The 5th Dimension's First Painting Contest! Announcement and Rules!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first 5th Dimension painting contest!

This will be a first past the post contest, where the individuals who finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in one of the three categories; single miniature, monster/vehicle/mounted miniatures, or Tall Tales, will be awarded with one of our snazzy painting contest medals. A further special medal will also be awarded to the most creative entry. Oh and there will also be PRIZES!

We will be posting an article on how we made our medals soon!  

The aim of this contest is to promote and encourage creativity! We want our participants to step out of their comfort zone and aspire to create something truly new!

Below are the rules and guidelines for the competition, if you have any queries do get in touch.

We wish you good fortune and may the painting Lords and Ladies guide your hand!

The Rules auf Deutschpo Polsku and en Español 

Your creation must be newly completed. There must be no finished images of your creation on the web before the contest begins. WIP pictures are allowed but you are not allowed to post finished images until it is confirmed that we have received your creation.

All Entries must be in by the 5th of September 00.00 GMT+1. You must be a follower of the 5th Dimension blog.

Photos need to be sent to  You must provide at most 5 images of your creation. They can be no wider than 1000px or larger than 1mb each. Composite and collage images are allowed within reason. One of those pictures must be with or against the 5th Dimension entry slip as displayed below. If your creation has been converted or sculpted you are allowed to include an additional image to display this.

Below is the entry slip we would like you to use, you can either print the entry slip out and include it in the photos your send of your creation, or, you can fill the entry slip out on your PC and take a photo with your entry like the picture below!

There are no base size limitations. However, the judges will be assessing how well your creation(s) fits with and interacts with your base. Try to keep the size of the base relevant to your subject.

This competition is a test of your individual ability and creativity. The model must have been entirely of your own creation, ie the paint job must be 100% yours and any sculpting or conversion work must be 100% your own.


Single miniature - a single miniature up to 54mm in scale. It can be from any genre or manufacturer. Mounted models do not qualify for this category.

Monster, Vehicle and Mounted Miniatures - this category covers both flesh and mechanical creations. Anything considered a large monster/creature or a vehicle of any kind whether that be a quad bike or steampunk walker or a dragon or a giant or an elf on griffin.

Tall Tales - this category is dedicated to story telling, it includes all creations which you feel story telling is the main focus, this can include any type of model at any scale, this can include a single figure, monster, vehicle, vignette, diorama etc.


Our Judging team consists of 6 people.

John 'Darkmessiah' Harrison - John is an experienced and well traveled competitor from the UK. He has wins from Salute, Die Vincis and Monte San Savino under his belt and also teaches and runs workshops with some of the best painters in the world.

Kyle 'Mr Lee' Cruickshank - Kyle is arguable one of the fastest improving people in the hobby. He comes from a background of army painting, but his desire to paint showcase models has lead him around Europe in a whirlwind tour of competitions and workshops over the last two years. Kyle hails from the tropical paradise that is Canada.

Markus 'Malekith' Unterharrer - Markus is a very experienced competitor with a host of wins to his name and despite being fairly new to the painting scene he has been steadily climbing the ladder of Germany's top painters.

Michael 'Delloyn' Hansen - Micha is the craftsman of the group. He works as a cabinet maker which puts him in the wonderful position (for us at least!) of being able to make beautiful plinths! Micha has been painting since 2010, and has been steadily increasing his skills!

Siggi 'Barfrau' Hauke - Siggi is probably been in the hobby the longest out of all of us. He comes from a background of wargaming and army painting. Siggi has been methodically adding skills to his repertoire over the last few years, consistently improving his display standard painting.

Stefan 'SkelletS' Johnsson - Stefan is one of the most well know Scandinavian painters. He is a very experienced painter and has a very healthy list of awards to his name, including best of show at Hussar last year! His native Sweden does not give people much incentive to get out and about, so Stefan is able to spend a lot of time inside working!

Each judge will mark your creation out of 15 points, a maximum of 5 points can be awarded for each category below. Your score will be added up from each judge to create a maximum score of 90 points.

The competition will aim to be as open and transparent as possible. Each combined judge's score will be displayed for the top 5 models in each category, if you didn't make it into the top 5 you can request your score via the competitions email.

Judging categories

Technical ability and execution - The judges will assess your level of technical ability and how well you have executed the ideas you have presented in your creation. To score well in this category every part of your creation must have been finished to a high standard and all the elements must work well together. Ie the paint job, the base and any conversion or sculpting must be of a high level. Also, all the elements of your creation must work well together, your model(s), scenic elements, story and conversion/sculpting work must work as a whole.

Composition and atmosphere - In this category the judges will be looking at the overall composition of your creation (ie how your model(s) interacts with elements of your base, how the model is lit and the interaction of the colours used) and the overall atmosphere of your creation (ie how the different components of your creation combine to create a feel or mood about your creation, this could mean using cold colours to crate a wintery feel or using warm colours to create a desert scene).

Creativity and originality - In this category your creation shall be rewarded for your use of new, unique and interesting ideas. We want painters who enter to take the path less walked and come back with something different, unusual and new. This could include using miniatures out of genre or in an unexpected way. Colour combinations that are not often seen or strong directional lighting.


We have some fantastic prizes for our winners and to give away, including some hand crafted prizes from us, The 5th Dimension. Below you will find a few generous companies who are sponsoring our contest, but these are only a selection of our sponsors! More sponsors and prizes will be revealed in the next few weeks, so keep checking back!


  1. Me too ... though I am not a competition-worthy painter. ^_^
    Would love to take part though. :)

  2. I'm totally going to enter this!

  3. I just finished up a figure that will be perfect for this contest. So excited!

  4. Aaaah! Damn you all with your painting competitions which i swore off this year. Although.. with that deadline and a few of my upcoming projects...Aaaaah! Damn you all for tempting me! AAAAAH! ;)

  5. I'm definitely taking part in this party!

  6. We are all looking forward to see your great entries! :-)

  7. its absolutly time for your own contest!
    and with the absence of well known, bigger contest, this might lead to lots of entries.
    what i really like is how clear the rules are written and how transparent the judging will be.

    so now its time to consider what to paint and how many cathegories i am going to enter.


  8. Think I might give it a shot.... :/

  9. Could you enter a bust? If so what category would it fall under

  10. hi bl, a bust would be entered in the Tall Tales category

  11. How many entries are permitted? One per category?

    1. Hey Bryce! Yes only one entry per categorie. We will add this point to the rules. Thanks for asking :)

  12. I am up for it too! Already painting stuff up! ;)

  13. I think I won't be able to finish it before the deadline but I'll give it a try!
    Enjoy your creations everyone