correct sitting position while painting

Hey painting freaks,

You all know that a correct posture while painting is very important! Every painter has his own way to find a comfortable sitting position. But most of the painters get dorsal pain after painting a longer time and furthermore, their is a chance to get problems with your intervertebral disks.
I'm a painter, who connect his heels of hands to the table to get a better stability, but a normal table is build to connect to the albows.
I thought about how I can resolve this problem. While I was searching the web I found some ideas but they were mostly not very helpful. After all, here is my solution for this problem. table has feet you can drill up and down to get a stabil standing.

This is one of the feets.

To lift the table up I extended the feets about 15cm and coverd the screw with plastic pipes normally used to hide electric cable.

The actually high.

As you can see it is a nearly perfect sitting position for me.
I have to say "nearlly" because 5cm higher would be the perfect hight. Because the table is hard and I'm a softy ;-) this 5cm would be enough space for my new heel of hand deposition. I bought one that is normaly used for people working in an office.
Have a nice time painting without pain ;-)


  1. Your rather poor English makes the article a pain to read for me, I'm afraid...

    On the upside, it's nice to see you present some improvement methods for our working spaces. Thanks for that.

  2. Sorry, I really have to improve my English. But I hope you could understand what I want to say with the post.

    1. It's not that bad that one would have problems understanding it, but there are simply lots of (silly) mistakes. Try reading books in English and watch series and movies in English, it'll help you a lot!

      And again, good article, though!

  3. Thanks very much, great idea and made me take a little more notice of my positioning whilst sat at my painting desk!

    English is my first language and I found it readable, great article.

  4. Fixed the worst language issues :P