The Tank Challenge

Hey folks!

Long time no see. So much to do at the moment. But the hobby is all around me and currently I'm going new ways in it. I found my way back to classic modell building. "Back" because I did as a teenager, but definitly not with this knowledge, possibilities and intension comparing to these days. 

The main reason why I have been started with modell building was a tank competition at my local hobby store "Table Top Shop Hamburg". It was a very very spontanously doing and I did a two weeks evening marathon on this project. At least I worked on the model the whole day eight hours long until the timeline was finished. A very extreme experience ...

The first idea was to create a scene where a Sherman M4A2 with bulldozer blade crashes into a metal gate in an urban area. Later on I abolished the idea and reduced the elements only to an urban surrounding. 

My first thought about the manual was 'confusion'. But from time to time the reading of the building construction gone better and better. 

A lot of parts. And it was only a small scale of 1/72. 

To create a more interessting creation, I started to build more tank details. The Sherman with the bulldozer blade was almost a supporting tank behind the line of fire. So it should make sense to pack the tank with more maintance stuff. Additional I replaced some plastic hooks with correct arched wire hooks. They are looking more realistic. 

I used plastic cards, metal parts and some wooden elements to do that. 

Cork, plastic card and sand paper to create the floor and the street. The sand paper had a nice surface structure. I thought it would fits perfect for rough street concrete, but later on the coloring made the rough structure to a very comon surface. So I had could use any others materials like plastic card or putty to create the street. 

And that are all finished parts ready for painting. 

The first layers with are painted with the airbrush. At first metal colors prepared with some more metal variation by the sponge technique. As next Heavy Chipping Medium by MIG ...

... followed by a green layer with yellowish highlights on it. 

With some warm water, and old brush and a toothstick I scratched off the green color on random parts on the tank. 

As next satin varnish to cover everything for next weathering steps and a better surface to bring on the decals. 

And again the sponge technique to bring some effects on the decals. 
After that I used oilcolors to filter all areas to a more weathered look. 

Rust again with oilcolors. At least for the last weathering effects I used Streaking Grime by MIG and a lot of different pigments to get a dusty look. 

I'm very proud on my doing but critically too: The tank is what the modell builder says a "color briquette". That means that the main color is to to dark. With that it is hard to get good highlights for more contrasts on it (Better pictures will follow in the future). But all in all I'm happy about the creation and I reached the second place shared with another participant on the tank challenge. So thanks to the Table Top Shop for that competion. It gaves me a very nice start to smell modell building air and I'm still on it! 

All the best


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  1. Thanks for the write up on this project. One of my first modeling experiences was a Sherman tank with my dad when I was very little. Some day I will probably go back to it too. Love the bulldozer blade and additions but my favorite is the steep base with lamp post. Very dramatic!