Some events, part 1... Hussar, Poland


Well, it has been a few busy weeks until now, after the Euromilitaire show in UK I instantly started to prepare for the next upcoming show, Hussar! This is very much thanks to my friend Adam aka LOLER who pretty much talked me into it. So, as I always loved the little grot tanks from Forgeworld I thought it would be a perfect job to fit the timeframe. So, as they only sell pack of four, pretty expensive, I required one tank thanks to another Adam- Parkhouse, who’s bits box is starting to become pretty famous ;)

So I got the tanks done, but it wasn’t the pleasant experience I was hoping for. I got an inflammation in both my forearms two weeks before the competition which I strongly suspect was the result of bad ergonomic at work and hobby. I wasn’t able to close my hands when it was the worst. But, at least I managed to paint the tank in time. And luckily, it paid off at the end (hope to get some professional photos of the tank soon) 

So I was heading for Poland and the Hussar show. As the air connections Sweden – Poland is pretty much fu*ked up, best way of travel was strangely enough to Wroclaw instead of Warsaw, at least from Gothenburg. This made this trip pretty massive. Thankfully I had good company by Loler and his brushbrother ( ) friend Piotrek 'Dexter' really great guys, great hospitality. I should have taken more pictures though. Why didn’t I ?? D’oh!

Well at the event, I was really blown away by the quality of basically every entry. This show held a standard well matching this year’s German GD. Polish guys are craaazy when it comes to painting freehand! For more reading about the event I recommend Klaus Dorn’s report at Raumschmiede, . it also contains links to images etc.

It was awesome to meet the Polish folks, The Russians, Klaus and mr Painting Buddah of of course, and everyone else i forgot. To summon the award ceremony in one word, Klaus describes it the best. “WooOOOOoooOOooottTTttTT????” I was received a gold in large miniature with my Rhinotaurus mini, honorable with the horrors and a bronze with the grot tank… and a bloody hussar sword for best in show!

Needless to say, its my finest recognition and best moment as a miniature painter so far. Not sure how to top this! Still schocked and surprised though, but happy happy happy! :)

The evening was ended with a nice afterparty and after-afterparty at Bohun’s place, unfortunately I had to split pretty early because of the non-ultimate travel plans. Try to figure out better ones next year for sure. Have to say though that the whole polish experience was a little bit shaded with a kind of terrible trip back to Sweden. A late cancelled flight and a new one taking forever, I can only thank Loler again for the hospitality. But all in all, a great time in Poland thanks again to all people at Hussar. I totally recommed this event and I will definitely try to go next year.

Now, some time to relax before I hit the next projects. Guess ill be heading for crystal brush in usa next spring, so have to make some plans...  hmm...

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The Wedding Present - Lovely, Lovely Progress!

Hello everyone! After a couple of weeks of being incredibly busy I've finally managed to carve out some time to get back to my wedding present project! It still needs some tweaking but for the most part the painting and ground work are done, all that's left is to sculpt the figures that will sit on the whale's nose.


Different Styles, Different Colors, One Family! THE GOBLIN ARMY WANTS YOU!

Hey folks,
Hey Leute,

it's time for the first update and a expansion of our community project. What should I say?
es ist Zeit für das erste Update und eine Erweiterung unseres Community Projekts. Was soll ich sagen?

The goblin army wants YOU!
Die Goblinarmee will DICH!

For the presentation of the project (when it's finished) we want to print a big backround picture full of different painted goblins, the more the merrie! 
Für die Präsentation des Projektes (wenn es dann fertig ist) wollen wir ein großes Hintergrundbild voll mit verschiedenen Goblins drucken, um so mehr um so besser!

So, let us make the project global!!!
Lasst uns das Projekt hinaus in die Welt tragen!!!

