Welcome to new guy!

Ladies and gentlemen: We proudly present a new member in the 5-th-dimension ...

please give a big big applause to the awesome and unique 

 ! Kyle aka Mr. Lee !

Hey Kyle! Welcome to the 5-th-dimension. It's a pleasure for us to have you on board. At first please tell us some facts about yourself. Where are you from, where do live now and how old are you?
Hi Siggi.. glad to be here! Originally I am from Canada, but some might know me more from my adventures in Turkey over the past 8+ yrs, which is a decent chunk of my 33 yrs so far. Though these days I am living in UK due to a transfer in my day job. 

How long have you been in the hobby and what was the main event to start with it?
I actually started way back when I was in Elementary school ( ’88 or ’89? ) to be honest. Back when Ral Partha miniatures and D&D were really big. My first real gaming models were for our campaigns that my friends and I would run on weekends. The models were to help prevent us from arguing on if a monster could hit ( and kill us ) or not J

Do you remember on your first miniatures and where are they now?
It was actually 2 Dark Sun Dwarves from Ral Partha. Painted with testors oil paints back in the 80s. I remember the weirdest feature of them was that they looked to be holding giant toilet cleaning brushes as 2 handed weapons. If I were to look for them, I think they are still around in a box somewhere in my studio now.

Please tell us your way, and what you are doing in the hobby since you join it until now.
For me it has been a wild ride. As I started first with just single D&D characters, to entire armies, to commission painting armies, to now where I like to find unique models to paint up! I used to be a heavy user of base color, drybrush, ink and then throw some sand or flock on it and call it a day. But about 2 yrs ago, I wanted to begin to do better, and started to do classes in Germany to learn new techniques and get out of my comfort zone.

Was there a big event on the way, which you cannot forget?
The big event for me actually was when I went to a workshop that Dervish held in Aachen 2 years ago. I had an inflated ego thinking I knew what I was doing for painting due to people in Turkey saying I had nice models. Wow was I in for a surprise when I realized that I knew nothing about painting, and that it was a much longer journey ahead of me! Will never forget that workshop now, and although I might have felt bad for even going at the time, I think it was a great moment to push me forward in my painting career.

Do you more like to paint, or are you more focused on basing or the production of the whole, do you like to build huge scenes or more the small things, or, or, ....?
I have to say that I like the painting portion of this hobby the most. It allows me to just forget what is happening, and just concentrate on the model. I really like to paint unique pieces which are a big change from painting full armies. I still do the occasional army or squad painting, but I find that it is not as enjoyable as it once was.

What is your favorite color and why?
Blue. Does not matter which Blue, any of them work for me. I cannot say that I have a specific color that I like the best. I know many say things like Dark Sea Blue or Tank Brown.. but I do not think I have come across a color that I use so much that it overrides all others.

Do you prefer any miniatures, or any companies in the hobby?
If you asked me 2 yrs ago, I would have said Games Workshop pieces. But since trying to improve my painting skills, I seem to also be trying to improve the type of models that I begin to work on. Currently I am more interested in larger models in the 200mm+ category though.  

Do you play tabletops or any other 'fantastic' games?
I keep trying to get back to gaming, but honestly I am not sure I have the heart for it anymore. I am not a big fan of the competition style that most play these days, and prefer a more casual environment.
I am actually looking forward to more co-op styled board games over this year as the kickstarters I backed come to fruitation!

Please give notes (1=very good to 6=very very bad) to the terms:
Fantasy: 2
Steampunk: 4
SiFi: 3
Orcs: 1
Elves: 5
Chaos: 2
LotR: 2
Good guys: 4
Bad guys: 2
There are more companies than GW: 2
Other paintaholics like me: 2

Kyle, this isn´t your first blogging career. Most people should know you under your nickname Mr. Lee from Mr. Lees Painting Emporium. You have a nice and fine community over there. So when and why did you start to blog?
This actually started a few years back. It was mainly another last ditch effort to show off a bit of what it was like living in Turkey, but from my hobby side. I have tried other blogs on just travelling or life abroad, but I could not find enough inspiration to keep it going. With this hobby, and painting I was able to kind of mix the 2 together.

Now it is more of a place where I can explain my thoughts behind a workshop, or style, or share others works. I have tried to get more guest posts and others to post on my blog, but it never really worked out. Guess I was waiting for an invite to a larger community to get involved with!

How do you found the way to the 5-th-dimension?
I actually found it through multiple sources to be honest. First through other blog rolls that were linked to myself, but also through online forums. Then there are the people talking about a tutorial or 2 shown here or there that could help me in my works. Of course it helped to be able to meet some of its members throughout the last year at model shows, or workshops! Which was really great!

