Robots ... #1

Hey folks!

The main rule of the comp is to create a specifically robot mode (by H&V miniatures), which one has a special job in an apocalyptic world. What are their tasks to help the human survivors alive? 
I thought it could be a nice competition, but I wasn't interested because I had no ... nothing ... or zero ideas what I could do with these small metal heads. At first I decided not to participate on the competition. Then I realized that my blog mate Kyle and my friend Arne aka 'Sleipnir' would be take part of the competition and I started to think about a robot theme. Arne bought his robot and I beg him spontanously to order a second one for me. So I was in and there were no way back!  

What kind of robot could help humans? First ideas were music playing robots. A robot with a metal guitar would be really cool, but I had no story on it. And a story to the robot creation is a next condition for taking part on the comp. My next idea was a robotic gardener. Metal, water and flowers are a nice and unexpected combination. I rejected the idea because I had no good materials to create flowers and a very natural sourounding in this size. Time was runing, and sooner or later Arne would send me my robots. I needed an idea ...

Some day I was sitting at my workbench to relax and sorted my bruhes. In this moment I thought about a robot who could be an artist. An artist with a brush, a painting robot! It is a combination that I never had seen before and is a small homage to our lovely hobby. Had no idea about the story at this moment, but was convinced in that to find one later on. 

Do you know these moments where you have pictures in your head about your finished creation? Often miles far away from reality, but my picture was a Picasso in steal and metal in front of a easel with a canvas, a color palete in one hand and a brush in the other one. Actually this part isn't far from the current reality of the finished project. On the canvas a painting by a exploding atom bomb! Sounds like a good plan. A very cool coincidence should expand my plan ...

I received the delivery from Arne. Inside the H&V model was a gift by him also. It was a "theme package" and the present was another robot by Amon miniatures. Thanks again mate for this cool present! It doesn't takes long and I had a great use for the second robot. He should be my model for the artist! 

The plinth is made by Micha "Dellolyn". It fits excellent to my idea. There are two levels on it. The belower level for the artist and his equipment. The upper level for the model and a chair to place them in an attracive position. With some cork, artist putty and different kind of sand I create the small scene. Placed some scrap on it for more atmosphere and thats it. The focus shall go to the robots and their props. 

Unfortunately the H&V robot needed big repairs. The part of the legs are so tiny and filigran that they probably broke on the transport. I spent a lot time to reconstruct the legs. Actually they are now a mix of the usual resin parts, with new sculpted and cutted supplements by my own. To appears the back of the bot more interesting, I built some cabels inside. 

The brush holding hand required new fingers to hold the brush in a realistic way. For this I removed all casted hand parts and used very thin and small plastic card stripes to reconstruct new finger parts. I never did this before but are convinced about the result. The brush (and later on the brushs for the details) are simply wire parts. I thought a long time about how to create the brush heads. Found the solution in natural materials; all brush heads are tiny parts from diffrent kinds of grass. I would say they are blossoms. 

It took a long time to figured out a good position for all actors; but in the end I found a nice solution. To create the  edges of base more standing outside gives more space for models and details, and additional the creation has more depth and grow out of the boring sqaurish usual plinth shape. 

The models are prepared, the base is ready and all in all the story of our painting robot could begin. He's the first of his kind, so he has a simple name. He will bring the humans color in their new world, and he will gives his best. 

Welcome #A.R.T.1!

Stay tuned for the next part. In that I will give colors to our metal heads. Enjoy your day, sit down and paint ...

all the best


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