Dwarf bust: #2 sculting part 2

Welcome back,

to the converting part of the dwarf bust. This is the point we start:

With every new project I try something new,
this time I want to start some free sculpting.

Because it is not to difficult and a great detail on a dwarf I choose a leather belt.
Some greenstuff for the belt it self and a paper clip as a clasp.

... some cracks to get a more interesting looking...

... but something looks wrong...

... adding a backstrap ...

Some last details are stil missing. In the story the body of tungdil Gildhand was covered with wounds and runes by the Albae (a race similar the dark elfes, but more brutal).

Last step of this conversion is the nose of this bust.
For my opinion the nose of this bust is much to thin,
a real dwarf has a hammer nose.

 Ok, now I am happy with the result.
Black prime...

2K priming to get a feeling for the light situatioan...

 Next steps will be painting, first time painting a bust...
This will become practice project ;-)

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

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