5th Dimension Painting Contest 2014

Good evening painters out there!!!

The contest took much more time than we thought but we have learned very much about doing this great project. So it is big fun and a great pleasure for us to tell you that the voting and pre work to announce the winners is done!

First we want to say 
"thank you
to all the painters which sent us there projects, to all the sponsor who supported us and our project, to all of our followers who give us so much back up with more than 50 entires to let us realize our first contest!

With this post we will show you the big gallery full of grandiose, inspiring and creative projects.
We had lots of fun to view and assess all of your miniatures,vehicles,monsters,dioramas and the other crazy things.

The announcement of the winners for gold,silver and bronze, the most creative project and all the other prizes will follow at this weekend.
 So enough words, klick on the link bellow or use the tab in the menu list of the blog to go the gallery.

Best regards,

your 5th Dimension Crew.


  1. Hallo Michael,

    bei mir ist der Name falsch angeführt. Moosmann nicht Mooshammer.
    Bitte ändern.


    1. My fault, sorry Harald! Fixed it! :)