They Return! Armies on Parade Necron Board DETAILS!

Hey there painteholics,

In my last Post I showed you the first impressions of my Armies on Parade Project "Return of the old Gods" Since then I got some mails from followers, replies in forums and advice from friends that I should show some detail photos, since the bulk of things to discover is pretty loaded :) So after all here are some Detail Shots of the still WIP Board. Some areas could look a little empty since final details are still in work. When the Board is finally finished there will be some final shots but this will tale time until the semester is over :D

In meinem letzten Post habe ich euch erste Eindrücke meines Armies on Parade Projektes "Rückkehr der alten Götter" gezeigt. Seitdem habe ich viele Rückmeldungen von Followern, Beiträgen in Foren und Freunden bekommen und alle waren ganz klar der Ansicht ich sollte euch ein paar Detail Photos zeigen, da der Detailgrad auf der Platte doch recht hoch ist :) Und so sind hier jetzt ein paar Detailphotos der Platte die immer noch in Arbeit ist. Manche Stellen könnten etwas leer wirken, da manche Kleinigkeit noch in Arbeit ist und noch auf meiner Werkbank liegt :) Wenn die Platte entgültig fertig ist wird es auch noch mehr Bilder geben aber das muss warten bis das Semester zu Ende ist :D


Detail Pictures
Necrons Armies on Parade

WIP: Lorelei #1

Hey painters out there,

concurrent to the bikerstorm project for the golden demon I paint the "Lorelei" for the Brushbrothers & Sisters Contest 2013:

The story of the Lorelei is short. A beautiful woman sitting on the top of a cliff and singing. She sings so beautiful that the seamans come along lost there freewill and jumping into the flooding to get to her and diing in the eddy near the cliffs... she is:

stay tuned ;-)

They Return! Armies on Parade Necron Board FIRST PICS!

Heeey there painteholics,

Study is keeping my time schedule tight but after all i wanted to show you the very first impressions of a nearly finished armies on parade board! The Name of the whole project is "Return of the old Gods". The Board shows an old and cryptic ruin of a pyramid. The native tribe living here worshipped their old Gods since Äons, praying to their Statues and knowing they would return one day. Now the time has come and the old Gods of the ancestors have arrived!

Mein Studium macht sich immer noch deutlich auf meinem Terminkalender bemerkbar und doch wollte ich euch heute die ersten Bilder meiner fast fertigen Armies on Parade Platte zeigen. Der Name des Projektes lautet "Rückkehr der alten Götter" Die Platte zeigt eine kryptishe Stufenpyramide und die Ankunft der Götter, die die Eingeborenen schon seid Äonen anbeten. Nun ist der Tag gekommen und die Götter ihrer Urahnen sind zurückgekehrt! 


Grot Fighter, Progress! Finally!

 Remember this little guy? I showed a quick picture of him in my first post here, he is a project I started last August with the intention of creating something fun and derpy, unfortunately he has fallen foul to more serious projects, but with GDDE literally around the corner I have decided to get him finished along side the Slann.

At the moment I am adding details to the plane, increasing contrast and starting to tidy and smooth things up. The work on the base is still quite early yet, I still need to define the rocks more, increase the variation in tone and also add a orange sand/pigment layer on the bottom. Really glad am gettin back into this guy!


Wonderlands Project miniatures

Hello again ;-)

got a nice package today. Our good friend Siggi aka Barfrau send my a very nice letterpost.

This are two miniatures by Wonderlands Project. First the bust KATTR' 42mm, resin , sculpted by Sam Rats, limited 200 exemplares! (a big surprise for me,my first bust and I like it :-D ). The second one is TIA 30mm, resin, sculpted by Olivier Bouchet, limited 200 exemplares! (...and my figure for the Brushbrothers &-sisters Contest 2013 ).

Thank you Siggi, you made my day fella!

Figure Art by Raffaele Picca & Roman Lappat

Good morning folks,

yesterday was a very very nice day for me. Can't get the smile out of my face. Yesterday was the day the Figure Art book by Raffaele and Roman arrived!

I cleand my whole workbench for this pictures. Don't pollute the holy bible of painting art ;-)

The project artbook wasn't planned in those giant degree they wrote at So the whole project needed much more time they thought at the beginning. I only could say, it was worth the wait!!!
Here some examples of the book Figure Art;

 It starts with some incipient words and a small description of Roman by Raffael and Raffaele by Roman. (signed by them too) It was very interesting to read how they describe each other.

The book is splitted in different chapters, every chapter start with a explanation what the following pictures would be (for example the scale with a 1:1 sketch for better understanding)

Every picture is in a amazing quality and every miniature followed a note by the painter with informations what he thought painting the mini or how he get the idea to paint/sculp this piece.

A second example of a figure I realy like in large scale.

There is so much more in! I'm very proud about to be a small part of this project as supporter (and the first time I read my name on a "thank you page") But they do much more than that!

Because of the big demand Raffaele and Roman creat a second book in addition to the Figure Art book.: The Documentary Book.
This strech goal is amazing! Some of the things you can read and see here is idea and start of my favorite mini of Raffaele "Visions of Hatred - Demon Price"

...also a realy interesting chapter is the step by step of the whole work of the "Untold Honor" diorama (slayersward germany 2012)

Soooo, I like to say THANK YOU ROMAN and RAFFAELE! You have done a "terrific work"! I'm looking forward to met you two at gamesday germany and some of your workshops too.

And for those of you who want to get the Figure Art book two,I asked where you could get an example.
Fife pieces could be buyed at

Circle of Fire - Part VII

So, the sculpting part is ofer :D! I started in December last year.
Endlich ist Umbau fertig :D! Angefangen habe ich im Dezember letzen Jahres.

Every year a new monster :).
Jedes Jahr ein neues Monster.

2011 Morathi,  2012 Nagash and 2013 Tzeentch Demon Prince

And here the pics :). I hope you like it. If you found something that I should change please tell me soon. I will start with the painting on sunday.
Und hier die Bilder. Ich hoffe er gefällt euch. Falls ihr noch Vorschläge hättet was ich ändern sollte bitte sagt es mir bald. Ich will am Sonntag mit der Bemalung beginnen.


Best Regards