Second 5th Dimension Workshop with Katan REVIEW!

Hey there painteholics,

The second 5th Dimension Workshop took place last weekend at the Spielbar Trier. And what a nice little Workshop it was. I will try to give you some insights on what it was like, what we did and what the results of my students were. I for myself learned, that not matter how many adapters you have, the beamer uses another one xD But I already ordered the right one so we can have a better presentation next time :D Nonetheless everybody did a great job and ended up with a cool miniature. :D
I was supported by Michael, a fellow 5th Dimension brother, who helped out here and there, did great photography and he was also the one who supported the Workshop with a great set of sockets! Thanks to Michael for that. You helped me out big time dude ;D

Lets get started!
After a very short night I arrived at the Spielbar at 9.30 in the morning. Some students were already here and so we started to get to know each other and to prepare our working spaces for the next two days. As the clock reached 10.00, everybody had arrived and was preparing to get started.

We started with a short introduction and everybody could tell why he or she is here and what his or her motivations are. Due to a better reading experience I will, from here going forward, just use the masculine form of "he". I know you will understand that Emelie :)

After getting to know the motivations of the painters, we started with getting the minis unpacked and cleaning the sprues from mold lines and stuff. Getting to know miliput juice and all the little secrets about cleaning a miniature :P After all, everybody was ready to get the mini primed and ready to go.

After all, Valentin arrived. He attended my first Workshop and decided to do a little basing action this time. So we decided to build a cool Jungle Base for his Lizardmen Bastilodon. With every chaos mage primed, we had our first theory part about lights and contrast. Before starting to finally get our hands on the miniatures it was break time and everybody swarmed out to get something do eat. Most of us decided to go to a good old chinese all you can eat restaurant just to find the place overrun with people like I never saw this place before. After some waiting time and the buffet, everybody was send home happy. So lunch was over -  lets start the painting madness! 

Painteholics running wild!
lets keep it short and simple: two hardcore painting days to come! The main topic I wanted to teach was my go at the Wet in Wet technique, because I paint nearly everything wet in wet. After many Workshops I attended myself, I developed my own technique combining elements of wet and wet and normal blending. It was essential to teach this step right, since all other topics are influenced by this technique. I think I will focus even more on this part in my next workshop. We looked at topics such as Wood, TMM Silver and Gold, leather, Flesh and other topics such as effects, OSL, blood, dirt, battle damage, freehands etc. 

But enough talk for now, lets have a look at the painting process and the pretty cool results. Some students developed such a great colour composition that I fear the pictures does not do them justice. Enjoy the show :D

Get together!
After all it was a nice weekend, full of painting, laughing, just having a good time. I think everybody could take home something and everybody ended up with a cool Chaos Mage, tons of new input about basing stuff, paiting theory and effects. Keep practising Wet in Wet. Its not the easiest technique to learn, but if you manage to get behind it, its a really satisfying way of painting. I hope everybody had a good time and we will see each other again. Maybe on another workshop, maybe at a future painting event or some of you even on a local tournament. :D I want to close this Review with the last batch of photos including our group shot. Thanks to all and stay painteholics :D


  1. It was a very interesting and helpful workshop. I learnd a lot about details, painting faces and baseeffects.
    It was a nice group. Interessting ideas, nice people and a great time. Thanks for this to all who where with us and especially to Simon aka Katan.

  2. I really enjoyed the workshop! Nice memories.