Finally! An update on my latest project!

So I finally got to sit down and do a little personal work this week, organising the 5th Dimension contest and sorting workshops out has really consumed my time recently so it was great to get back to my own personal stuff! 

I decided to called the project 'For the night is full of Terrors', it seemed quite fitting since the ship is now being lead flaming lady. The mouth and wave has finally been cooked and hardened, unfortunately it cracked a little, but it's an easy enough fit. I am still playing about with the boat, I am potentially looking at adding more detail, the biggest change so far after the sails is the young lady on the front.

For the eagle eyed among you, you may recognise her as the Fire Elemental from Drakerys' new wargame. I was lucky enough to nab an early copy, and I think she looks great on the front!

Still alot of work to do, but I shall be cutting the wave soon so I can make a mould of it for the clear resin

Make sure you check out Drakerys' Kickstater!#


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