Rat ogre #6: details

Hello painters out there,

Details, details, details...

First I started with the wounds. 
I choosed the same blue for the wounds than I used for the water, the shadows on the base and the shadows on the rat to get a connection.

Get the miniature on the base and work on some more details...

 Build up some waves on the water to creat more dynamic.

Add some bushes and grass around the rusted pipe.

Painting blue transitions on the parts where the skin touches the fur.
Extreme slobber to let it look like he has drinking of the water between his feeds.
 Fresh looking blood on the bandage on the head and add along blooddrop under the lowest part.
A great tutorial by our frineds of massive voodoo for this you can find here.

 Little waves of water that flowing over his feeds to get a better conection and let it look more realistic.

Rust and lightreflections at every ring in his skin.
So,only one step is missing. Next part, socket label!

Have a great week, have to paint some more tooght.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.

Rat ogre #5: effects and water

Damn this project getting much bigger than I thought :-)

So, welcome back on the rat ogre project, time for effects and water.
I`m sorry that I have only a few pictures of this step because it is hard to handle with stuff like this and a camera. 

I use stillwater by vajello (can get it at PK-PRO-shop)

This material will be used like normal water. It is very important to build a form that perfect fits, otherwise the stillwater will run out.
Because my base is very bulky I use bluetack to build up my casting mold.

On a earlier project my casting mold was perfect fitting but the stillwater is that much thin that is was flowing through the little cracks of my base.
So this time I build up the water volume in more than one layer to filling the cracks.
Now I have to wait 24 hour till it`s completely dry.

First layer is dry, time for the second one. After the stillwater is on the base I used a toothpick to mix some blue and green in.
And startet also to form a little piece of  transparent plastic for the little waterfall.

Now the funny stuff, watereffects by vajello.
I love this material (also can bye it at PK-PRO-shop)

No fear, just do it.
At this point I try to build the volume of the water to look like not to fast flowing water.
Some more volume where the waterfall meets the water on the bottom.

Time to let it dry...
You see you have to began realy early with this because of the many time it takes to dry.

A simple tutrial about using this stuff you can also find at fantasygames.

Next layer of the stillwater with some blue and green in it.
After it is completely dry I removed the bluetack.

The parts where the bluetack had contact to the stillwater the effect looks blunt. This is easy to fix, just paint a thin layer of the stillwater on this parts, just used like a color.

Next brake.
Next part will be details.

So long, best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.

Rat ogre #4: metallics and rust

Hello again,

this time we come to the fun parts, painting metallics 
(I hate to paint true metal, but want to try it after see the projects of our memeber Stefan aka SkelettetS) 
and playing with water effects.

This is were we start, a base cout of white and black prime.

Best way for me to paint a rusted and weatherd metal is to start with a layer of rust. My absolutly favorite color her are the colors by modelmates (find at PK-PRO-shop). I use the Rust-normal and rust-yellow colors.

I get the best results wenn I paint a first very thin layer of the rust-yellow and dap some random spots of the rust-normal when it`s dry.

Damn I love this stuff! 
Next step is dap some small spots of liquid mask by vajello on with a sponge.
The parts that are covered now ar the parts that will later be rust.

Same steps done on the rat ogre.

The different between the matel on the rat and on the base is small but necessary: The metal on the rat hase one step more, drybrushing with a middle metal tone to get not such a light rusttone. You will understand later.

Very importand is to let the liquid mask dry completely, dont`t use a blowdryer.
 To get a better feeling for the colors I painted 4 different ideas to paint the metal on a primed surface.
After do some brainstorming with friends a mix of Nr. 1 and 3 was the choice:

Base coat is leadbelcher (GW) mixed with some black, shadow with pure black, lighter parts with silver from vajello air range.

Than a glaze with medium blue for the darker parts, a glaze with a medium green for the brighter parts. At last the highlights with "metal medium" by vajello.

 Not easy to get a picture that is ok...
Now rubbing of the masking.

 Some green for the oxide is still missing and some white and black stribes on the weathering for more deepness.

Time for the next brake...
Next part will be effects like the water.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

Rat ogre #3: painting the base

... continue the rat ogre!

Jump in the project and start the next part of the miniature, painting the base:

Some brown tones on the back parts and green tones on the front earth parts...

... after this starting with some dark sea blue and purple in the shadow areas.

This are some steps done together: 
Stones -> color transition from light to dark with ivory, grey, blue, purple, black.
Wood -> same with the colors ivory, a middle flash tone, rinox hide, dark sea blue.
Green waste -> ivory, light green, purple, dark sea blue.

Let`s take a look befor we move on.

... little break.
Next part: true metallics.

So long, best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

Rat ogre #2: painting skin

Hello painters out there,

Project "rat ogre"! Because of a painting contest in Trier I want to finish this lovely project.
Part 1: building the base you  can find here.

Ok,let us start painting the skin:

I use a 2k priming (black and white) to get a better felling for the lights. Because I want a very bright skin this priming is more white than black.

Next step, I use a basecoat of not to dark purple.

Then I start to set light spots with a mix of leached purpel and a yellow/white tone.

Brighter lights and smoothing the transitions with a glaze of leached purple.

After this I paint the basecout of the fur with a light grey.

Highliths on the fur.

Short brake here, next part will be the armour and the wounds.
So long...

Best regards,
 Michael aka Dellolyn

Self-made paint rack

Good morning painters out there,

I searched a long time for inspirations for a paint rack.

You definitely know the trouble with all the paints standing on your painting table and every move of them kick some Into Your wetpallet ...

So, long story short, I build me a pain track out of a box did I bought at IKEA:

And the picture of my "pain track" until now is this ...

So the idea behind the new track pain is not only to sort the colors so it Should be my box to carry them to workshops and painting parties.
After some hours of work this Two paint racks where born.

Now my wetpalette is save and my workbench useful.

Hope I could give you some inspiration for your own paint tracks. Perhaps somebody wants to keep this idea and build some similar for selling.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.