Speedpainting: High Elves

 If its possible to paint a High Elf very fast? This question has asked me Micha and I said yes!

Here is a step by step tutorial.

1. Prime the miniature black.

2. Use the airbrush to prime the zenithal with a transparent white (I use Transparent White from Schmincke with matting agent). And the parts should be darker or black you use the airbrush with black (if you have a transparent black it would be easier).

3. Over all parts they should be blue, I use the transparent turquoise blue from Schmincke with matting agent.

4. After this I add some with in the turquoise and spray the highlights.

5. Painting a gold base color with the three colors one the pic.

6. Wash the gold.

7. Highlight the gold with a silver color and paint the silver parts. I use the Air Silver from Vallejo. And wash the silver also.

8. For the hair I use some different colors. Base colr is snakebite leather, yellow and black. After this I mix some bobonic brown in the base color. And in the end I mix bobonic brown with snakebite leahter and more and more white.

9. I paint the gems grey and I dry brush the base with grey. After the grey I use tamiya clear red and add some reflection points.

10. Dry brush the base with a bleach bone tint and paint staff and something like this in this color. Paint the shadows with grey in the base color and the highlights with white in the base color.

11. The base color for the skin is elf flesh with a very bright grey, then I washit with earth
shade and then I add more with in the base color mix and paint the highlights. After this I make a darklining, also around the eyes and between the lips. The next step is two with eyes and after this to add a black point in every eye.

12. Correct the last misstakes, darklining and paint some details.

13. Add grass on the base. Wash and dry brush the grass.



  1. Looks great. So what was the total time you spent on this?

  2. Yes, spill it - what was the total time start to finish?

  3. Great tutorial and the outcome for 1 hour of painting is pure awesome!