The Rusty Bucket #2

Hey folks!

After a long sunday night, the old sovjet tank took place on a plinth. Without any big words I want to share the done steps with you. If you missed the first parts, you can read it HERE again.

Here we go....

More details took place on the body
For a damaged and old look, I placed the wheel suspension very random.
A next sketch what could happen later on when all parts come together. Not at all as it looks now.
Thanks Delloyn for the cool looking plinth! This was one of your first. Now it found place under a a nice project :)
Here we have the finished tank. It is truly finished! The best mechanicals couldn´t repair the tank to make him  movable again :) In german we say self-praise smells bad, bud I´m very proud about my work. Especially the kind of rusty metal. It looks very thin like rusty metal do and with a good coloring it should work very well.

Lets start with the basing:

Cork is a very nice material for basing. The ability to bring it in suitable shapes for every plinth but with a unique random look is a good start to create what ever you want. With some super glue every thing get fixed very fast.

Another favourite basing tool for me is "Strukturpaste". (If anyone knows a good english translation, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IT!).
It is very easy to handle, not to liquid that it runs away and when you placed it anywhere wrong it´s easy to remove. The only disadvantage is the drying time. It depents on the thickness of the putty. Is it very thick you could wait up to 2 or 3 days to work again on it. For example you can buy it HERE.
This is how it looks first. But one day later I removed the tank again to put more putty on the base. Now the tank has no space between the bround and the bodywork.
Some more details in the ground to bring more atmosphere.
Next step was to plant some trees. Usally I didn´t pin it, but in this case the surface on the base was to bumby and the tree to heavy as the tree could stay on the base.
Paper-clips, that´s the secret! ;)

And here we have the current miniature. I glued everything together. Could be hard to paint it but I would like to create a miniature with base that should looks as a whole composition. For me it´s hard to paint a miniature and a base seperate. The idea is to paint every thing with a same color at first.

Today I´m finished. Next step is to bring sand and earth on the base. Maybe also some first bigger plants. Than it´s ready to prime. Lately after that I have to think about, how I could paint the rusty parts. But a new in painting talented friend will help me with this question. ;) 

Hope you like it, feel free to comment, and ler me know if you have any questions!

all the best 


The Rusty Bucket #1

Hey folks!

One project for hobbynerds is not enough. So I began another one byside my Skaventhrower. Long long times ago I found interest in the "classic" model-making. Built some old tanks, airplanes, cars or other stuff looks very funny. In addition I never was focused on weathering finished miniatures. And thats it: A nice combination to start with both! Yesterday I went to my favourite Hobbystore to realise this, bought a Sovjet Heavy Tank IS-2 from Zvezda models in 1/72 size, some colors and directly back to my workbench to destroy the tank again :) The idea is to build up the tank in a very damaged and strong weathered style. Plants and trees shall be growing under, through and around the tank later on. That´s the plan. Let us go to work!

Not one of most defiant kit, but very detailed for this small size. Looks like much fun :)
A small first sketch
A very good inspiration for my coming project:
Imperial Armour Model Masterclass by Forgeworld
The tool in the right corner should be my most used tool in the next steps
A next real life sketch. 
Did I mentioned that the model is good detailed? It is, but not enough! Let the weathering begin!

To create this old rusty metal effect ...
... I used my drill from the inside. Pushed it very hard on the surfaces until it create some bubbles on the outsides.

Big holes. Space for plants and trees later on. 

Up to now I had much fun with the tank. I´m looking forward to see how it looks in the end. Hope you like it! Enjoy your hopefully sunny sunday!

all the best


Basing.. and contests..

So carrying on from what Dellolyn wrote on Monday about the Brushbrothers contest, I guess I should post up what I am working on for that contest!

I had started it while in Berlin last month at Matt Cexwish's basing workshop. Was lucky enough to also meet up with Siggi who also attended and posted about his experience here.

It was really cool to see the thoughts behind this base. I mean to build it out of a dice cube to ensure that you have flat surfaces on each side and to give you a frame for the overall scene.

As you can see from the left that I got quite far in the workshop itself, and now it is time to sit down and get it finished! I mean the Brushbrother's contest is finished at the end of next month! So time is wasting away!

Building it up was a lot of fun also. Considering that it was just cork, milliput, fimo, and dirt/twigs.

The beginning of the dice cube filled with cork... 

The aftermath of cutting and shaving out the cork from the dice cube.. so much cork death here! But all for the greater good so.. no problems right?!?! :)

Once all the pieces were thrown in, I was able to add in the dirt to the socket. Lots of fun here and it began to really take shape as I envisioned it!

Which brings us to where we are now! Primed, and then paint added to it! Lots of work left to do on it, and I need to order some pieces for it to really get it to the level that I am hoping to have it at!

So let's see how it all turns out when I put more effort into it! Still a lot to do on it!

Now to see how the rest of the 5-th-dimension crew does for their bases and who all joins the contest!

Online Basing Contest by Brushbrothers/-sisters Forum

Hello everybody,

are you bored to paint minis,... no inspiration,... make a small brake and do something else.
And here is a great contest for exactly this!

Because the contest describtion is in german,here the corner dates in english:

Start: now
End: 31.03.2014 
Theme: baseing/basebuilding
  • build a base, a showbase, or diorama and paint it.
  • min. size 3cm x 3cm, no maximum size, build as big as you will.
  • only the base will be assessed, no miniature please.
  • the only exception are small animals: mice, snake, not bigger than a cat
  • scifi, fantasy, historical... everything is great.

