Deathwing terminator: #1 building the base

Godd morning painterholics,

and welcome to my next step by step project, a dark angels deathwing terminator.

I had startet this project a few month ago, so there are not so much pictures till priming the miniature, but I try to describe the steps as good as I can.

First of all, prepairing the mniature it self as clean as I can:

As you can see, the plinth is also done at this point :-)
First try of the base was this:

Building some volume with kork. On the kork I placed two parallel sticks of balsa wood as truss of the bridge, on those two sticks I added "weathered" balsa wood as planks.
After this the empty parts where filled randomly with earth.

I want to creat a kind of a wooden bridge part with a tree in the back later.
To get a better contrast and telling a story I placed a killed tyranid in front of the termintater.
Good part to try painting carapace.

Best way to learn is the try and error way.

 First try to build a tree, using wire to creat a skeleton.

 ...cover the skeleton with milliput.

This is the time for "ERROR". Looking horrible...

Removed the wire and the milliput and plased a small branch as tree.
Added some milliput as roots.

Looking much better for me.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.

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