Dwarf bust: #3 Airbrush

Hello again,

time to get some color on the bust.

Starting with the skin color. I used following colorrange (dark to light):
ivory, lasur yellow, iraqui sand, beige, mahagony brown, rhinox hide, purple, abaddon black
Started with the darkest color from below and last step was the brightest color from the upper side.

After the color was completely dry I covered every part that is not "hair".
I use a tape to cover the main parts and a masking mass for the parts that are difficult to reach.

The dwarf should get a brown beard so I choosed brown and red tones.
Starting with rhinox hide as basetone.

... then I choose lighter colors like beige, iraqui sand and lasur yellow.
At last I used a very thinned down red by schminke to get a connection between the different colors and let the beard looking more like a red/brown.

Removing the masking stuff to get a feeling if and how the colors work together.

For me the result looks ok for a first sketch of the main colors.

Next steps will be glazes, glazes and more glazes...

Perfect timing from the guys of Painting Buddha:
Painitng videos of the bust 
Nuts Planet Shield Maiden
You definitally have to take a look at the free painting videos on youtube:

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