Panzer IV #1: Building a tank!

Hey folks!

Days ago I had post my first real model building experience. I built a Sherman M4A2 for a tank challenge at our local hobby store TTS Hamburg. if you missed it klick HERE. After a post on about this topica friend asked me if I'm interested to build another tank for a photoshooting (maybe some more infos about it later on ;) ). I really enjoyed the work with the model plastic kit, so I said yes and start to built this 'Panzer IV Ausführung J' by the company Tamiya. With this and the next posts I would like to invite you to take part on my journey in this new field of my hobby. 

The model number 'Ausführung J' was the last built series in the WWII and in general the 'Panzer IV' was the most buillt tank in the second worldwar. 
No worries, I won't give you a huge shot about historical facts, because these are my almost known infos about the tank. A lot of "real" model builders would hate me for that, but the historical backrounds aren't not so much important for me in these kinds of projects. Just some three or four details in coloring of the tank should be enough ;) 

The plastic parts maze will start!

I did some small changes on parts of the kit to create a more individuell and used look. For some bigger gaps I used 'Plasto' putty from Revell. But all in all the parts fits very well.
To know how the tracks will work and look on the tank I put all together before starting to color it. But I didn't glued it then for a better painting of the upper tank part. 
Btw: For the whole building I used super glue. This one works but it isn't the best choice. At first you have to fix the glued parts in just a few seconds before it is fixed hard. As second the parts could break easier later on. With real plastic glue the parts are really melting together and gives the whole piece a more stable construction.

Attention, more historical backround!
Usual the 'Ausführung J' had side armour plates build in wire simular to fences. Enough to catch tank grenades. But There were also some models with medal plates as additional armour on the side. I really love the look with that plates, so I created some by my own with plastic card. If you would like to know more about the tank, klick HERE for some (german) infos. 

metalic side armour plates 
wired side armour

To get a more interesting view on the model I reduced some plates later on, and gave them also a used look. 
Again, the tracks, the turret and the armour plates wasn't glued on the main body to could paint them better later on. 

At least everything was finally prepared. I created some easy little helpers, to handle all parts better in all painting steps. It is good to think about the coming painting steps before you do this. 

And here we are! The tank is built, ready to paint and how this was done I will show you in my next 'Panzer IV' posts!

all the best


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  1. Just finished the ausf H model by I'm very much looking forward to your reslut!