Send us a picture of your goblin with name and the land you are come from (you can paint it just for this or send us a picture of a goblin you paint in the past). Send the picture to
 Sendet uns ein Bild eures Goblins mit Namen und eurem Herkunftsland (ihr könnt es extra für das Projekt bemalen oder einen Goblin fotografieren den ihr in der Verganenheit bemalt habt). Sendet uns das Bild an or

And don't think your miniature is to bad, every goblin is a enrichment!
Und denkt nicht eure Miniatur sei zu schlecht, jeder Goblin ist eine Bereicherung!

We will post some of the pictures you send us random in the next post (if you want to with your nickname). Some of the painters we ask to paint us a goblin are members of a nice small forum some of you will know by older posts of us, BrushBrothers&Sisters.
Wir werden einige eurer Bilder dann zufällig ausgewählt in unseren zukünftigen Post zeigen(wenn ihr das wollt gerne mit eurem Nickname). Einige Maler die wir gefragt haben einen Goblin für unser Projekt zu bemalen sind Member in einem kleinen Forum das einige von euch vielleicht schon von früheren Posts von uns kennen, BrushBrothers&Sisters.

 Here is a link to a post where they post there WIPs of there goblins.
Hier ist ein Link zu dem Sammelpost wo sie ihre WIPs der goblins zeigen.

Help us to let the goblin army grow, join our project and be a part of the
Helft uns das die Goblin Armee wächst, seid ein teil des

U.S. Green Beret Day 4

Today didn't happen much. It's sunday and I took a free day. Mostly ;)

So basework went on and I added some farerdetails to the wall. Only pics this time.

Thats it for today, tomorrow will be some Milliputwork on the wall.


U.S. Green Beret Day 3

Today the basework started.

I want him to be finished, to clear the situation in a house, where enemies were in. He just walked out the door to tell his fellows to come after him.

So the idea is a wall of a house in oriental style, with a door and a window in it. A window? Why does there have to be a window?
I found an amazing looking necklace, which fits perfect in the oriental style. Look at it.

So first things first. I took a sheet of plasticcard (thanks to mortimer who brought them for free to Edersee 2013 meeting. Love u buddy)

Than I used a pencil to draw the position and the shapes of the door and the window.

Before cutting all out I tried if it works together with the mini

Not too big, not to small, I liked it, and cutted all out.

To get a massive wall, I wanted to use Stewalin, which is a mixture of ceramic and gypsum.
To get this, I built a castingform, where I could fill in the Stewalin.

Unfortunatelly there is no pic of the finished form, but just close it from every side, use superglue to be sure that every angle is absolutely closed.

When its done, use stewalin and fill it up.

And the result after opening

Now I took my wooden socket by Vlado aka BigPandaV who makes amazing sockets. Just hold your eyes open.
To get a bit more height on the socket, and I made a castingform round the socket.

Than I filled it with stewalin too.

To conect the house part and the socket, I drilled two holes into the wall.

To get the exact position of the holes on the socket, I covered the holes with a thick layer of black paint, and stamped it on the socket. Be sure that the color is still wet, and pretty thick.

Now holes were drilled, and toothsticks will hold the two parts together.

Tryout if it looks good
 Thats it for today.
More to come soon


U.S. Green Beret Day 2


today I built the mini up, and did some extrawork.

So lets see what happened here:

First step was to look really really close to find some small moldlines. And I did. But I could clean them all pretty easy with some sandpaper.

After that was finished, I started to put those metalholder on the boots away, to get a clean look, and to be able to drill a hole for the stick which will connect the Mini with the socket later.

After. That everything was glued together. All parts fit absolutely perfect. A pleasure to build minis like that

Ok, now the headset is on its turn. I didnt like the headset which was in the box, caus it looks very plump, and way to big for the face.

I cuted it in two pieces and glued the bottom part where it belongs, the ear.

I took some wire and bended it till it fited exactly to the face. Some greenstuff was sculpted around the end of the wire, e voila, a new headset is born :)

I also dont like the arms of him, so i sculpted a tshirt.

After I looked some time at the mini, the position of the weapon looked a bit unrealistic, cause in my opinion a M16 Gun is a bit to heavy to care it like that, without a carrying strap. So I built one.

Thats it for today.

Tomorrow will the base be started. Stay tuned.