Review - Mproyec's Grunkful The Forgotten

Hello everyone I hope all is well!

Today has been a pretty good day for me! I slept pretty good, my replacement sponson weapons came for my Malcador Infernus, my football team, Everton signed man mountain Romelu Lukaku and! After a weeks delay my dwarf arrived from Mproyec!

So for anyone who hasn't seen the model before, this is Grunkful, he is 75mm in scale, sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre, actual height of the model is 62mm (to the elbow), it's cast in resin and can be found here for 56.95 Euros.

First impression after opening the box is hugely positive, despite it looking deceptively simple, the model is just full of subtle detail. The skin is full of scars, veins and micro volumes, the axe head has a large amount of delicate scroll work, the dwarfs face, hair and beard.... I can only guess the amount of hours. Every single part of this model has texture and detail.

Cast wise, for the majority of the model, its excellent, some of the cleanest and sharpest parts I've seen, however, the cast isn't perfect. The axe has a mould line running up and down the haft and over the dwarf's knuckles, not great, it's cutting through detail, but it's 15 minutes work to remove and in all honesty I doubt you'd get a much better soloution. The right hand also has a mould line running through the palm, but that's an easy fix!

Below are all the parts before clean up! (Expect the end of the pony tail, I might have gone into auto pilot when I open the package and just glued it on :p)

And the completed model! Make sure you click the pictures for a more detailed view!

So, if I skipped back in time, would I buy the model again? The simple answer is yes! The model itself is incredibly evocative and aggressive, the emotionality shown will allow painters to unravel epic tales around him, a quality that is actually quite rare. The size of him will also give him a lot of impact at competitions, something I am eager to take advantage of!
At 57 Euros, he aint cheap! I had been eyeing up the new Life Miniatures Soviet bust, but I decided I wanted to work on something a little more challenging. The 8-9 day delay in shipping did give me a touch of frustration, however MProyec being a relatively small and new company getting over 100 models out the door was never going to be easy.
Overall I am a happy chap, I know exactly what I am doing with the base, I just need to spend some time working out how his skin will look!


Nagash III

So here is the painted version of Nagah III :). But its only a high tabletop level, but I hope you like it. 


5 Questions to Goetz Siepmann

Hey folks!
You are not alone! We are not alone! The hobby scene goes more and more bigger. I´m certain that there are more hobby nerds outside as we know. A lot of them are friends, they now each other, chat to each other - paint together. In these big bunch of boards, blogs and webpages some of them speaks to the community with daily (not us ;) ) or not daily threads and articles.  It is good how it is and more than this it supports the community in any way. 
With this new category "5 questions to ..." I wanna give some artists more the chance to introduce themselves. Some of them have now own platform to speak to the community, some of them I would like to support with their doing because my feeling speaks to me, and the other one are simply good friends of mine. To keep it exciting you will find a lot of pictures by the interviewee in the articles and one or two special questions to maybe unexpected abilities or  approaches to parts of the hobby.  

Goetz Siepmann and me met each other on In more and more chats about his and mine hobby stuff, I experienced that he visit a lot of competitions and is part of the Duke of Bavaria judging team. One more reason to ask 5 questions to him. So welcome Mr. Siepmann!

1. Hello Goetz! Please let us start with some facts about you. Where are you from, how old are you and how long are you in the hobby?
Hi Siggi, thank you for affording me this opportunity to tell the folks out there something about me. I’m a 41-year- old lad from Essen and I started this hobby-thing as many others in my childhood with modelling plastic kits.
Small Planes, military vehicles, ships and stuff like that was bougth from pocket money and built directly on the kitchen table (Most of them didn’t survive the playing with it afterwards...). As I grew up I turned to military vehicles more and more and someday I bought myself the first 1/35 kit. The figures that came withthose kits fascinated me from the beginning, but painting them was even more difficult then paintings tanks. In 1994 I decided to stop on tanks and changed completely to figures and I didn’t regret it ;-)

2. How would you describe your way ofdoing in the hobby? Are there for example any models, themes, products, techniques,special likes or anything else what you prefer?
Everything that attracts my attention and gives creativity a go is welcomed. That might be a film or just a picture or even a beautiful colour in an advertisment. I started with historical miniatures and added the fantasy ones after realising that there is more space to bring out  the things from inside my head. But I do both genres these days. Most of the attraction comes from the sculpt of the figure, it’s less a question regarding the theme Oh, I definitely love to build as much from scratch as possible (once a modeller... ).

Yh-Bashur Demon Lord
3. You are a part of the judging team at one of the biggest painting shows the 'Duke of Bavaria' (DoB) in Germany. How long are you in there, how do you get in and how does it feel to judge all thesehuge great works?
I started judging in 2008 on the fantasy categories. As I was part of the team “behind the scenes” since my first DoB in 2002 I asked some day in 2007 the chief organiser if it would be possible to take part in judging as a trainee and in the following year I was that what you call a judge. From this date on I’ve tried to implement a fantasy jury consisting of capable german painters in an annually rotatory team to keep the judging flexible and open minded.
How does it feel? Well, it is an honour to judge on other people’s works but you need stamina to keep yourself concentrated while judging. Every miniature out there deserves to be viewed by the judges as the painter had invested a certain amountof time on his or her creation and painting. And there is no other chance to get that close and even pick up those masterpieces.

4. Do you have any hints or suggestionsfor us hobbynerds to get the next showcase level for our miniatures?
I have at least 6 hints for all those hobbynerds out there:
1. First of all: paint
2. And paint
3. Did I mention that you should paint? Seriously, you should invest time on painting as you have to become familiar with the paints and their abilities,with your brushes, the right amount of dilution and stuff like that. You have to know your tools to use them properly; just reading about others painting styles is definitely not enough to develop you own.
4. Visit places, where other painters meet: a workshop would be fine or a show with some competition. Take your figures with you and talk to other painters about your stuff or put it into the competitionand see your works next to others, even a visual comparison with other miniatures might help you with your improvement. And you might have the chance to talk with the judges about your painting, too.
5. If your figure has received a beautiful paintjob, then put it into a fitting and worthy environment, create a base and paint that, too: your figure doesn’t deserveit to be put into a railroad environment, where the colours look all the same.
6. Slotta bases are for the gaming table, not for the cabinet. Get a wooden/ plastic/resin or even glass base four your creation and make it more stand out. Keep aneye on the whole composition, including the base.

Ivar, Northern Raider
5. How would you explain the hobby to astranger and what is it what keeps your heart burning for the hobby?
I tell the folks that I am collecting tin soldiers... This statement is enough for most of the people to get bored BUT if they are still interested I show them some pictures of my works and tell them afterwards how small these figures are. Most of them a really impressed.
What does my heart keep burning for the hobby? I’ve married my painting buddy a few years ago and as my wife and I share this hobby there’s always someone with a different point of view and constructive criticism if you get stuck.

Otto Knüppel, FT-Obergast, H.M U 54, 1917
Here is your place for any last words to our followers:
Having fun is the key!

Thanks a lot Goetz!

If you want to see and know more about Goetz Siepmann check out

One more ... Nagash III

Yes, one more :D!

I built a new Nagash as Mortis Engine for gaming. More pics next week from the painted version :).


Announcment: Painting Class by Georg Damm in Braunschweig, Germany!

Hey folks!

Days ago you could read "5 questions to..." my good friend Georg Damm. If you don´t know what I´m talking about, check out THIS LINK HERE. In the intrdoduction of these nice chat I announced a coming painting class by him. Now it is official and it is a pleasure for me present it here. I will start with some words from Georg in english and german. In that you will find a link to the terms and conditions of the workshop on This painting class is more concentrated to german speakers, but if you are an english native and would like to join the painting class, let me know it! 


Hi all,
again it´s workshop time! There will be a blending workshop from septembre 5th to 7th in Schöppenstedt near Braunschweig. The Workshop will focus on blending and NMM. All beginners and advanced brush lover are invited to join the workshop. Regardless of the current skillz, everyone will be supported to gain a high level and to learn classic layer blending as well as wet-in-wet techiques. The costs for participation will be € 110 for the whole weekend. We have an early bird special. All participants who join the list and pay the costs until end of the month (July 31th) will only pay € 100. For more informations, check the following link:

Hope to see you in Schöppenstedt.
Kind Regards,

Hallo zusammen!
Ein bis zweimal im Jahr gebe ich immer noch Workshops, und in Zusammenarbeit mit Mike72 aus dem Bemalforum gibt es aktuell ein Malworkshopangebot in Schöppenstedt bei Braunschweig vom 5. bis zum7. September. 
Das wäre nach langer Zeit mal wieder eine Gelegenheit sich in Sachen Blending weiterzubilden. Im Rahmen dieses Workshop-Klassikers bekommt Ihr innerhalb eines Wochenendes beigebracht wie man mittels Wet-in-Wet und mit dem klassischen Layerblending qualitative Farbverläufe malt. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt stellt zenitales Licht und non metalic metal (NMM) dar. Trotz das es sich um Fortgeschrittenen Techniken handelt, richtet sich das Angebot an Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Es gibt eine Umfangreiche Einführung in Material und Technik. Das ganze fängt sehr simple mit einfachen Verläufen an und steigert sich über das komplette Wochenende. 
Für alle die sich interessieren gibt es hier den weiterführende Link zu den Details und zur Anmeldung:

Das ganze gibt es für 110.- €. Bis Ende des Monats das ganze noch als Early Bird Special: Bei Anmeldung und Bezahlung bis zum 31.7.2014 nur € 100!

Für Fragen stehe ich Euch gerne zur Verfügung.
Es wäre mir eine Freude dich in Schöppenstedt begrüßen zu dürfen!

alles Gute
Georg Damm

This one isn´t Georgs first painting class. There were a lot of them. You can read a review written by me HERE. I know the announcment is very short termed, but there is an interessting offer to you: Check out the early bird conditions! If you would like to learn how to paint like this:

or this

you should join the painting class! 

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask me at or Georg on the board. 
I hope we will met us there!

All the best


Announcement! Introducing our Contest New Sponsor

Hey folks!

Today is a fairly large painting contest update! We have several bits of news, but first...

Our medals are officially completed! If you'd like to see how they were created then you are in luck, as John shall be writing a short article on how he created them in the few weeks!

Next! We are happy to announce more contest sponsors!

The first up is tabletop-art. They sell bases, bits, accessorires, terrain, fantasy football and more.
For our contest they will build us some special stuff for the prizes. You'll see :).

Next is Kellerkind Minatures. Their range includes a whole host miniatures and accessories, beginning with historical miniatures to apocalyptic warriors and survivors. If you would like to know more about the founder of the company Martin Hille you should CLICK HERE to read an interview with him in our new article series "5 questions to ...". 

Also joining us is a new British company called Guild Ball. Created by Mat Hart and Richard Loxam, Guild ball is a medieval football game set in a pseudo-historical world. After a successful kickstarter Guild Ball are starting to produce some cracking figures! You can check out there digital sculpts, prints and casts on their Facebook page

The sponsors do no stop there though as Christian Hardy and Stephan Camossetto will be sending us a few of there new Shindo'Ni sculpt to give away. Christian and Stephan are two very talented French sculptors based in Marseille who will be producing a new range of 32mm figures! If you'd like to buy Shindo'Ni, you can find details on Christian's blog!

And all the winners will also receive two different plinths build by our member Dellolyn. The plinths are still in work but here you can see a preview of them.

A big THANK YOU to the new sponsors! If you would like to support us too, send us an email to
It would be a pleasure for the community ;)

For more information about our contest look here.

Review Preview: Painting Buddha Season 1.3: Basing Alchemy Earth

Hey tutorial fans!!!

The package of the new DVD of Painting Buddha arrived some days ago and I use every free minute to watch this awesome Tutorials! I really looking forward to write this review, all what I see until now is great stuff. And not only this, the plus stuff is also nice.

And just a small preview to what you can win at our competition: Every winner will get two different plinths as special offer build by my self. Here you can see the first previews of them.

You didn't know our competition?!?!?!?! Take a look here: English, Deutsch, Español and Polsku

And now,sit down and paint ;-)

Scottish bones #3: Colors!

Hey folks!

Around two months ago I started this project. Check out the history in this two links:

The creation is finished since twoe or three weeks. Unfortunately I don´t have a good camera to take some good pictures. This part has to wait for the next couple of days. But in the end of this article you can see a lower quality picture of the finished creation.

In this part I would like to show you some parts of the painting process.  Started with the skeleton I choosed the two main colors red and green. Both of them in more stranger color direction as turquoise and pink. These colors found place in all other elemenst like metal and other clothes.

Here you can see the first steps.

One very importend fact was to find a way of painting what brings the focus back to the skeleton. With the huge clock tower base I could happened that the focus get lost from the miniature. So I painted the clock tower in dark unsaturared colors. 

It was also important to keep the freehand on the clock very dark. Again with reason not to catch the most attention of the viewer because this one should be on the miniature. It was very hard to find a good motive. A motive what was not to spectaculare regarding to the focus problem, and a motive what shall support the world where the undead warrior lives

This is the final result of the upper part of the base after painting. With some tiny details like the grass and flower in the corner, and some sand and more grass in the gaps of the stones the base got more realism.

And here we have the almost finished nightwatch. À long time I hadn´t any idea for small flag on the spear. was my friend, and so I found a good motive in a celtic pattern.


I´m very proud about the final result. The look of the tower base works very well and I learned a lot about detailed building and painting. This was my first creation where I tryed to rebuilt the common miniature out from the box to a very special one. Support by much details around and on the model. I will keep this definitely in my mind for my next projects.
As I wrote in the introduction of this arcticle I will take good quality pictures of the "scottish bones" .

Feel free to coment, enjoy your day and all the best