Gamesday 2013 Cologne Part2

 Good morning painters,

time for part 2;
Painters around the world on the way to the gamesday...

...first painters arrive...

Very interesting workshop with Ben Komets

very easy but brilliant plinth (left)

...awesome entries...

...really nice unit painted by SkelettetS!

Really like this,... SkelettetS you are brilliant!
Very nice paintjob.

Who can find TheArtfinger... aehm... TheArtfist! ;-)


You did it man!

Congrats CrazyWenky!

Ben and Michael from
Here he is! Congrats Roman, you really deserved the sword!!! *thumbs up*

  C'tan from fantasygames, it was a pleasure for me to meet you! He is my favorit painter,really love your painting stil.

You will understand the judges if you have seen it.

This was also a very cool idea and nice paintjob too. see them come, run run run...

...the crazy guys ;-) ...

Painters around the world stand together!

It was a awesome time, I'm looking forward to meet you all again at the next competitions, perhaps gamesday 2014!

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