Hello folks! Update time! Right, so, what have I been doing?

The basalt columns and the stone glyph surrounds have been painted. I used oils paints for both because they are so lovely and easy to use over large surfaces, the rocks have had some texturing using acrylics.

I dabbed undiluted acrylics on to the rocks with a sponge, the oil paints are fantastic at finding this texture and when you get the model close, the texture really stands out. The rider has progressed to painting, the metallics are finished and I've started on his skin.

I must admit to struggling with the direction of the rider, I knew what colours I was using and that I wanted a nice gradient from one to the other, but it just wasn't feeling right, so I tried a little bit of texture and I was far happier with it.
The Ripperdactyl has had some further love with the addition of ribbons and tokens to his wings, I am hoping this will add some further movement to the scene.

The dactyl has been undercoated, but I am having to do some further work to clean up the changes I've made. I am hoping to get some paint on him tonight!