Dwarf bust: #1 removing and sculting

Hello painters out there,

First I want to wait showing you this project because I dont't want to mix them and get a better feeling of the step by step from start to the end.
Because I dont't want to keep this side so long without news I changed my mind.
And also because it looks like I will finish this project first, to much fun with this nice dwarf bust ;-)

today I want to show you the start of my new project. The base is a bust that was given to me by our friend aned memeber Stefan aka SkelettetS. It is a bust of Gotrek by Forgeworld.

I'm a big fan of the books by Markus Heitz, especially the series of "The Dwarfs." So I try to coverd this bust into the dwarf named "Tungdil Goldhand". The point of the timeline I try to creat is out of book 4 when he comes back from Phondrason.

Enough about the story, lets start with the work:

First step is removing the undefined parts on the bottom of the bust and cover them with milliput.
At the same step I filled up the wounds on the back.

Second step is smoothing the milliput:

Following step was removing all texture I don't want to have on the bust:

Stubbles on the head...

...metal rings crossing the wound under the eye...

...rework the ear...

Building a eye patch of 0.,5mm tin plate and sculpting the missing part of the eyebrow.

 Using a string of a guitar as cord for the eye patch.

View fromt the back.

... and rework the gemstones.

Some more convertion has to been done in part 2.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

Deathwing terminator: #3 priming

Just a small update:

Project primed to get a besser view. 

...the base... 

Next step is a very hard one,... choosing the colours.

So long, yours
Michael aka Dellolyn.

Deathwing terminator: #2 rebuilding the base...

Hello again,

after brainstorming with friends I decided to rebuild the base.

Starting over...
1# What should my final base look like?
- Jungle with maximum vegetation.

2# How big is my surface to build it on?
- Spezial round plinth with about diameter of 6cm.

3# What is the plan to start with this?
- Simple having fun and see how it grows ;-)

I want a tree on it, big roots, lians and a part of an old wooden bridge.
Lets go...

Building the main girder of the bridge,

... build some weathered wooden planks and set the main charakters in position.
The tree dosn't fit the scale and the jungle theme so I have to remove it.

New tree, new idea...

A levitating branch as part of a giant tree that isn't visible
 because it is standing out of the diorama.

Adding some lianes and a steel cable as handrail ...

Time to sculpt the giant roots...


... and coverd the ground with earth.

Last step of the base buildung, adding small animals as hidden details.


... ready to prime.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn