Tutorial: Spiderwebs (video)

Hey painters out there,

I try my first video tutorial,spiderwebs like Malekith show us at our painting weekend in Munich. 

What do you need?
  • you need some toothpicks or similar
  • a fixed mini (because you need both hands)
  • and glue. (UHU is perfect for this, the one with black emblem)
Lets go!

You can do this as much as you like at the same place. SPIDERWEBS EVERYWHERE!!!

Have fun :-)


  1. Awesome! UHU blood and spider webs everywhere! I have to import it from the UK because I can't get it in Canada. Such versatile stuff though.

  2. Great idea! I definitely try this. :)

  3. I've found your website through CMON and I´m very impressed by your talent. I'm even more impressed by your love of this hobby as you promptly share cool tricks like this one. I live in Brazil and I´ve sucessfully created spiderwebs following your tutorial with some cheap styrofoam glue that I had in my workbench (UHU glue is not sold over here). Thank´s for sharing! Keep´em coming !!!

  4. Good video tutorial! I knew an other way using an airbrush and i think crackle medium but this is a far more controllable technique!