Just post a early WIP picture >>>here<<< and the finished picture until 31.03.2014.

The judging are the members of the forum. 
Be creative, be crazy, be a part of this contest.

For our german followers, here the same in german:

Der erste Wettbewerb soll sich rund um das Thema Basebau / Sockelgestaltung drehen.
Eure Aufgabe wird es sein, einen Sockel stimmungsvoll zu gestalten und durch eine ansprechende Bemalung in Szene zu setzen.

Es ist euch freigestellt, in welcher Epoche ihr euch bewegt. Fantasy, SteamPunk, SciFi ... ihr habt freie Wahl.

Eine Miniatur soll (für den Wettbewerb) nicht auf dem Sockel stehen - es geht hier also wirklich nur um den Basebau und die anschließende Bemalung. Nutzt diesen Umstand aus und werdet kreativ. Aufwändigere Arbeiten wie der Einsatz von Wassereffekten, selbst gebastelten Bäumen, Ziegelsteinmauern etc. sind hier gern gesehen und sollten euch von den Beiträgen der Mitstreiter abheben. Das verwenden von Kleintieren wie z.B. Vögel, Eidechsen, Hasen, Schmetterlingen etc. ist gestattet. Tiere Größer als eine Katze sollten jedoch nicht auf der Base platziert werden.

Hier nochmals die Eckdaten des Wettbewerbs:
Thema: Sockelgestaltung (min. 3x3cm Stellfläche; keine Maximalgröße)
Abgabeschluss: 31.03.2014
Bitte postet bei Projektbeginn ein Foto des Sockels in diesem Thread und ergänzt diesen Post nach Vollendung des Projektes mit Fotos des fertigen Sockels. Lasst dabei bitte das Foto des "Rohsockels" im Post stehen. Wir werden auf einen, wie sonst üblich, zweiten Thread verzichten.

So,letzt have fun a be creative.

And here a eraly WIP of my plinth for the base:

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

Go Rats Go! More Blood Bowl in the dimension!

Hey folks!

Maybe you noticed my interstes in the fantasy football theme Blood Bowl. One year ago I built a Nurgle team. You can find some pics about the finished team HERE and some WIP pictures HERE. To built those guys was much fun for me and so I brought them to the german Golden Demon. They won a finalist pin what made me very proud. As of this date I always thought about to paint more football stuff. The Nurgle team was a huge project with a lot of miniatures but not the highest painting level. So it was time to paint one showcase miniature. After a look in my old Blood Bowl Game box (yeah! the one with the old foam board!) the decision which one could be right for this didn´t take long. I had an old Skaventhrower with a nice posture and a look like an talented and experienced quaterback. For all of you who don´t know what that means let me explain it short: The quaterback is the brain of the team when they are on the field and hold the ball. He has a lot of responsiblity and needs always a cool and calm mind. After the kickoff it´s his part to throw the ball to a receiver who brings the ball in the endzone for a touchdown. On case of there is no receiver he can run instead of throwing the ball to do the touchdown by his own. With this information you should understand the important role for the quaterback. In the Blood Bowl game rules are no quaterbacks. Instead of these there are throwers. But they had the same important position and in the most cases, their abilities are required to win the game. So my choosen Skaven miniature is one of these guys and this is the best motivation to give him a very cool and heroic look. The second challenge is to 'pimp' the old undetailed and round look by the old  GW miniatures with a modern painting and to bring cool details on the player and the base. 
Enough words - with this post I will give you a lot of pictures about the building and WIP pictures around the current paint status. So let us start with the base:

At first I cuted some layers in cork to glue them together and creating an base.
I learned this cool and easy method on Matt Cexwish Basing workshop two weeks ago.
After I glued the layers together I used knifes and tongs to made a more rougher surface on the sides.

This step was to create a rough and uneven surface to create a more realistic look of a used and often played Blood Bowl field.
With Green Stuff I casted more of these surfaces to the high. 
To close gaps I used "Moltofill" mixed with water
Finally I sanded the base with different kinds of sand.
After everything was dryed I glued the thrower on it and cast some more details on with some different materials.

Time for some colors:

Preparing my wet-palete to start some funny wet-in-wet color mixes
You can see that the legs and the tail is painted on this point also. This was intended. I used the wet in wet painting from the base to mix it with the coming skincolor. That brings a realistic and connected colorschema to the whole miniature. It looks like one big piece. At my next miniatures I will try to paint the whole mini AND the base with ONE groundcolor with more brightness above.
I use this small potts for inks. Another good hint on Matts Cexwish painting class.

Usally the details like plants comes on the bases at the end, but to know if the color schema works later on with the painted mini, I did some first experiments before. But in the end there will follow a lot of more details. More grass and plants and white lines for the field zones.

The Thrower:
To find a good look for the skin I viewed some pics of real rats. Importand for me were the blending between skin and the grey fur. I want to copy that later on on the miniature.
Some first color sketches. The main color becomes orange. For a nice contrast I will add stripes on his armour  with white outlines and a tourquise inline.

And here we have the current Skaventhrower!
Hope you enjoy the picture show. I´m off now for one week because of a small snowbaord trip to the alps. but I´m looking forward to paint the rest of the Thrower very when I´m back. The football theme makes so much fun, and I can´t wait to see the thrower finished! 
If you have any questions about the doing or paintings let me now it. Just as well let me know if you like the miniature or when you have some cool ideas more for it!

All the best