Why you decided to join us?
You asked me to? J Just kidding. Actually I like the community feeling that comes with painting. Especially within the European scene!  And to be part of a group like this one is just great! My hope is to be able to learn and improve myself through the feedback that I know I will get from this group and its followers. J

Mr. Lee ... where was your nickname born?
It is actually what everyone called my grandfather when he was with us. He was a really great guy who was a true renaissance man when it came to skills. He would do whatever it took to get through a problem or help out. On top of all that he was also a very talented canvas painter. He was the first person to really encourage me in painting or drawing, and trying to get me to push my boundaries. This is kind of my homage to him to keep his artist spirit alive so to speak.

Do you have any ideas about your first posts on the blog? What could we expect from Kyle aka Mr. Lee as a member in the 5-th-dimension?
Honestly a lot that I can put forth will be concerning model shows, and the lead up to them. I am really hoping to attend a lot of different kind of shows around UK and Europe this year. I would like to show off what it is like to join them as a foreigner, a beginner, and also the journey of prepping or making some of my projects to enter in their competitions.

Any last words for the interview and any first words to our followers?
Only thing I can say is that I am really excited to be part of the 5-th-dimension crew, and look forward to what the future brings!

Thanks a lot Kyle! I´m sure we will have a great time together :) So thanks once more for joining us, and we are looking forward to read you here! 

+++ D4660TH.14.A0P.P1 Strange Events happening on a Planet at the outer Rim +++

+++++++ Data broadcasting from Lorvan II + Weekly report of events + 54466078.M41 +++++++

Imperial outguards report movement in the shadows. Officer Caparro, a man known for his Courage and discipline, was found sobbing in the deepest area of his command bunker. His Bodyguards were all killed in the most freighting ways. Caparro, who's mind seemed to be completely shuttered, babbled something of a "snarling shadow". Caparro shot himself a day after he was found…

+++++++ Data Stream to: Inquisitor Kryptman +  High Alert  + Attached File: Camera? +++++++

Some news and a bunch of bases

Hey folks!

At first a short and important message about the 5-th-dimension:

We will grow up in the next days and get a new member! You should know him. So stay tuned for more informations about it :)

In the last weeks Dellolyn and me had the pleasure to be participants of first class workshops. Dellolyn visited one of the awesome Massive Voodoo beginer workshops in his hometown Trier. where he came out with great results and new inspirations. If you missed it check out these articles HERE and HERE
She´s beautiful, isn´t she?
And I joined the Basing Workshop by Matt Cexwish last weekend from friday to sunday. I posted some first thoughts about it HERE on the blog and more pictures on our 5-th-dimension facebook page. I had great experiences and a review will follow. The workshop let me think about my bases what I built before and so I took a look in my WIP showcase at home. Was stunned about what I found: A lot of unfinshed bases, which I totally forgot in my minds. 

I had two versions for a Golden Demon project: The main parts should be two Harleqiuns in duel fighting or dancing each other. This one should be my first base for them.
Boring and usual ....

I love this part. I took a lot of parts and materials together to practice different paintingtechniques or other stuff that I want try on the miniature. I´m already using it.

The new base for the Harlequin project. I´m convinced in that I will never finish the duell, but HAVE TO USE these base! It was a lot of work and I like the idea very well.

A socket for my never realized undead warriors project. Maybe some day an other egyptian miniature could find place on it :)

Further on the base for a gift to a friend. 

Undead warrior the first. Like the first one in this row: Boring and usual.

That´s the base for our community project. The musician nightgobo will be placed on it in the future.

I´m certain that you hobbynerds have a same collection of unused bases and sockets. It´s always good to keep an eye on. Sometimes you forgot them like me and can use than for other projects, sometimes it´s only a good inspiration for new stuff. But first of all I will finish my base from the workshop: 

enjoy your day!

all the best 


Results and plans after the painting class.

Good morning brushlickers ;-)
Guten Morgen ihr Pinsellecker ;-)

The paining class with Roman is over now and I use my two days out of work to think about the information we get by Roman. (A big Review of the weekend you can find on Massive Voodoo) 
Der Workshop mt Roman ist nun vorbei und ich nutzte meine zwei freien Tage um mir alle Informationen nochmal durch den Kopf gehen zu lassen. ( Ein ausführliches Review findet ihr auf Massive Voodoo, link oben)

First I want to show you my workshop demonette and some WIP-shots during the weekend:
Als erste möchte ich euch meine Workshop-Dämonette zeigen und ein par WIP's vom Wochenende:


 I had a great amusement with our blog member John aka Darkmessiah about steps "how to push" the actually miniature. But more of the next steps later in another post...
Ich hatte ein interessantes Gespräch mit unserem Blogmember John aka Darkmessiah wie ich meine Mini noch mehr pushen,den Kontrast noch verbessern kann. Mehr über die folgenden Schritt in einem anderen Post...

