Epoch Studioz Tyranid Bitz Review

Hey there painteholics,

This time I wont come to you with a part of my Necron Armies on Parade Board. Because a new Bug Brother made its way through the digestion pool of our lovely tyranid fan board www.warpshadow.com. I was looking through the threads and BÄM it hit me like an adrenal glanded Tyrant on steroids: Some of the coolest bits I have seen in a pretty long time. If you dont believe me, check out the Epoch Studioz Homepage and dont forget to check out the shop section. Because these Bits are not only pretty usefull and top notch looking- they are pretty cheap,too. :)

Today I received my package loaded with godly gribblyness. Check out the pictures and be prepared for some new conversions in the future :D

BeeSPutty - the new sculpting mass!

Hey sculpting fans ,

and they who want get one ;-). Sculpting is also a part of our hobby like building a base, so I want to learn something more about this part. Till the Golden Demon I have no time for this, but I want to get ready to start till this date.

So I was very happy to read today about a new scuplting mass, BeeSPutty by Stefan Niehues.
But who knows more about then the contrivancer, here is his own presentation:

 ------------------------ quote ---------------------------

We are proud to have our BeeSPutty ready for sale. To celebrate this the first 50 cutomers who buy BeeSPutty will get an additional 80g prototype GRAY package for free. Our URL has changed, you can reach us via http://www.masqmini.com. (The old one will also work)

Also you can watch som vids where I use BeeSPutty, they could be found here

I hope you will have as much fun as I have sculpting in BeeSPutty...

If you have any questions just drop me a line...
Click the image to open in full size.
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Here some questions from other people answered by Stefan Niehues.

1. Wie oft kann ich die Figur in den Ofen stecken zwischen den Modellierzyklen? (How often can I bake the figure between the differend sculpting cycle?)
Ausprobiert habe ich selber 8, ohne Probleme...
(Just try, I do about 8 times without having a problem.)

2. Wird die modellierte Figur, wenn ich seit mehreren Tagen nicht mehr dran war, spröde oder reißt? (Do the sculpted mini get embrittle or crack if I don't work with it a few days?)

Nein das ist ja das neue daran, kann höchstens zustauben...
( No it dosn't, that's the new. It could only get dust on it.)

3. Oder warum sollte ich zu MS, ProCreate, Super Putty Firm, Greenstuff, Fimo etc. zurückgreifen wollen? (Is there a reason I want to fall back on MS, ProCreate, Super Putty Firm, Greenstuff, Fimo?)
 Also diese Masse ist vom Modellierer für den Modellierer gefertig worden. Das bedeutet es wurde auf gute Modelliereigenschaften geachtet. Bei Modelliermassen geht es viel um persönlichen Geschmack, die genannten Massen erfüllten meinen Geschmack teils gar nicht und teils nur bedingt...

(BeeSPutty is made by a sculpter for sculpters. That means I looked out for good sculpting characteristics. The personaly liking is important for a sculpting mass, the sculpting masses you have listed are not conform to my personaly liking.)

4. Lässt sich die Modelliermasse auch an der Figur glatt streichen mit Wasser am Werkzeug?( Can I smooth your sculpting mass at the miniature with water at my tool?)
Ja, aber besser eignet sich Vaseliene oder Melkfett wie für alle PVC Massen

( Yes, but you better use "vaseline" or "melkfett" like you use for other PVC masses.)

5. Wie ist die Figur nach dem aushärten? sehr hart, flexibel usw.? (Is the figure after baking flexible, very hard, etc.?)

 Nicht so hart wie 2K Massen, aber eine ausreichende zum Anmalen oder Abformen wird erreicht, ähnlich anderer PVC Massen mit ein wenig mehr Flexibilität (Minimal) (Not as hard as a 2k mass, but hard enough for painting or casting, like other PVC masses but a bit more flexible. (minimal)

Progress Report!

Good evening ladies and gents! I thought I'd give you an update on what I am working on at the moment, first up is the Dust Tactics Walker, progress on this guy has been alot slower than I was intending, mostly because I have given into a conversion itch I've had for a while, (keep yours eyes peeled for a new scratch build soon!). The red armour is nearly complete, at the moment I am still deciding which areas I want metallics and what areas I want to leave red, I've also been working on the base and its ready for some clear resin!


Since I have given in to the conversion itch I thought I'd put it to good use and make some progress on the Slann's throne.

I should have more progress soon!


WIP: Bikerstorm #3

Want to try the blogger app ;-) so here is my bikerstormbase primed.

Scale75 NMM tutorials

Hi guys,

today I found three tutorials from Scale75  about NMM at a blog I read regulary, Bottega Moderna

First I thought what a bad tutorial, but the result is amazing!
Have fun:

The last video you find here: NMM GOLD

Jeremie Bonamant Taboul Volume 1 (small preview)

Good morning,

today it's a very nice shiny day so I and my wife will went to town. As a small preview of the review of Jeremie Bonamant Tabouls Volume 1 here my first impressions.

After the first parts of the DVD I could say you will realy like the tutorials. Jeremie teaching his way to paint like a friend will show you some tricks; nice, accurate, friendly,  ... simple face-to-face.
You can choose French or English as DVD language, and also French, English, Spanish, Italian or German as Subtitel.

Pros: Jeremie speaks a very clear and easy understanding  English.
Cons: The subtitle would be shown very short time. For checking a vocabular you didn't know, it's ok. For read the whole text better use the break-button.

