Rat ogre #7: Socket label

Welcome to the fun part!

I really love to build socket labels, because it could change the feeling of the complete project so much.
I mostly like to make a joke with the label,same here.

I always start with the same question:
If I would surch for a label on this miniature, where would I found it and what would it be.

 This time I want to creat a label that would be placed on a extreme old waterplace in the middel of a ruine.

 Starting with a piece of plastic card, importand is to sandpaper the surface to creat a underground for the priming.

 Basecoat is a wild mix of different brown tones.

Funny washes with rust paints by modelmates.

 Using a sponge to dab random spots on the Label with liquid mask by vajello.
After this painting wet in wet a background with different brown and green tones.

 When the background is completely dry I painted a words "Not for drinking!" as a fast freehand on the label.
Starting with the white, then painted the black lines around the letters.

 Rubbing the liquid mask off to get the rust on top and glue the labeln on the front of the plinth.

As finish and small eye catcher I painted a blooddrop on the edge of the label and a long stripe of blood. I painted also a spot of blood on the bottom of the plinth to let it look like the wound of the ogre have drop this blood on the front of the plinth.

I always try to use the plinth also as a part of the miniature, not only a piece to let the miniature stand a bit higher.

Project rat ogre is finished!

Better pictures will follow soon.
Thanks for following this project.

Next project is started, here is just a small wip picture:

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.

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