Something from the Swamp!

hey there painteholics,

Today I wanna show you some Rivertrolls I finished for a client. I wanted to do something different then the normal blue and green tones and think they turned out quite well :D What do you think? :D

Big projects need a long time.

Hello tabletop fighters out there,

I spend the most time on our littel junior so time for hobby is very small. Because of this I switched a bit the main focus of my projects.
Vitrine projects have to wait and I spend the whole hobby time at working on army projects.

Two armys and one gaming table is the intent.

Here just some inspirations and ideas...

Army project one: Chaos space marines "night lords".
Project focus:
- low number of minatures
- big, clean surfaces for freehands
- masterclass painted
- but wings
- bases like trenches/dugouts
- maximum conversion

Army project two: orcs "death skulls"
Project focus:
- big number of miniatures
- painting high table top standart
- destroyed city bases
- training fast blendings

Gaming table is not planed yet how to build. But I'm playing with some different ideas like destroyed city, habor town, gully, ... we will see ;-)

More about those later the week. Enjoy the weekand my friends.

X-Wing and the return of Katan!

Hey there painteholics,

It was pretty quite from my side for far to long. But finally my studies are over and I finished my Thesis with the Master of Arts Degree. Coming from the status of a student I will have to search a Job or try to establish myself a s Freelancer. But in the meantime I plan to get more active in the dimension again. I have a big load of painted Miniatures without any taken photos here and I intent to finally take the time to show them to you :)

I have some plans regarding my miniature related life also as I plan to open a all new studio just to focus on commission work. But more of this part later. Lets start with the reason you're all here:
Miniatures, paints and plastic crack!

I don't know about your area but here in Trier, X-Wing has exploded in a way, I couldn't even think of predicting it. Tournaments are goring like grass and it seems I see two to three new players each time I enter my local hobby store. After playing the game once I can fully understand the hype - and it got me, too. Since I am mainly a hobbyist I didn't want to let those ships prepainted and started to work on some stuff. And then the commissions kicked in - holly molly are those people white-hot about those X-Wing Ships. Here I wanna present to you my first two repaints. As usual I am open for commissions at any time - just shoot me and email :P

X-Wing Lambda Shuttle 

X-Wing T-Bomber

But X-Wing isn't the only new thing I painted. AS I said before I have a big chunk of finished Miniatures laying around I will post in the coming weeks and months. I am currently working on commissions regarding a full Chaos Space marine Nurgle Army, Orks and Goblins Stuff and a pretty special 28mm Metal Gear Solid themed Dungen Crawler Theme. More of all of this ahead. Stay tuned :D

Best Wishes,

Katan aka Simon 

The Murmillo Gladiator

Hey folks!

After watching the TV-show 'Spartacus' it was a big wish for me to paint a Gladiator. Additional it was a good start to take a small step in historical painting. Just a small view in it, because all the colors and signs (on the belt) are totally free style without any historical reference. Was much fun to paint it. Especially the big skin areas and the effects like blood, fighting marks and not least the dust of the arena. The miniature was a special cast from Tartar Miniatures for the miniature show in Stresa. Thanks again to my friend Götz, which one brought me mini from there!

The murmillo wore a helmet with a stylised fish on the crest (the mormylos or sea fish), as well as an arm guard (manica), a loincloth and belt, a gaiter on his right leg, thick wrappings covering the tops of his feet, and a very short greave with an indentation for the padding at the top of the feet. They are heavily armoured gladiators: the murmillo carried a gladius (64–81 cm long) and a tall, oblong shield in the legionary style. Murmillones were typically paired with Thracian, but occasionally with the similar hoplomachus. (

Hope you like him!

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All the best


Noctu the Bountyhunter

Hey folks!

Some days ago I finished this nice bust. The bust is casted by my friend Denniz from I love the kind of character. An ugly and mean space frog from another galaxy. The character name "Noctu the Bountyhunter" brought me the idea, that he could be an own named starsherif, signed by his own painted sherif star and a selfmade police number. Nobody knows if he is what he wants to be, or indeed only a slimey ugly bountyhunter ...

So here he is - Noctu the Bountyhunter!

Hope you like him and thanks again to Denniz, to gave the opportunity to paint this nice guy!

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all the best


Ireny Sorun - The sovjet stalker

Hey folks!

In the end of last year, I started a small fast project. Small and fast, because it was important for me to create a small base and tried to paint it fast with a high result. But more to this later on...
The miniature is sculpted by Martin Hille from By the way, the boxart of the miniature as you can see on the Kellerkind webside, is painted by my friend Florian from 'Tuffskulls world of painting'. A very nice color combination. Could be hard to paint it as good like this :) 
I like the atmosphere of the Stalker and with the two fingers in the air, which one shows the sing of peace, it is a cool combination of war, apocalyptic survivors and the meaning of "we won't give up any way!". At the moment I'm reading the book Metro 2033(Russian: Метро 2033) It is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is set in the Moscow Metro where the last survivors hide after a global nuclear holocaust. Through reading that book my minds are always in an russian apocalyptic world.  So it was very easy to find a small story telling.
As I mentioned initially it was important for me to do this project quick with a very good result. So I keep the elements of the base very simple, and the painting is almost based on wet in wet techniques at the whole miniature. 

Enough text, here are my first WIP pictures ...

What is better to present the theme of a "red" atmosphere?
With one of my favourite materials I created the hammer an sickle.

Very easy to work on it with a good cutter and a pen.

A first 3D sketch how the elemenst work together.

All other materials that I used:
fine and rough sanded acryl putty,
etched barbed wire with some metals parts,
some own created floor tiles by my friend Florian,
 and sand and thinned acryl putty for the gaps.

Primed and ready to paint!
As next you will see some steps of the wet-in-wet painting. To keep it easy, I started to paint the whole miniature in one color.

Added some more details like knee and shoulder pads. 

That was a first version of the goggles. But the lightning does't fits to the other lightning of the miniature, which one comes from the front.

Some more wet-in-wet techniques on the base.
I used various red, brown, orange and grey colors. 

Here you will see the actually version og the goggles.

On the last pictures you can see the state of play. At the moment I'm on vacation, so I'm looking forward to finish the project soon ;)

Hope you like it!

best wishes