Scottish bones #3: Colors!

Hey folks!

Around two months ago I started this project. Check out the history in this two links:

The creation is finished since twoe or three weeks. Unfortunately I don´t have a good camera to take some good pictures. This part has to wait for the next couple of days. But in the end of this article you can see a lower quality picture of the finished creation.

In this part I would like to show you some parts of the painting process.  Started with the skeleton I choosed the two main colors red and green. Both of them in more stranger color direction as turquoise and pink. These colors found place in all other elemenst like metal and other clothes.

Here you can see the first steps.

One very importend fact was to find a way of painting what brings the focus back to the skeleton. With the huge clock tower base I could happened that the focus get lost from the miniature. So I painted the clock tower in dark unsaturared colors. 

It was also important to keep the freehand on the clock very dark. Again with reason not to catch the most attention of the viewer because this one should be on the miniature. It was very hard to find a good motive. A motive what was not to spectaculare regarding to the focus problem, and a motive what shall support the world where the undead warrior lives

This is the final result of the upper part of the base after painting. With some tiny details like the grass and flower in the corner, and some sand and more grass in the gaps of the stones the base got more realism.

And here we have the almost finished nightwatch. À long time I hadn´t any idea for small flag on the spear. was my friend, and so I found a good motive in a celtic pattern.


I´m very proud about the final result. The look of the tower base works very well and I learned a lot about detailed building and painting. This was my first creation where I tryed to rebuilt the common miniature out from the box to a very special one. Support by much details around and on the model. I will keep this definitely in my mind for my next projects.
As I wrote in the introduction of this arcticle I will take good quality pictures of the "scottish bones" .

Feel free to coment, enjoy your day and all the best 




  1. Great work Siggi, really! In my opinion your best so far. This project looks much better in real life then on your pictures.