Tyranids are coming - and Daggoth will rise again!

Hey there painteholics,

Long time no read. I am pretty much into my studies but I try to find some time working on this and that. I am pretty much focussed on tabletop painting right now since I don't have the nerves for high quality precision painting after 10 to 12 hours of study stuff. So I just take my brushes here and there to calm down and find back to the hobby when my mac and all the studying getting on my nerves. As I am a total tyranid nerd this is a pretty exciting time. Rumors are flying in by the minute and facts are mixing up with total wish listing. But that is what I love about a new release - the weeks and weeks beforehand trying to figure out some rules, waiting for the first pics to drop by. I have to say that I was less interested in the models than in the new codex itself. I think I am more in the player mode right now. While this is more of an painting blog- the games behind all the miniatures are also a part many people care about. I don't know if I find the time but I try to post some pictures of new miniatures in the next months. I may also put in some battle reports for those hobbyists out there who focus more on the gaming part.

Right now I am getting my Hive Fleet Daggoth ready for the new codex. Cleaning up some broken paint etc. I also painted some miniatures I like but actually never played due to bad rules etc. I finished three Lictors and Old One Eye for example. Here are the pictures of these models.

While the release of codex tyranids is just some weeks away I looked at my conversions of the harpy which will finally see a model in this release. While I will probably still going to buy the new kit I will still field my two ladies. Here are some pics of my go at the tyranid harpy. Maybe I will play them as one of the new choices, either a harpy or as a Hive crone. 

And with all the big things going on due to escalation and stronghold assault I looked at what I could field as a Lord of war but unfortunately I do not yet own an harridan. But I have a nice parade of big creatures sitting in waiting to get to the battlefield again. And who knows if I can get my hands on an harridan model or if I decide to do my own conversion. I never tried to sculpt something that big - maybe I will give it a try in the future. :D 

I wanna close this post with some of my ongoing projects. I am working on another two Mawlocs to play in apocalypse and I am working on a special creature I titled Terviphant. The inspiration comes
( of course) from star craft two`s Swarmhost. It shall work as a creature for api games I write my own ruleset for. Its unfinished and I still need an idea for his front legs but here are the pics :D 

++ Project: Terviphant - Hive Fleet Daggoth - DNA-Strain: Tervigon - Danger Class: Alpha ++

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Good morning everybody!

Christmas bells are ringing, you see can see candle lights in every house, the whole family meet at one place,and all together are just happy...

IT'S 24th Dezember !!!

In germany it's tradition to open the christmas-presents not before 20:00pm.
Because the christmas mess is a short time earlier. So,I have to wait...
As a small amusement you can read a bit the following:

***Painting Budhhas Adventskalende***
Painting Buddha Adventskalender
Painting Buddha Adventskalender
Painting Buddha Adventskalender
Painting Buddha Adventskalender
Painting Buddha Adventskalender
Every door a chance to win, just take a look.
(yes,there are only 21 doors,because its the half of 42 and 42 is the answer of everything ;-) )
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Merry Christmas 
a Happy New Year 2014!

At last Chuck Norris will say something to you...

WIP: orctruck #2 (step by step)


here is the step by step how I build up the armour colour of the orctruck.
It is a similar way like Pascal show me on a workshop, the way like he build up the yellow on his 40k unit that win gold on Goldem demon germany 2012.
hier zeig ich euch eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung wie ich die Panzerung meines Orctrucks bemalt habe. Es ist ähnlich der Anleitung die mir Pascal in einem seiner Workshops vermittelt hat, der gleiche Weg den er genutzt hat um seine 40k Einheit zu bemalen die beim Golden Demon Deutschland 2012 Gold gewonnen hat.

This are the colours I use for the yellow armour.(hier die farben für das gelb)

I will show you my way at this two barrel. I prefer a 2k priming, not too dark.
Ich will euch meinen Weg an diesen beiden Fässern auf der Base zeigen. Ich bevorzuge einen 2k Grundierung, und diese nicht zu dunkel.

 The I start with a opaque (ca.70%) layer of doombull brown (similar scorched brown GW old)...
Die erste Farbschicht ist eine ca. 70% deckende mit Doombull Brown. (ähnlich dem scorched brown der alten GW farben)

 ...then I spray layers of Negro Black in the shadows. (you can also use GW black,but it's harder to spray with the airbrush.
Als zweites kommt einen dünne Farbschicht Negro in die Schatten ( du kannst genau so Chaos Black von GW verwenden, ich finde es mit Negro allerdings einfacher.)

 Next step is a transparent layer of skrag brown (similar bestial brown GW old).
Anschließend einen halb transparente Farbschicht skrag brown, ähnlich der alten GW farbe scorched brown.

Before I spray the yellow, I spray the highlights with transparent white by Schmincke. It is the same white that I use for the 2k priming. The  advantage of this white compared a white by GW or vajello is, that this white is not opaque. you can spray a long time at the same place to build up the transition. So you get a perfect smooth surface.
Bevor ich nun das Gelb sprühe kommt erst eine Schicht transparent weiß von Schmincke auf die hellsten Stellen. Das ist das gleiche Weiß das ich auch für die 2K Grundierung verwende. Der Vorteil dieser Farbe gegenüber der Weiß von GW zum Beispiel ist das sie nicht 100% deckt. Ich kann also sehr lange auf ein und die selbe Stelle sprühen ohne das ich die anderen Farbschichten komplett überdecke. So bekommt man einen sehr feinen, sauberen Übergang hin.

Then its Time for the yriel yellow. Like the other steps I spray it 50% transparent, so it dosn't cover the shadows completly.
Dann ist die Zeit für das yriel yellow. Wie schon bei den anderen Farbschichten sprüh ich es ungefähr 50% transparent das die Schattierungen nicht ganz überdeckt werden.

To get a nice contrast on the miniature to work better in a small scale I choose a light blue as second colour. A good help for this is the colour weel, I use the one by Küppers. The coulers that stands compared are the complementary colours (highest contrast). 
Um einen schönen Kontrast hinzubekommen der in kleinem Maßstab gut wirkt wähle ich als zweite Farbe ein helles Ice Blue. Eine große Hilfe um die für sich passende Farbe auszuwählen ist der Farbkreis von Küppers. Farben die sich im Farbkreis gegenüber liegen sind zueinander komplimentär, also der höchste Kontrast.

For my brown-yellow this is a kind of Ice blue.
So,here are my colour range for the second colour on the armor.
Für mein braun-gelb ist das zum Beispiel ein sattes Ice Blue. Deswegen hab ich folgende Farben als Farbauswahl gewählt.

Similar like the yellow we start with the dark ground colour,...
Ähnlich wie beim Gelb starte ich auch hier mit dem dunkleren Grundfarbton...

 ...enchanted blue.
...enchanted blue.

 Negro for the shadow,...
Negro für die Schatten,...

...white highliths and ice blue as 50% transparent layer last.
...transparent weiß für die hellsten stellen und einen 50% deckende farbschicht ice blue als letztes.


It's every time a good idea to use the same colours at the base that you also use at the miniature. It stick them together.
Es ist immer eine gute Wahl die gleichen Farben auf der Base zu verwenden die ihr auch auf der Miiatur verwendet habt. Es zieht beides zu einem Ganzen zusammen.

I will paint some freehands later on the barrel to let them look more interesting. But that is another post ;-)
Hope you like and it helps you a bit.
Ich wärde später ein par kleine Freihandzeichnungen auf die Fässer malen das sie ein bischen interessanter werden aber das ist ein anderer Beitrag.
Hoffe es hat euch gefallen und vielleicht auch ein wenig geholfen für eigene Projekte.

Abschließend an die deutschsprachigen Maler noch die Frage: Wie gefällt euch das wir versuchen die Beiträge auch in Deutsch zu schreiben? Hilfreich? Oder eher ok aber unnötig? Feedback in diesem Punkt bitte einfach in die Kommentare. :-)

A Quick Look at Zinge Industries

Hello everyone! As Christmas closes in I would like to do a quick spotlight on a small English company, Zinge Industries. 

Just incase anyone is curious as to what the parts are in the picture, from left to right
Fantasy Bits SprueLarge Bullet Boxes SprueCable Terminals Sprue, Bullets, Shells, Spent Casing Sprue

I found out about Zinge when I stumbled upon there store at Salute earlier this year, as their range has grown so to has my love for their products! Zinge specialises in creating high quality, well detailed conversions parts for wargamers and convertors alike, they focus mainly on sci-fi parts but they released their first fantasy bits sprue last week (pictured above).

I have found the quality of the casts to be excellent as well as the service, communication and their dispatch times. I genuinely feel that whether you're a wargaming or miniature painter that you'll find many uses for the parts that Zinge creates, It's a company I highly recommend, make sure you check out their shop, Zinge Industries and keep up to date with latest releases over on Facebook.


WIP: Orctruck #1

Hello painters out there,

it was a long time silent here. Pre-christmas time, holiday, work... we all are very busy.
To brake the silence I want to show you a small WIP of my orctruck. The most of you will know that I'm a painter who start a lot of projects and switch between random. The orctruck is a funproject, just paint and try some things on a vehicle.

Let's start with the "ready for painting" - picture.

...after priming...

The truck is NOT glued together completely, I can disjoint the truck in a few parts to paint it easily. Just stick them together to see were are the light parts and the shadow parts.

First colours are yellow and bronw tones for the armor parts. I want to paint it in a kind of  badmoon stile.

 ..but I also like the Idea of the death skulls. The death skulls are living in fear of there god who loves the colour blue. So they wear blue tattoos and paint the upper parts of there vehicles in blue to show there affiliation to him.

That's it until now. I want to paint the metal parts in NMM steal, and the truckdriver and his friend in a kind of comic stile. But I'm not sure yet. Hope you like it.

So, have a great time, weekend and christmas is near ;-)

Strife WIP Update

I've been a little busy for the last few weeks getting my ship in order for the new year, however that's not stopped me chipping away at projects. Strife is my first (proper) full sculpt and I've been working hard to to make sure his details are as sharp as I can make them and his limps are all equally proportioned. Here are some progress pics of him from the last few days, of course there is still a lot of work to do!

There is a long list of things I still need to work on, things I'll be working on soon are detailing the key further, refining the symmetry of the arms (it's been such a pain!), bits like rivets, teeth and the frill on his head need repairing/redoing, the inside of his mouth needs a further row of teeth and perhaps a mechanical tongue. The list is growing ever longer with this guy!

Let me know what you think of it