Progress on the Slann continues!

Good morning folks, first off I want to give a big ta la* to Julius, his dayglow pigment set arrived yesterday! He priority mailed them to me like a complete and utter boss! So yesterday was partially spent playing about with the pigments, finding the balance between acrylic binder, pigment and thinner, the rest of the day I spent getting some quality painting time in!

Below you'll find pictures of the current progress on the Slann, I took these last night to lob up on my Facebook album and realised I haven't actually posted detailed pictures of the Slann on here so I thought I'd rectify that! I have mostly been focusing on his right arm and hand, smoothing out the colour transition whilst keeping tonal interest, iv started to add the OSL to the palm of the hands, that still needs some work, I have also been deepening the shadows around the model with a dark blue.

The last think I am going to mention is his eyes, I left them till last because I really don't what I think about em, I was aiming for something high contrast that would really stand out and using the dayglow pigments I've achieved that, but I can't help feelings its a little too intense for him, also, it kinda makes him look a little psychotic, which, might be a good think... or then again maybe not! :P
I am going to return to the eyes today smooth the out and sharpen up the iris'
Let me know, do think the eyes are too much, or do you think they are spot on?


*the phrase 'ta la', is actually Scouse**, translated into English it means thank you friend
** Scouse is the native language spoken by the people of Liverpool, the best northern city in England, it has Celtic, English and Nordic influences.

How to sculpt a belt


after a weekend of preprepre GD painting madness, some motivation deeps and of course heat as hot as hell I decided to share my first try of sculpting a leather belt with you.

Lets go:

first u need GreenStuff, your sculpting tools, some NIVEA cream, or every other greasy cream, something u can sculpt on, some toothpicks, somethign to roll out the GreenStuff, a knife, a drybrush brush and some superglue.

Now you mix some GS, and put on some NIVEA cream on your sculptingpad, to be sure that the GS will not cling on it after sculpting has finished.
Levigate the cream, and roll the GreenStuff to a little roll. After that, put it on the pad and use a little tube or something like that, to roll it out to make it flat. Control the size, to be sure, it will not be too thick.
Now you can add some scratches and usingmarks, to let it look a bit older. Use your drybrush for that.

Hint: scratch fast over the GS, and the marks will be very flat
        scratch slow over the GS, and the marks will be deeper
Now wait for about an hour or two, to let the GS dry a bit. When it is dry enough, u can cut out your thin strips. That will be your belt. When u cut into the GS, and it gets deformated, its not dry enough. wait a bit longer ;)
Now you have to wait until its completely dry.
Small hint here:
Take your time to let it dry. Do not put it into the oven XD
So, new GS is made, and it´s dry. so start seperating the strips. when u worked good with the cream, u can put them off very easy.

Cut out your beltparts now. I used the typical form for it.
OK, now it gets really tricky. It´s time for the belt-buckle. Use some wire, I used 0,25mm, and bend it in a typical form. Use a tang for it, to et realistic edges.
Now use the straight cutted part of the GreenStuff strip, and glue it on. roll the GS over it and glue it on also. just like a real belt.

Take the other part of the belt now, and drill some holes in it. Glue th etwo parts together. But be carefull to put the drilled holes in the right position. U have to be able to add the small stick into the buckle on the right place
OK, now the smallest part of the buckle has to be added. The small stick that holds the belt together. Use the wire again, and fix it with superglue. breething, breething, stop breething aaaaaaand fixed ;)
OK, last step:
cut out two more strips. they will be rolled around the balt, to fix the overlaying part. Unfortunatelly there is no pic of it glued on, but you can see it in the final pic

And here is the result. To get a feeling for the size, I added a 1cent coin next to the belt.

I think its a pretty simple technic with anice result. Hope you like it. :)

Over and Out


Pre-GD update!

