanks again to Tuffskull for the name. I didn´t forget you ;)


  1. looks great! love the base, what's the metal stuff used for the paper ?

  2. Thanks! It´s "Blechfolie". I don´t know how i could explain it in english, but is is stronger than alumimium foil, and i bought it in a hobby shop in Berlin.