5 questions to Martin "Kellerkind" Hille

Hey folks!

You are not alone! We are not alone! The hobby scene goes more and more bigger. I´m certain that there are more hobby nerds outside as we know. A lot of them are friends, they know each other, chat to each other - paint together. In these big bunch of boards, blogs and webpages some of them speaks to the community with daily (not us ;) ) or not daily threads and articles.  It is good how it is and more than this it supports the community in any way. 
With this new category "5 questions to ..." I wanna give some artists a voice to introduce themselves. Some of them have no own platform to speak to the community, some of them I would like to support with their doing because my feeling speaks to me, and the other one are simply good friends of mine. To keep it exciting you will find a lot of pictures by the interviewee in the articles and one or two special questions to maybe unexpected abilities or  approaches to parts of the hobby.  

At firts I will start with the very endowed sculpter Martin Hille aka 'Kellerkind'. I´m a big fan of his style in sculpting and I would like to introduce you to keep an eye on it. 

So welcome Mr. Hille!

1. Hello Martin, nice to meet you! Please let us start with some facts about you. Where are you from, how old are you and how long are you in the hobby?

I was born in 1970 in Berlin / Spandau, where I still live with my family and two cats. I came into the hobby in the early 1980s by a former schoolmate. Almost more usual at that time, my first figures were 30mm flat Prussians. But the first diorama I built a few years later was one with round figures. I began with converting them in the mid 80's and try to sculpt something one or two years later, if I remember right. It's a long, long time ago.... 
Dystopian storys - 50mm
Girl with cat - 50mm
Samurai with child - 54mm
2. How would you describe your way of doing in the hobby? For example are there any models, themes, products, techniques, special likes or anything else what you prefer?
 My way of doing the hobby? Not simple to answer for me in a foreign language :-))) Anyway, I have no great talent for sketching my ideas. So I get my inspirations from books, the www, and so on and if I found an interesting theme, I think about the general figure pose and start with a wire armature and a little bit of sculpting clay. It's not unusual for me that some details are changing while the sculpting process cause I find that some things fit better to the figure than others. So, if I begin a new project, I never know to 100% how the figure will looks like at the end. It's a constantly changing process. And that's very fascinating! I never know, what to expect at the end. „The road goes ever on and on...“
 I normally use oven curing clay like „Super Sculpey firm grey“ or „FIMO“. I like the possibility to take the time I need for the sculpting process and not to hurry. Only some last details like hairs, buttons, and so on, I made with a two-component clay like „Pro Create“ or „Milliput“.
My favorite themes are fantasy (especially dwarves!!!), postappcalypse and the great war. My favorite tools are some dentist tools, very cheap wooden sculpting tools, small brushes and clay shapers.
Dwarf - 54mm

To name a person who made the biggest influence to me is a little bit tricky. But I think that Bill Horan was the one, who inspired me mostly in my early hobby-years. With his fantastic way of doing perfect figure poses and making amazing dioramas he will always hold a place in my model maker heart. 

3. You are running your own shop with your own sculpted models and hobby accessories. How long is it running and how does it feel to sell your own sculpted creations to the hobby world? I could imaging that it's a exciting feeling to see your own art painted by other hobby nerds.
 My shop exits since about 8-9 years. It's definitely a great feeling if foreign people buy my figure creations. Certainly, the money that I earn, it's not unimportant, but for myself, I find it an even bigger compliment when other collectors appreciate the own wacky work. Now I am very fortunate that I can fulfill my figure dreams itself and therefore not have to swim with the current mainstream. Is particularly interesting what will then see the painters in the figures for themselves and how they paint them accordingly.

4. What comes next with kellerkind miniatures?
At the last months I sculpted for different companies and private collectors, so I don't find enough time to made something for my own pleasure. But one of the last figures I made for my own range, where two 75mm fantasy/steampunk figures. I made them mainly for the World Expo in Stresa this year. But I think, this casts will be one of the next Kellerkind NEWS in late 2014. And some more ww1 pilots/mechanics in 1/32 scale will follow them as soon as possible. So many ideas and so short of time- it's a shame :-)))

5. How would you explain the hobby to a stranger and what is it what keeps your heart burning for the hobby?
For me the most interesting part in the hobby of modelling or sculpting is trying to copy the real nature and create a (sometimes) intact little world. This is my own little homage to the fascinating nature in all its facets.

Roman grave stones - 54mm
WE2014 - 75mm 
Here is your place for any last words to our followers:
  1. Try to prevent stress. Then the success will comes one day.
  2. Have fun while modelling or sculpting and go especially relaxed to your projects.
  3. Build not mainly for shows, but for you and the pleasure of creating something.
  4. The whole secret is: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
Thanks a lot Martin !

If you want to see and know more about Martin „Kellerkind“ Hille check out 

Wolfmen - 28mm

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