Its two weeks left to GD and well, have to say im actually finished with my entries. I have a Unit 40k, a fantasy monster and a 40k vehicle ready for action. For more or less daily information you can join my just recently created site at facebook; Skelettet S Minis.

40k Unit, actually not blue but pink horrors. just finished these suckers the other day

Whfb monster, the toad and the rider. can be watches closer in the gallerie of the Golden Vinci online contest. although, it has been pimped with paper plants, mosquitoes and fruit flies. kindly donated body parts.

i also have the contemptor for 40k vehicle, which also could be shown in the Golden Vinci gallery. It got a new plinth (yeah i know the other one sucked, it was an emergency solution at the point i had to register it for the competition) many thanks to dimension member Michael!

so what to do now... two weeks til GD any everything finished? noting to do? that cant be... oh emptyness...

Found this model in my mini box. It has to do for a short project the last days. no panic, just for fun. it however is an "old" finecast so its nowhere near perfect. prep job is going to be half the job here...

i also pimped my transport box a little. felt kind of akward to carry around a box that looked like something you tranport bombs in.

over and out folks, hope to see many of you in KÖLN!

A Small Update on the Slann Diorama

Hiya folks!

I thought it was about time I gave you a little update on the Slann diorama, I've been grinding away on a few bits and pieces, grind painting isn't something I usually do, I always try to break up the boring, grindy bits with some fun stuff, on this project the fun bits would be the flames, the gems and the osl, but I haven't been able to work on them because am still waiting on the Forged Monkey dayglow pigments I ordered, it looks like the Post Office has conspired to misplace the package, luckily for me, my white knight Mr Juli Artfist has came to the rescue and has posted me out the full set, I'll receive them sometime next week and ill finally be able to breath some life into this project!

The bits I have been working on are the metallics, the right side of the Slann and generally tightening things up on him (her, it, idk!), the column is 85% finished, I've been adding more reddy brown washes to the rocks to help maintain the colour harmony, plants have been added, many more will follow, I've been increasing the light/dark contrast on the throne (although you cant really see it in the pictures *shakes fist in mild irritation*), the waterfalls have been progressing, am quite confident I'll get a really cool, realistic effect (the last picture is the result I achieved from Christian Petit's synthetic fibre and resin technique, will be very useful for splashes), although I'll have to wait until the throne is totally painted before I can get stuck in to the water effects!

So not quite the rapid progress I'd like, a few more brandy and brush nights ill be back on track, hopefully next time I post Slann progress I'll have lots of shiny saturated gems, flames and OSL to show ya!


5th Dimension Team Shirts!

Hey there painteholics,

Finally the 5th Dimension Crew has some Shirts to represent us at Events and Cons around the World. :D Yesterday, my Girlfriend and me printed all day long to get our Shirts ready for Games Day germany in cologne. All shirts are handcrafted screen prints and will be given to all 5th Dimension members at Games Day's Pre Dinner. While in the making, I took some shots of the printing process. Take a long at the production.

They return! Armies on Parade takes Home the Gold!

Hey there painteholics,

WE did it! The voting is over and "The return of old Gods" takes home the Gold medal and goes on to Games Day Germany 2013 in cologne. Thanks to everyone who voted and see you all at the Games Day for the finals. :)

Geschafft! Der Vorentscheid ist vorbei und meine Platte "The return of old Gods" wurde mit der Goldmedaille ausgezeichnet. Nun geht es am 11. August nach Köln zum Games Day 2013. Danke für eure Votes und Unterstützung. Vlt trifft man sich ja auf dem Games Day zum großen Finale :)

After all, of course there were some other display boards. Here are some pictures of the other entries for the AOP Challenge. Two times Chaos Space Marine and an Ultramarine Stronghold. Check it out :)

Natürlich gab es noch andere tolle Beiträge und Platten. Hier sind nun ein paar Fotos der anderen AOP Platten. Zwei Chaos Space Marine Platten und ein Ultramarine Stützpunkt. Hier die Bilder: