WH Fest/ UK Golden Demon 2014

Just returned from Warhammer Fest in UK, Coventry and this years only Golden Deamon competition.

So, last friday I took of from Gothenburg to London Gatwick with a small detour picking up mr Robert "Rogland" in Stockholm, with small delays of the flight of course. Could be worse i guess!

Rogland the driver... and the suicide car.
Have to promise myself to fly to Birmingham next year, even with a rental car its kind of a pita to travel from London to Coventry. Especially if that rental car get thousands error messages and steer to the left by itself. Heh. Living on the edge.

To me WH Fest was all in all shockingly a very very pleasant experience, although I have to say I didn’t look at any seminars, I didn’t had much contact with GW at all but was mostly lurking around, drinking coffee/beer and  talking to fellow nerds and painters. It was also very nice to have a hotel room in the Ricoh Arena, same building as the event even if the rooms were a bit odd… ace if you like soccer though! Luckily there was no game this evening…

View from the "window wall". Pretty horrible, eh?
I didn't think it was focused on sales the way I felt the former games day used to be and the sales area were twice the size of the other area, sort of. I didn't even saw where the sale area was. All the hysteria that could be at Gamesday were gone and replaced with relaxation, very different from when I visited ukgd last time in 2012 which to me was a pretty horrible experience. 

The Golden Deamon area, where you nice and easy could
hand in the miniatures. We were there early though,
definitely more crowded later ;)

As for the reason I were there, the golden deamon competition I guess it’s like always full on controversy. I know in some way they are looking for a certain style (eavy metal-ish) and UK is pretty infamous in that way. I don’t think the judging it more fair or unfair to the (for example) German one, art is always subjective and will always be. 

The number of entries was a lot fewer than last time i was there in 2012, but then the competition was drowned in "ok" entries as people painted a mini for the competition just to be able to get in on the event ½-1 h earlier then the rest of the visitors.  i say the number of entries was pretty equal to the German GD, and the quality of all categories was indeed very high!

I had a great time and I really hope GW continue this way, ill be back next year for sure.
Congrats to all winners and finalists!

Oh yeah and i managed to win some demons. bronze in 40k squad (Justice!! lol) and silver for WHFB regiment. Seems i only have luck in these categories but then i kind of enjoy painting regiments :) time to start a new for next year!

Oh and by the way, just submitted the Pink Horrors in my CMON gallery, http://www.coolminiornot.com/366942

The Swedes at GD! The cool guys from Stockholm Warpaint, Rogland and Sven (Avelorn).

Sven, Spocket, 10ball, Rose Model Art... among others

Now, cant wait until saturday when its time to pick up some blight kings. Coolest kit in Yeeeeears by GW :)


  1. Doesn't look to crowded... What do you think, was it the last GD ever? Congratulations for your demons!

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