I looking forward to see the rest of the tutorial-DVD. The big review I will post after the weekend, here some small video preview from Jeremies page about the DVD Volume 1:

And for all who want more,here is Jeremies youtube site.

Circle of Fire - Part V

One week and an update :D. I hope I can finish the sculpting part in the next two weeks :).


Miniature painting DVD with Jeremie Bonamant Taboul

Hey tutorialfans,

I'm realy happy today because "IT" is hier!  Today the painting DVD "Volume 1" by Jeremie Bonamant Taboul arrived. I'm a big fan of tutorial-DVDs, becouse it is a "black hole" where I live refert to our hobby. After I read the review of the DVD "Volume 2" posted by Toolinger in german, (here another one by Kraan in english) I want it. I start with Volume 1, it's even better if you start with the first DVD of a compilation.

More about the DVD tomorrow,now I must look the first parts :-)

Sockets, sockets, sockets...

Hello my tinker friends,

Golden Demon Germany is near and there is so much to do,...
Yesterday I worked the hole day in my carpenter's workshop, here are some of the results. Hope you like them :-D
Socket 1: First the socket for my gunbot with enough place for a socketlabel.

Socket 2: This one is made for a cybot by Malekith, he like the contours discreet.

Socket 3: This one would carry a cybot by SkelettetS on his top.

 Socket 4:

 This lovely on is for one of my next projects, didn't know which figure/s or what kind of stile it would be...

Socket 5: This extraordinary piece asked Barfrau me to build, I'm very curious about the project too.

Socket 6: This socket for a terminatorbase was a try, no plan for this yet.

 Socket 7: And this nice one is for my project called "Lorelai" for the Brushbrothers/sisters contest 2013

Socket 8: And the last one is my baby :-D, "the Bikerstorm" socket.

 This sockets are not ready yet, they needed to be oiled and waxed but the store I buy my varnish and oils had to order them... so I have to wait... I hate waiting....

You can use this to tell us in the commends which socket you like or not. If you got an idea for another extraordinary piece or have you found one at the web send me a draft/link at dellolyn@5-th-dimension.com.

Have a nice sunday and enjoy happy painting.

The veteran (high quality)

Hey guys,

it`s time to take new high quality pictures of older projects. Every time I see my older projects at coolminiornot I'm very sad about that picture quality...


...now it`s time to go in the carpenter's shop and build some unique pieces. But tomorrow more about that.

Some finished projects

 On Zeus I will repaint something and if he has no mistakes I add him on cmon and putty&paint :).

And two shorter painted miniatures


And I updated my gallery, now you can see all my projects :). I know there are many, 2 sculpting and 9 painting :D.

Circle of Fire - Part IV

Its going on with my Tzeentch Demon Prince. I hope you like the progress :).

In Progress - Chaos Space Marines - Part I

I started with a little new project and I tested a tutorial from fantasygames.com.pl, are very interisting page. I hope you like the start :).

They Return! Miniatures Part II

Heyho painteholics,

Today I gonna show you the core of my "Armies on Parade" display. Of course I talk about the foot troops of any Necron Dynasty like Necron Warriors, Immortals and the Royal Court.

I have to admit that the quality of my scoring units are less impressive compared to elite units like the lychguard but after all I wanted to achieve a simple yet convincing colour sheme. Who ever wants to try this colour sheme will be happy to hear that there is a step by step tutorial on the way :)

Heute möchte ich euch den harten Kern meiner "Armies on Parade" Platte vorstellen. Ich spreche natürlich von Necron Kriegern und Extinktoren sowie andere Fußtruppen wie der Herrscherrat und seine Lords und Kryptomanten. 

Ich muss zugeben, dass die Qualität der breiten Masse etwas gegenüber elitären Einheiten wie der Leibgarde leidet. Ich wollte ein möglichst schnelles und gut aussehendes Schema konzipieren und das ist es dann auch geworden. Ein detailliertes Step By Step Tutorial wird es noch in den kommenden Wochen geben. :) 

When it comes to the royal court, every player has the same problem: There is only one official model which isnt representing any special court member. I needed two Harbingers of Storm and two Harbingers with a Chronometrum. Later on I decided to paint a Lord with a Ressurection Orb and Converted my own version of Vargard Obyron.

Wenn es um den Herrscherrat geht hat jeder Spieler das gleiche Problem: Es gibt ganz genau 1 Modell seitens GW. Was tun? Umbauen natürlich. Ich brauchte zwei Boten des Sturms und zwei Boten mit Chronometrum. Später kam noch ein Lord mit Regenerator Sphäre und ein Eigenbau von Vargard Obyron hinzu.  

Maybe you remember the poster I uploaded a couple of posts ago. It said: Join the Revolution. The Necron Gentlelord with the infamous Necron Mustache asked you to support his Dynasty. Since then the word spread and we had a lot of fun while preparing some promotional posters. Here is the first poster out of a series, which will be posted in the next weeks and months until the "Armies on Parade" Event.

Vielleicht erinnert ihr euch noch an das Poster, welche ich vor einiger Zeit hochgeladen habe. Darauf stand: Join the Revolution. Der sympathische Necron Gentlelord mit dem berüchtigten Necron Schnauzer bat euch um eure Unterstützung für seine Dynastie. Seit dem hat sich das Ganze wie ein Lauffeuer verbreitet und die Necrons konnten berühmte, schnauzbärtige Persönlichkeiten für sich gewinnen. Wir hatten eine Menge Spass bei der Bearbeitung der Posterserie die hier nun Stück für Stück, bis zum "Armies on Parade" Event veröffentlicht wird. 

See you all soon,