I want to show you how Roman (and Roman on the authority of Raffa) surprised my that weekend. As explanation, I build a special plinth for Raffa's project "giu's robot repair" and Roman liked a special plinth I showed on my plinth-gallery. Both surprised me with a great miniature, my new "motivation-miniatures." I'm really happy, can't get the smile out of my face :-)
  Ich möchte euch auch noch zeigen wie Roman (und Roman im Auftrag von Raffa) mich dieses Wochenende überrascht hatte. Zur Erklärung, ich habe für Raffa einen speciellen Sockel für sein Project "giu's robot repair" gebaut. Roman hatte interesse an einem Sockel aus meiner Sockelgallery, da sag ich doch gerne ja. Beide überraschten mich mit einer Miniatur, meine neuen "Motivationsminiaturen". Ich bin so happy, ich bekomm das Grinsen nicht mehr aus dem Gesicht :-)

...the 1:72 samurai on horse in a great atmosphere by Roman,
...ein 1:72 Samurai auf Pferd in einer genialen Atmosphere von Roman,
Thank you Roman 

...and this nice, intelligent robot by Raffa. I call him Wall-E (out of the Film Wall-E, the last one clean up the world) here he has to clean up my workbench ;-)
...und dieser niedliche, intelligenter Roboter von Raffa. Ich hab ihn Wall-E ( aus dem Film: Wall-E, der letzte räumt die erde auf) getauft, bei mir muss er meinen Maltisch aufräumen ;-)
Thank you Raffa

Roman and Raffa, you made my day! Thanks for the presents and your great advice!
Roman und Raffa, ihr habt meinen Tag gerettet! Danke für die Geschenke und die genialen Anleitungen. 

One point last: Roman said to us: "Think about a personal sign, because what you all have done over the weekend ist art."
I'm still thinking about this, and I only can give this back to you: Think about a personal sign, because you all are artists.
Ein Punkt noch zum Schluss: Roman hat uns mit auf den Weg gegeben: "Überlegt euch eine persönliche Signatur, denn was ihr alle über das Wochenende getan habt ist Kunst."
Ich bin immer noch darüber am nachdenken und kann es nur so weiter geben: "Denkt über eine persönliche Signatur nach, den ihr alle seid Künstler.

Best regards,
Beste Grüße,
your Michael aka Dellolyn

Painting Class with Matt Cexwish

Hey folks!

Today I had the pleasure to be part of Matt´s Cexwish "Basebauworkshop". The idea of the painting class is to build a creativy socket and learn everthing about creative thinking, compositions and techniques. Today we didn´t build anything but learn a lot about to run your brain to create something unique and creative. So I´m looking forward to the next days to build what I drawed today :)

Review: Massive Workshop filled with Voodoo!

Hello my friends,

a great workshop weekend with Roman aka Jarhead from MassiveVoodoo!

Jarheads Beginners Workshop in Trier.

I'm a workshop junkie, love to paint in a bigger group. Every friend said to me: "If you get the chance to visit a workshop with Roman, DO IT!" What should I say? It was just awesome!

We start at friday evening and do the prework until 0:30 am, we don't want to stop but we have to sleep ;-)

The same morning we start at 9:30 am, fresh and animated. Roman showed us step per step how to build up the base, prepair the figure and how to prime the whole in "Roman-stile" ;-)

 Theory and practice, steps per steps and tricks. A day full of MASSIVE VOODOO! The rest od the day was enjoy happy painting. But that was not all, Roman showed us his pictures of the building process of his giant project "The last light" and told us how he build and paint it. (With this project he won the slayersword Germany 2013) 0:45am, the end for today.

Day 3, start 9:30am. Last steps, details, effects, smoothing and pictures. 

...we finished at 7:00pm.

More pictures you can find here and here.

Thank you Roman 
and all other painters who paint whit us for a great weekend full of Voodoo and fun!

And now it is time for practice, practice, practice...

My friends are right: "If you have the chance to visit a workshop of Roman, DO IT!

Best regards
Enjoy happy painting (Roman Lappad)